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  1. Yeah, October isn't the best but late November/December is warm but less humid, evenings are not too bad. I believe the tournament is Nov/Dec Jan/Fed can be a bit chilly even
  2. I live in the Middle East and winter time in the region isn't too bad, especially in the evenings
  3. Rashford's penalty was one of those that are stupid if you fluff the contact. They seem popular these days but I'd much rather pick a corner and put it away. Harry Maguire can do it! The silly, short run ups, bah, just not a fan
  4. Just like Croatia in the semi finals, early goal and then revert to defending the edge of our box. It worked for a while cause they didn't have too much up front for 'balls into the box' for solid back line, although, Chiesa was a threat. I think we have a hard time when teams push right up to our defenders at goal kicks, maybe not having the faith to 'play out' The equaliser seemed inevitable. I thought we crept back into it in extra time, especially the 2nd half of it. I never have faith with us with pens, even though we got that monkey off our back I am never confident I think penalties are pressure enough but to bring guys on JUST for pens is even more pressure. I get wanting certain guys on but I remember we did this against Portugal in 2004/06 (?) and got Carragher on for a pen cause 'he was the best in training' and ... he missed I just don't think they were good pens either. Pickford deserved better. He saved two freaking pens, ffs but you can't miss three! He even saved THE penalty from the mega penalty god, Jorginho! It's sooooo annoying being in front on pens and then still losing, Maguire slammed that in to maintain advantage too but ... ho hum I don't know why Sterling didn't take a pen or Grealish even. Didn't Shaw take a pen against Villarreal in that shoot out recently? I'd have been happy to see him take one, almost anyone other than Saka, not sure why he took one. Enough with the 'giving the eyes' and short run ups with this stuff, ffs but someone is going to take them. We don't need to villainise players though. At least it's 'progress' from tournament to tournament, I think we have to look back at this as a success, for sure but it's just such a shame with the home advantage and the early goal and being in front on pens and the vital penalty save from Pickford but all that momentum just disappeared - it's a real shame
  5. Sunday 11th July *** Italy 1-2 England *** (come on!!) The goalscorers - Kane, Sterling, Chiesa The times of the goals - 36, 57, 80 How many penalties will be scored in total? 0 Will the match go to extra time? No Will the match go to penalties? No How many yellow cards in total? 4 How many red cards in total? 0 Time of the first goal scored? 27 Time of the last goal scored? 77 First team to score? England Last team to score? England
  6. The way he runs past someone and then somehow slinks in front to get his body around like he's made of liquid is crazy He definitely got a second wind near the end
  7. So happy to be in the final! It was tough but at least we answered the question of 'how will we react to going behind'. We deserved to win, had the chances too. I did think it was a penalty, not that he got scythed down but the state of pens these days then that's a pen, imo. I thought Kane was unlucky to not get one earlier, maybe he made contact with the defender first. Someone had a nibble at Sterling and seemed to get a nudge from the other side. Ref thought it was a pen there and then and VAR didn't say otherwise As the game went on we really dominated. That was one of the worst penalties Kane has ever taken, I think and forunate with the rebound, couldn't have fallen better! I will take some of that rub of the green, thanks! Semi Final and Final in last two tournaments, winning knockout games ... this is all good stuff and we have a relatively young team, we need to do this and to win this thing would be incredible, Italy are really really good but who knows, at home. I just want them to play near their level, be brave, don't be too fearful Come on!
  8. Not a clue We can do it but it won't be easy. Won't be easy for Italy either. Always want us to play well and then we'll give ourselves a shot Come on!
  9. Tuesday 6th June *** Italy 2-1 Spain *** Wednesday 7th June England 2-0 Denmark (come on!!!) How many penalties will be scored in total - 1 How many matches will go to extra time - 0 How many matches will go to penalties - 0 How many yellow cards in total - 4 How many red cards in total - 0 Time of the first goal scored across all matches - 22 minutes Time of the last goal scored - 78 minutes First team to score - Italy Last team to score - England
  10. Everything Southgate has done has worked pretty well, none of his changes had backfired, drop Kane/drop Sterling/pick this guy or that. Guys on yellow cards have not picked up bookings, he's touched by angels! That 3rd goal was pretty damn good tbh Back to back semi finals is pretty decent but I'd freaking love to get to the final, LOVE IT!
  11. You couldn't ask for a more comfortable quarter final performance, nice early goal, early goal again in the second half We haven't conceeded yet and been asked to react, I have no issue with never conceeding a goal ever again though! Walker still gives me frights, some ropey moments about halfway through the half last night too. Denmark in a semi final, I don't think they're better than us but they are probably quite happy to play us in a semi final and not France/Belgium/Italy, etc too If we play near our talent levels then we should win but that's not really how football works Come one! Let's do this!
  12. Friday 2nd July Switzerland 0-1 Spain Belgium 2-1 Italy Saturday 3rd July Czech Republic 0-1 Denmark *** Ukraine 0-2 England *** How many penalties will be scored in total - 2 How many matches will go to extra time - 1 How many matches will go to penalties - 0 How many yellow cards in total - 11 How many red cards in total - 0 Who will be the goalscorers for England - Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling
  13. I agree Some tactical flexibility with the players we had during the 'golden era' and things could have been a bit different, even if it meant going one more round One thing we can be sure of though is that people WILL be raging over something, there will always be something
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