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  1. Ultimately, he went and reviewed it. He gave himself the best opportunity possible to review it and then decided, that's kind of the point of VAR, isn't it? Some people may still not be happy with it but the ref went and viewed it again before he decided.
  2. Is it ever actually deliberate? I thought this whole notion of deliberate and intent is long gone, is someone slips in the box and brings a guy down then intent is removed and it's still a foul? Handball I have always gone with the 'ball to hand' and 'hand to ball' thing. I tend to take into account how far the ball has come too. He kind of moved his hand a bit towards the ball, I know he didn't have a lot of time to react but my instinct was handball when I saw the replay. Either way, I don't think it's as scandalous as it's been made out. I am sure if it was reversed and plucky Cro
  3. I think it gets skewed if your own country does well, tbh, most of the tournaments these days are instantly forgotten once they are over, this will likely be no different. I liked it fine whilst it was going on, there was drama and stuff but wasn't amazing
  4. I hope RLC gets a decent run out for Chelsea, he actually carried the ball for us, seems like a lost art! It's great getting to a semi but the work is really beginning, we still have some of our old issues. Lack of movement from front players wasn't inspiring, this is another example of lack of responsibility on the ball, it's easier to hide than show for the ball or run off the ball. Too many times someone has the ball in the final third and there's just no options and no movement. This has been part of the reason for our 'knock it back and across and maybe back to keeper', no one w
  5. Only 1 of those defeats matter. We did have decent side out yesterday though.
  6. I know they had chances later on but we had glimpses, Stones header is a killer, so close. There was that ball tee'd up for Lingard that was deflected for a corner too. Sterling caused problems in the first half. They did not look good in the first half, they have more experienced players but it doesn't take much experience to know to react when a ball is being contested 5 yards from you. It's in the details and the moments, they have the experience and the 'big game' players and we shrank a fair bit in the 2nd half. We needed guys to be on the ball, it's some of our same failings, being
  7. They bottled it tbh. It's easy to hide, to not show for the ball, no one available the keeper has to kick it long. Into the 2nd half no one wanted responsibilty on the ball, keeper kicking it long removes that responsibility and contest the ball higher up, obviously, big chance you lose possession too. We totally went against how we'd been trying to play and that was disappointing. I think that was also nerves taking over but Southgate should have sorting that out from the sidelines. I think after the 1st half we were totally in the driving seat but it was always about how they
  8. Disappointing. I'd have taken a semi final before the tournament all day freaking long. To get there and play Croatia and lose out though. To get there and be 1-0 up at half time and doing fine as well. I am sure Croatia prefered to play us than Spain or Germany too, it's just how it is. It went sideways in the 2nd half, 1st half we were in control, maybe could have nicked another goal. In the 2nd half there was a lot more nerves and tension. No one wanted to come get the ball from the keeper anymore, he's knocking it long, giving the ball back. No idea why they stopped that, stupid.
  9. The game really started off at full pelt, thought it'd be a corker but kind of slowed down a bit, maybe when everyone realised 'damn, this is the semi, a lot at stake here'
  10. I have to optimistically select England although it won't be easy. Croatia are good on the ball, I do think they can alternate between being a bit flaky and being amazing though. We'll need top level concentration. I do worry if we go 1-0 down and have to chase a game, not sure how that'd go. Always worry a little about the defence doing something silly, despite our clean sheet. I would freaking LOVE to get to the World Cup Final! Come one, England!!
  11. I am more of the mind that if I do something and we won then I kind of should recreate that as closely as possible
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