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  1. Wales overtakes England in FIFA rankings

    13th, meh, could be worse
  2. Fontaine had scored 9 prior to the 3rd placed play off
  3. The English Inquisition

    I have seen some professional, even premier club, clubs training and it was pretty much the same type of deal as amateur football training we can all play We definitely need to address the level of coaching in England and how many we have. The money we have in the game ... let's put it to use! What happened with St George's Park? Wasn't that supposed to do this? It's just a commercial enterprise, is my understanding, not run by the FA, so again, what's the point. FA in the middle again with no influence
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo

    I think Ronaldo is an incredible player, a machine However, a lot of what he does seems so designed. He knows cameras are on him. Madrid win their 10th CL and he's there, shirt off, muscle pose right into the camera. I mean, he knows that is going all over the place When his country or club lose a big game then he's there with the cartoon-like head shaking, muttering to himself "I am upset" and it will be captured on camera, he knows that I am sure he was excited and wanted to help but on the touchline ... he knew they'd be plenty of footage of him there so he'd be measured. Won't catch him scratching his balls like Low!
  5. The English Inquisition

    I have been saying something similar for years We need to produce more intelligent people to make better players. Kids getting plucked at 13 or 14 and think they're heading to the big time. You get the feeling you can speak to even the most average of European players about football, they will have opinions, they can articulate what is happening on the pitch but honestly don't think you get much conversation from the English players, just soundbites and no actual thought out opinions. Even when they get a sit down interview with a paper like the Guardian you come away thinking 'he's ok' but rarely that they're particularly intelligent Of course, sweeping statement here but heard enough of our players speaking down the years
  6. The English Inquisition

    I am sure if all clubs agree to it then it won't be an issue either. I mean, football is buying and selling players, no one is handing in 2 weeks notice either. It's not quite the same
  7. Next England manager?

    I honestly can't believe the FA would be so misguided to appoint Klinnsman, aside from everything else he's not very good!
  8. Lost to Peru and drew with Iran Scotland actually had a genuinely good team around then. I know 1974 was 'Ally's Army' and they thought they were going to win it (bless 'em) but they did actually have a good side but I always thought '78 was a better team
  9. Euro 2016 Prediction League - Round 7 Final

    Final Portugal 0-2 France
  10. Squad went to Buckingham Palace after 1/4 final exit in 2002, didn't they?
  11. In the 70s the qualifying was really to sort out semi finals that were then played in the host country, can't see UEFA doing that again though. We'll have 32 teams within the next couple of bloody tournaments
  12. England - Euro 2016 Thread

    He started an extremely important game against Slovakia and made zero impact whatsoever. I'd have had pretty much any fit midfielder in the squad or the league instead We still don't learn, taking injured players cause 'they're the best' just doesn't work. 75% anyone does no one any favours
  13. Next England manager?

    I think Allardyce's system gets a lot of stick. He got labelled a long ball guy by managers that hated playing Bolton but they also played some really good stuff. Okacha, Djorkaeff .. these were not long ball players Allardyce comes across as a bluff northerner but he was the first manager in England to use pro-zone, I believe and was always looking into new management and recovery ideas, ice baths and all that. He's go over to the States to look at our American Football teams trained and recovered You'd hope with him is that if the system did call for something not exciting then he would do it and wouldn't worry what everyone thought but I think he's capable of getting more from a more attacking team also He made no secret of wanting the England job before so I think why not. People may moan about long ball but honestly, when have we been 'exciting' recently?
  14. England - Euro 2016 Thread

    This is pretty much what I thought of Rooney and the whole midfield thing Problem is it then becomes 'do we start Kane, Sturridge, etc over Rooney when the answer is yes. I'd have Rooney in the squad all day long but not neccessarily starting but England manager doesn't want to do that so they fudge him into the team somehow instead of dropping someone, a la Scholes or whoever ended up left previously. If we lose and Rooney is on the bench then that is where the media are an arse and what they are scared of, ditto Wilshere, we all know he's not fit and not ready (apart from the 'Wilshere at 75% is still our best midfielder idiots) but he still starts an important game. We fail and no Wilshere then 'why didn't we pick Wilshere' although I find it difficult to believe anyone in the media would honestly have said that
  15. The English Inquisition

    Of course it will make a difference, how can it not? It won't make a difference tomorrow or this season but it will make a difference. There are no quick fixes. What won't make a difference is changing nothing and expecting different results or shrugging and leave it cause that's what suits the biggest and richest clubs. It's very easy to be negative and not look for solutions cause it requires no action at all There's not enough competition for some of these senior players, for starters Of course if they made a sweeping change now they'd be a drop off cause we simply don't have the numbers, it'd have to be gradual but work alongside more coaches as even younger levels too so that in a decade we can see the difference. Imagine if they implemented something about 10 or so years back after one of our many introspections at a tournament exit that ended up with nothing changing. As you say, it requires the Premier League clubs changing their mindsets, which is something the FA can't force at all, only beg. We will not see any dramatic changes to the national side whilst the Premier League is how it is We need to at least start changing something. Some kind of quota, even one that is easily met, is a foot on the ladder and then further conversations are about the next rung or the next rung of the ladder. We don't even have a ladder with the Premier League atm