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  1. Razzler

    Is this true?

    It was Villa against Leicester IIRC and the ball went under the keeper's foot and in. There was no touch and it should have been a corner but IIRC the ref gave a goal. Then there was a lot of slow-mo to show the keeper did in fact touch it, in which case a goal would have been correct. I don't think he touched though, they messed up. There was no rule change, it was just the ref got the decision wrong by not awarding a corner but then the 'it grazed the bottom of the keeper's foot' was used to show how the ref was correct to cover up how much of a mess they made!
  2. Razzler

    England have just won the World Cup. What would you do?

    RLC apparently in line to start as Alli has some kind of injury. Apparently had it at the end of the 1st half against Tunisia ... why didn't he come off earlier then?
  3. Razzler

    Colombia VS Japan (1pm KO)

    2nd quickest red card in World Cup history behind that Scotland disaster vs Uruguay in 1986
  4. Razzler

    Belgium - Panama 16:00 BST

    I think Belgium should start Fellaini, I don't think Tunisia won a header from a corner
  5. Razzler

    World Cup Prediction Thread

    Already predicted the 1st round of group games ... here's the 2nd round Tuesday 19th June Group A Russia 1-1 Egypt Wednesday 20th June Group A Uruguay 3-0 Saudi Arabia Group B Portugal 2-0 Morocco Iran 0-2 Spain Thursday 21st June Group C Denmark 1-0 Australia France 2-1 Peru Group D Argentina 2-2 Croatia Friday 22nd June Group E Brazil 3-0 Costa Rica Serbia 1-0 Switzerland Group D Nigeria 0-1 Iceland Saturday 23rd June Group G Belgium 2-0 Tunisia Group F South Korea 0-1 Mexico Germany 2-0 Sweden Sunday 24th June Group G England 2-0 Panama Group H Japan 1-2 Senegal Poland 1-1 Colombia
  6. Razzler

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    Just looking at the Kane wrestling again, the ref was right there looking at it, it's not like he missed it. He saw it and didn't call it, it's not really a VAR thing, not sure he could have had a better view
  7. Razzler

    Is this true?

    If you take a throw in and it goes in the goal without touching a player it's also a corner
  8. Razzler

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    I am sure he's relieved
  9. Razzler

    Is this true?

    It'd be interesting is a ref allowed a kick off whether it's the rules or not. Like the 'quick free kick' when a keeper is lining up a wall, if you whisper it to the ref and he says ok then sometimes it's ok and others it's not. I am sure I recall a quick kick off when players have been celebrating on the pitch and it being allowed by a ref too
  10. Razzler

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    We don't have that playmaker cause that role is generally outsourced in the Premier League. Shelvey being the highest up Englishman on the list does not make me want to pick him. We need to use what we do have, our pace for starters. Was great at the beginning, causing all sorts of problems but lacking of cutting edge in front of goal, particularly Lingard. I didn't think it was a pen, soft at best but he reviewed it and still awarded it though, it was the easy decision, Walker forced him into making a decision, it was needless. Tunisia pretty much offered nothing, they deserved nothing. Under rated header from Kane at the end there, always good for a striker to score at the start of a tournament. We gifted them that goal and gave them something to cling to otherwise it would have been a different game, they didn't seem a threat outside of that so not sure how they'd have got back into the game. I thought we were doing this 'playing out from the back' these days? Fair few long balls, even early on. I thought Rashford and RLC improved things when they came on, it's good to let Sterling and Alli know that no one is guaranteed a spot, I expect them both to start again but notice is served. I thought I noticed a semi-sulk from Alli as he went off before Southgate grabbed him but maybe reading too much into it. We always make things difficult but we deserved the win and glad we kept probing even when it seemed some of the zip had left the game. a team sitting back will make it difficult though, Rashford showed more willingness to run at them though, which I think you need when a team sits back like that. I can't see them troubling Belgium much and Panama didn't look all that but it'll be another game where we need to break someone down, they seemed to come out a lot more than Tunisia though
  11. Razzler

    The VAR Thread

    I think VAR has generally been fine but my understanding is that the guys in that VAR room are flagging up 'clear and obvious' incidents for the ref to review as well as the ref himself deciding to use it? Is that correct? How they can miss Kane I have no idea. There will be mistakes, if a ref misses a so-so decision then maybe VAR doesn't flag then I can see it but when something is utterly clear as that, even if the ref doesn't see it they're supposed to flag it, right?
  12. Razzler

    Is this true?

    I'm pretty sure I have seen a team take a quick kick off when players are still on the pitch. Also, isn't, you know, the keeper still on the pitch down the other end?
  13. Razzler

    The VAR Thread

    This was inevitable, whatever you make the 'thing' is what players will target. Hey hey ref it was a pen will simply be replaced by 'look at the video' and trying to pressure the ref to do that instead
  14. Razzler

    Sweden V South Korea 1300 BST ITV

    There will always be people moaning about VAR. 'Why didn't they use VAR on this one or that one' - ultimately, it's caught some pens that were missed in real time. Any decision that they didn't review then nothing changed, it wasn't given anyway, it's not being used for everything and I am sure it'll get tweaked along the way. They'll be some stuff missed or 'should have gone to VAR' and people will still moan about the ref, instead of he missed it, it'll be 'he reviewed it on VAR and still got it wrong' and so on. Players moaning to the ref will be replaced by players pressuring the ref to look at VAR instead.
  15. Razzler

    Germany Vs Mexico 1600 BST BBC1

    That's what I mean