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  1. Well done France. Good game and very well done to Croatia for a great run.
  2. Lloris getting complacent, no clue what was going through his head. It's a World Cup final ffs
  3. Good job France.... thank god this isn't England....
  4. And the Fortnite celebration is now in the history books!
  5. Well I wanted a big VAR moment... not disappointed!
  6. Good job on how far you've come England. Yeah been errors in play and Southgate's made errors but still semis is way more then I thought. Well done England but more to improve/learn of course, done the country proud.
  7. Great save and shot. England much better this half.
  8. Germany did it in 2010 with a young team and got a to a semi-finals and won WC 14.... England can build on this. Went further then I thought.
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