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  1. Martínez Hernández-Otamendi-Gvardiol-Hakimi de Paul-Modric-Amrabat Messi-Mbappé-Griezmann
  2. Congrats @Whoopy D And thanks for organizing theis @Sons FC - was good fun
  3. 7 Pluses - The final was magnificent and in general the knockout stages were great with only a few exceptions. There was a good deal surprises, but not too many like in 2002, where more or less only Brazil turned up for the tournament. Minuses - The atmosphere was extremly dull at many games, and even in the knockout stages you could see many empty seats around. And if they weren't empty, there were occupied by locals not really caring about anything else than taking a picture of the star player(s), and possibly some "fake" fans (although that was mostly a group stage phenomenon). And looking on the pitch - there was loads of exceptionally bad games in the beggining of the tournament - for the first half of the tournament we weren't talking as much about Messi, as we did about how much we dreaded the thought of 48 teams next time.
  4. Those best/worst teams are always up for discussion, but this one strikes me as being particualarly weird. 3 players from Poland, who made the knockout stages? Zielinski even scored a goal, and Cash was part of a defence who had two clean sheeets ffs And if anyone from Poland should be selected for this team, it should've been Krychowiak who had a very poor tournament. Also really weird with only one Qatari player and no Costa Ricans in the defence (11 goals conceeded in three games ffs). Surprised no Germans made the team - Müller, Götze, Schlotterbeck and Süle are all worthy candidates. And although I completly agree about Skov Olsen having a bad tournament, Jensen was as bad, while Damsgaard and Dolberg were probably even worse. As for Belgium, both Hazard and Batshuayi should be concidered. And also I miss the player I thought was worst at the tournament - Walid Cheddira. As great as the Moroccan team was, he was absolutely clueless. It genuinly looked like they had picked some random fan from the stands and put him on the pitch.
  5. This whole thing about Mbappé is getting ridiculous. But I have no problems with Martínez' antics in the penalty shootout. Will take that any day over Lloris, who looked like not wanting to be there at all.
  6. Saturday 17th December Croatia v Morocco 4-0 Sunday 18th December Argentina v France 3-2 Bonuses The total number of goals scored - 5 The number of goals scored in the first half - 2 The number of goals scored in the second half - 3 The number of goals scored after 90 minutes - 5 The number of hattricks - 0 Will the game go to extra time - No Will the game go to penalties - No The total number of penalties scored (including those in normal game play) - 0 The team which scores the fastest goal - Argentina The team which scores the last goal - Argentina The time of the first goal - 22 The time of the last goal - 86 The scorer of the first goal - Alexis Mac Allister The scorer of the last goal - Lionel Messi The total number of yellow cards - 8 The total number of red cards - 0 The total number of substitutions across all games - 10 Predict the exact score, whether the game will go to 90 or 120 minutes, the exact times of goal(s) Argentina wins 3-2 after normal time. Mac Allister (22.), Álvarez (78.), Messi (86.) - Giroud (44.), Mbáppe (81.)
  7. France in the final again then. But huge kudos to Morocco. What a run and what fighting spirit
  8. Thuram on Deschamps is hoping that he can copy his dad's semifinal from 1998
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