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  1. Sunday 11th July Italy v England 2-1 * Immobile, Chiesa - Kane 31st, 85th - 52nd How many penalties will be scored in total (this includes penalties at the end of extra time) Correct answer - 1 Will the match go to extra time - No Will the match go to penalties - No How many yellow cards in total - 6 How many red cards in total - 0 Time of the first goal scored - 31st minute Time of the last goal scored (excluding penalties in the event of a tie after 120 mins) - 85th minute First team to score - Italy Last team to score - Italy
  2. I've heard the Glasgow story before on a episode of QI. But choosing a Scottish dish is even weirder
  3. Since when is a curry a English dish? At least the Italians have enough great food to stick to their own cuisine before the game
  4. Now some bellend has started a petition on change.org about wanting the game being replayed, nearly 14000 has already signed As a Dane, I'm so embarassed. Such things are for sore Liverpool fans, and not us ffs
  5. I'm probably as biased as you can get to yesterday's game and results, but some of the bitterness here and in the medias is beyond me. Yeah, it was a soft penalty and a very painful way to loose for Denmark, but making it to the "robbery of the century" or create some BS conspiracy theories?
  6. So close for Denmark In total a deserved win for England, but so gutting to loose after a soft penalty, whcih was saved at first.
  7. That's also what people were saying about Morata, when he was starting
  8. Nah, it was white so far. The Danish commentator said they changed the ball for the semifinals and the final.
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