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    I blatantly rule, chums!

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    Stream at - www.twitch.tv/gillsminnow and I tweet @gillsminnow


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    Snorkelling in hay, laying carpet over the top of peoples garden paths, cross-breeding rabbits.

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  1. gillsminnow

    Quarterfinals: Brazil vs Belgium

    Fellaini saved himself all of his career for this game?
  2. gillsminnow

    Round of 16: Colombia v England (19:00 BST ITV1)

    I don't like this
  3. gillsminnow

    The VAR Thread

    Been pretty decent so far, right? I've been impressed with it's usage.
  4. gillsminnow

    Sweden V South Korea 1300 BST ITV

    Have to say, the VAR has been very decent from what I've seen so far.
  5. gillsminnow

    PlaYEr UnKNoWnseSes Battlegrounds thread!

    I played this the other day and as I turned the corner yeah my heart went a bit because it was something I wasn't expecting. Took me a couple of minutes to return to normal.
  6. Oh the Minnow Method? It's not guaranteed profit @ArsenalFan7 - But yeah back one team to win, and then in the same game also BTTS (two different selections). - One of the selections AT LEAST of the two must be over evens (2.0) otherwise there's no economical sense putting them in. - The most efficient way is trebles (eight selections) - The slip will look like this: - Split your stake eight ways (if you were gonna place a tenner then do 8 x £1.25) - Now all you need to get a return is the team you've picked to score a goal because they'll either then win 1-0 or the other team will score and BTTS will have won. You've also got a chance for both of the outcomes to happen, doubling the lines you'll potentially win. The lines (out of the eight) you'll potentially win are doubled with each win/btts in a game. So if in this example Peru draw 1-1, Sweden win 2-1 and Poland win 3-2 you win four lines (1x2x2 = 4) It's a method I've used for a few years, brings the odds of a return much more in your favour but still gives the chance for big returns if a couple or more of your games hit the 2-1, 3-2 results etc
  7. gillsminnow

    What is your favourite videogame of this generation?

  8. I'd advise her to contact Bet365 support rather than OTF. But check the pending withdrawals on 365.
  9. gillsminnow

    A Quiet Place

    Yeah I went and watched it a few days ago. Saw it due to it being a John Krasinski project and I loved him in The Office. Was a pretty different take on most things you see. Not awfully long but worth a watch for sure.
  10. gillsminnow

    Cryptocurrency Thread

    LTC is $141 In Ravencoin and GINcoin still atm. The latter of which isn't on coinmarketcap yet. Looking at a few others to get involved with too.
  11. gillsminnow

    Syria Chemical attack dangerous times ahead

    This is my favourite bit of that. "Professional survivors"
  12. gillsminnow

    PlaYEr UnKNoWnseSes Battlegrounds thread!

    Yeah I'm up for some squads/duos whenever!
  13. From this I think it's safe to say that Boltman is a burglar.
  14. gillsminnow

    Cryptocurrency Thread

    Raven still on absolute fire.