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  1. gillsminnow

    Quarterfinals: Brazil vs Belgium

    Fellaini saved himself all of his career for this game?
  2. gillsminnow

    Round of 16: Colombia v England (19:00 BST ITV1)

    I don't like this
  3. gillsminnow

    The VAR Thread

    Been pretty decent so far, right? I've been impressed with it's usage.
  4. gillsminnow

    Sweden V South Korea 1300 BST ITV

    Have to say, the VAR has been very decent from what I've seen so far.
  5. Great camera for the free kick... https://i.gyazo.com/888b6540846f72dfcd32abe2b0642ae4.mp4
  6. There's around 40 personalities in FM2017 and while looking for some new staff I found a really high number of balanced personalities. Is this normal, should this be like this? Is FM's hidden attribute spread working as intended? I don't know the answers to those questions but I would prefer greater variety as seemingly, for me at least, the generated staff mostly have a balanced personality. As an example, if personalities were dished out equally between the 40 we'd find 2.5% of people would have a balanced personality. Now I hear a few of you in the back shouting "bell curves" really loudly so I'll allow for a higher percentage. Goalkeeping Coaches: Overall staff - 88 Balanced staff - 76/88 (86%) Head of Youth Development: Overall staff - 85 Balanced staff - 82/85 (96%) How is it in your saves? I have it set to generate key staff on game start btw.
  7. Portugal vs France vs Stade de France, Paris Referee: M. Clattenburg Assistants: S. Beck & J. Collin Fourth Official: V. Kassai
  8. Good luck for the semi my dudes. Hope you guys go all the way and those of you over in France enjoy every minute.
  9. gillsminnow

    Italy vs ROI & Sweden vs Belgium - ITV1 - KO 20.00

    How many times has Pulis said "lad"?
  10. gillsminnow

    Croatia vs Spain I think bruv. Czech them Turks out too.

    tbf he left a massive gap at his near post for the 2nd
  11. gillsminnow

    Croatia vs Spain I think bruv. Czech them Turks out too.

    Is there a plan by the Croatian ultras to attack the ref during the match?
  12. gillsminnow

    Croatia vs Spain I think bruv. Czech them Turks out too.

    Not gonna lie, that's some absolutely solid freehand gyazo work.
  13. gillsminnow

    Robbie Savage

    Thought he was great during the England/Wales game. Definitely wouldn't mind him on more games.