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  1. Great camera for the free kick... https://i.gyazo.com/888b6540846f72dfcd32abe2b0642ae4.mp4
  2. There's around 40 personalities in FM2017 and while looking for some new staff I found a really high number of balanced personalities. Is this normal, should this be like this? Is FM's hidden attribute spread working as intended? I don't know the answers to those questions but I would prefer greater variety as seemingly, for me at least, the generated staff mostly have a balanced personality. As an example, if personalities were dished out equally between the 40 we'd find 2.5% of people would have a balanced personality. Now I hear a few of you in the back shouting "bell curves" really loudly so I'll allow for a higher percentage. Goalkeeping Coaches: Overall staff - 88 Balanced staff - 76/88 (86%) Head of Youth Development: Overall staff - 85 Balanced staff - 82/85 (96%) How is it in your saves? I have it set to generate key staff on game start btw.
  3. I have a series on YouTube called Assistant To The Manager where I get one of my Twitch viewers each week to come along and manage the team for three matches with myself as their assistant. https://www.youtube.com/gillsminnow And I also stream regularly on Twitch too. http://www.twitch.tv/gillsminnow
  4. Actually I think I've got round the registration rules. I just need to know how to remove the "Ine - cannot play for more than 2 teams in one season rule" in the editor. Any idea if possible and where to find?
  5. Hey guys, for a youtube series I'd like to do I need to remove some rules. For the series to work I'd like to remove the registration rules to allow a free swap of players between teams each week in the Premier League via the in game editor, also for it to work the 'player cannot play for more than two clubs in a year' rule must be removed. Then the registration for european football (champions league and europa league) would need to be removed too. I think that's the only ones that would need to be removed? Can I achieve this atall? If so, how? Many thanks.
  6. gillsminnow

    Disallowed goals

    Get this loads aswell.
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  8. gillsminnow

    Where do regens come from?

    When a mummy regen and a daddy regen love each other very much...
  9. Wicked stuff, thank you kindly. Made it so much better!
  10. Thanks! Fairly certain it's new for FM15 too, not seen it in any previous versions.
  11. Just discovered this, puts an end to digging out coach calculators to get star ratings etc.
  12. Run a fair few different saves now and my views are as follows: - Morale is still way overpowered. Seems it can turn world-beaters into sunday league players and vice versa. A little tone down in that department would do just nicely. - Boards/Chairmen are probably a little OTT now, obviously I'm well aware this is a simulation but some people actually like managing with a singular team. I know you can go and tell me to play FMC or whatever but I'm not going to do that. I struggled on pretty much every save I've had since the beta (2 or 3 saves with Gillingham, 2 saves with Everton). Had another save and decided to delve a little more heavily into the tactical side of things, read up some stuff in the T&TG and came up with a couple of formations. Now despite being predicted to finish 22nd I managed to pull them to a 5th place finish and the playoff final at Wembley. Lost that but the new season came around and we had a bit of a blip at the start (1w, 1d, 3l) and everyone starts calling for my head. Players all storm in unhappy, demanding meetings left, right and centre. Few games later I get sacked. No real "well you exceeded all expectations with us previously, let's give you a bit of a leeway here". For me, this sucked all the fun out of what I'd had in that save. - Players, unhappiness and meeting happen far too often. You know the guy I signed as a backup midfielder, had out on loan last season but back at the club providing cover this season? Grabs a coffee, bangs on my door and is demanding football. You put a winning streak together, don't want to change the team around all that much and suddenly everyone on the bench turns into a diva demanding more minutes. Lose/lose situation. They're not as good as your first team so if you play them they'll likely lose and morale will plummet, you don't play them and they turn the dressing room into a fiery pit from hell that makes a street fight look like a hugging party. Have heard a suggestion that for point 3, to offer the unhappy player mutual termination before it gets to the point it becomes a problem for the rest of the squad. But surely you can't be having to do that with every player? Kinda defeats having any kind of squad depth then. There's been some great changes to the game this year but these things above, for me, have been the flies in an otherwise tasty soup.
  13. gillsminnow

    [FM2015 MOD] Regens Hair Pack

    Looks absolutely fantastic.
  14. Tried using OBS to set it up rather than the integrated? OBS is what I use to stream it.
  15. Lawlore a gills fan too :*) B*witched were awesome you heathens. Also that playlist can be added to by viewers so feel free to add your own stuff to it. Commands are below the stream.