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  1. I don't, Ben. was just a test game I was running. It happens a lot though so shouldn't be hard to replicate. Also the text describing the loan deal in the first picture then probably needs changing, to me it reads totally different to how you described if you hover over the future competition achievement and also in the loan description where my cursor is.
  2. So in this screenshot I SHOULD receive 225k from Luton if they avoid relegation from League Two for the loan services of Antony Evans. That's it, should they avoid relegation they pay me the fee and he returns at the end of his loan spell having achieved what we agreed with Luton. That's fine, sorted. Cool feature. Fast forward and I see this, apparently he's now joining them permanently on the 9th June. Woah, no. That wasn't what was agreed between the clubs. So he transfers, for the fee that was agreed for them avoiding relegation but that fee was just for that purpose. No future transfer. Not only that but the contract is due to expire on the same date that the loan was set to finish and I am now able to offer him a contract to join us. I've tested this some more, the future transfer thing happens EVERY time you add in a competition achievement to a loan deal. The ability to then sign that person back on a free a couple of weeks later happens only occasionally.
  3. Hey, was asked to post here by Neil Brock. Upon generating key staff at the start of the game a really high percentage of them tend to have a balanced personality. Discussed in this thread: I think this is when the game generates key staff members. Unsure about regen staff.
  4. There's around 40 personalities in FM2017 and while looking for some new staff I found a really high number of balanced personalities. Is this normal, should this be like this? Is FM's hidden attribute spread working as intended? I don't know the answers to those questions but I would prefer greater variety as seemingly, for me at least, the generated staff mostly have a balanced personality. As an example, if personalities were dished out equally between the 40 we'd find 2.5% of people would have a balanced personality. Now I hear a few of you in the back shouting "bell curves" really loudly so I'll allow for a higher percentage. Goalkeeping Coaches: Overall staff - 88 Balanced staff - 76/88 (86%) Head of Youth Development: Overall staff - 85 Balanced staff - 82/85 (96%) How is it in your saves? I have it set to generate key staff on game start btw.
  5. He signed on 27th June, on the 1st July the media think we are signing him from ourselves.
  6. Ok 22nd August and he's back listed by request with no news item or anything to warn me.
  7. Ok now in August, Dack has been asking monthly to come off the list and this month, finally, he's now off the list. So 6 months it took for the game to finally take him off the list.
  8. Ok I'm uploading it now the save is called "(gillsminnow) Dack Transfer Request" The news item is 4th April 2017 at 12:45 You should be able to click Accept to withdraw his transfer request but it'll still stay on his profile.
  9. Hey Ben, Yeah I've just been continuing with the save to get you to a point where he asks again. It seems to be once a month he asks to come back off the list. Either the 4th or 5th of the month. Where's the FTP?
  10. Bradley Dack was listed by request. He is requesting to come off the list and I accepted but he wasn't removed from the list. That's where he asked and the request was granted. And as you can see he's still on the list 4 days later and unable to be removed manually. He's asked again a month later and still the same thing.
  11. Portugal vs France vs Stade de France, Paris Referee: M. Clattenburg Assistants: S. Beck & J. Collin Fourth Official: V. Kassai
  12. Good luck for the semi my dudes. Hope you guys go all the way and those of you over in France enjoy every minute.
  13. Italy vs ROI & Sweden vs Belgium - ITV1 - KO 20.00

    How many times has Pulis said "lad"?