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  1. June 2016 - End of Season 7 Just the league cup that we failed to win this season falling early to Man City. In the league we went unbeaten with our highest goals scored but also highest goals against. The match of the season/moment to forget sum up the season well, we had 9-0, 9-0, 8-0, 7-0 wins that spike the goals scored but then 9 games where we could only get at most 1 goal. Having spent most of the season being our closest challengers Chelsea ended slipping behind Liverpool to finish 3rd. This was the first season after the stadium expansion and we still got 99% filled across the season which is good, not sure if that's as big as the stadium can get now. The FA cup final we won against Watford who were the only team we did not beat in the league. The CL final we beat Napoli. Nice to see one of the original players in Rashford still doing the business being named fans' player of the season and be our top scorer again for the fourth successive season. You can see the quality we have on the left wing with Unuvar having the top average rating and Balde equalling the record for assists in a season. Bellingham really stepped his play up this season to become the clear first choice on the right wing. Laird and Williams I don't consider first choice so it's interesting they got into the team of the season but understandable given his playing time due to injuries. These show how good we were in Europe again; 6 players in dream team, best keeper, 2 of the top 3 defenders and best midfielder. Unfortunately Rashford misses the top 3 forwards despite his 11 goals. This is how the squad finished the season. In goal De Gea kept 25 clean sheets in his 45 games but at 35 is starting to show signs of decreasing and going into the last year of his contract so we may be coming to the end of an era. In defence Dias is still a beast, I was hoping Perez would establish himself but suffered a major injury in October that kept him out until the cup finals at the end of the season so Lyu Hao got those opportunities. I may look to move Tavares on, he's spending too much time injured to be my first choice. In midfield I'm very happy all around, the centre is just a rotation of guys to balance happiness and the 4 young wingers have all been contributing. In attack the goals were nicely spread out with 6 players hitting double digits and 5 players getting 10+ assists. Like DDG, Kane is also going into the last year of his contract and I probably won't renew so he could go in the summer. There's a World Cup this summer that we have a lot of players going to including some young players out on loan or outside the senior squad which is always good to see. That includes 6 players for England and Alves plus 2 other goalkeepers so we should be okay whenever DDG does leave.
  2. March 2026 - Youth Intake First intake under new HoYD Bernhard Peters who joined in the summer. Just the one player that might make it through eventually in Douglas Murray. Quick update on how we're progressing in comps. Chelsea have fallen further behind by dropping points to Arsenal, Tottenham, Man City and ourselves which puts us in a strong position to win the league. We edged past PSG in the CL and in the FA Cup have dispatched Bristol City, Wolves and West Ham so far.
  3. January 2026 - Transfer window opens Awards Season! World Golden Ball: Harry Kane 1st World Footballer of the Year: Naci Unuvar 1st, Harry Kane 2nd World Player of the Year: Harry Kane 1st World Goalkeeper of the Year: David De Gea 2nd World Team of the Year: Dayot Upamecano, Naci Unuvar, Harry Kane. Subs: Ruben Dias, Franck Kessie, Marcus Rashford Broadcasters' African Footballer of the Year: Franck Kessie 1st African Footballer of the Year: Franck Kessie 1st African XI of the Year: Franck Kessie African Midfielder of the Year: Franck Kessie 1st French Player of the Year: Dayot Upamecano 2nd Season Progress Wins over Man City in both Community Shield and European Super Cup put two trophies in the cabinet early. Main issue so far has been the defence, we've already conceded more than we did during last season with half way still to go. Still being inconsistent in front of goal, often 1 or 2 are a struggle then we'll have the occasional blow out game that inflates the total goal scored number, would be nice to even it out more so I'm not sweating some matches so much. This time Chelsea have been the main challenger, built on the best defence in the league, but at the start of December we beat them to go top and they've drawn twice since to open a little gap for the first time all season. Tough draw in the CL, as you would expect PSG have won Ligue 1 every season and are well ahead at the top this season already. On the transfer front it's business as usual, no specific targets for the senior team, would take someone special becoming available or big offer for one of my players for any movement there and just keeping an eye out for any young prospects that I might like to add. Interest in some of the younger players on loan deals, that's always a balance between letting them go potentially get more senior playing time and keeping them enough to qualify for home-grown status.
  4. The kids are doing alright. They've also had 10-0 and 11-0 wins domestically this season and have currently won every match to Jan 1st.
  5. August 2025 - Start of season 7 Let's start with the Club World Championship. As expected the big European sides each won their group easily. We beat Barcelona and Arsenal to set up a repeat of the CL final 2 months prior against Dortmund. This time around it was a much closer affair coming down to a penalty shootout which we won 5-4 to add a new trophy to the cabinet. On to the Community Shield. An even match but we edged it 2-1 to win this trophy for the 5 year running. Always good to get a win over a rival and we face off again 10 days later in the Euro Super Cup. Transfers Out: Cengiz Under to Tottenham for £70m. He's given us a good 4 years, but injuries have started to limit his play time so we cash in now and let younger players take his spot. Eder Militao to PSG for £88m. He was good, but didn't quite work out as well as I hoped and when PSG showed interest he was wanting to go and this is another spot where I have a replacement already. Kalidou Koulibaly to Juventus for £12m. He was already asking for a new deal last season and unhappy that I wouldn't give him one. His attributes had started to drop off and I got the good year out of him I wanted so don't mind flipping him for a quick 12m profit. Transfers In: Matthijs de Ligt from Juventus for £50m. He became available and some other clubs were in for him so I was happy to get him. Will be our 3rd established DC with Militao and Koulibaly leaving. So we head into the season with this squad and what the board is expecting from us. As always there will be some players from U23 and U18 that get opportunities at various points. Let's see if we can make it 6 league titles in a row!
  6. June 2025 - End of Season 6 Very good season again, retaining the league title with another unbeaten season and also winning the Champions League for a second consecutive season. Both domestic cup finals we lost 3-2, the only occasions we conceded more than twice in a match which was disappointing but we're being judged on the more important league and CL trophies so winning them is better. Reduced attendance because of stadium expansion which will be ready for next season, with an extra 16000 seats being added. Rashford a runaway winner of the fans' player of the season and understandably so, another terrific season with 41 goals and a record 11 PoTM awards. Fabio Silva did well coming in as the third striker to be named signing of he season. Mejbri contributed 5 goals and 11 assists in just 14 league appearances to be named young player of the season. This shows how good we were in Europe this season, Rashford and Kane were the top 2 scorers as we set a new record 42 goals scored in the competition and De Gea kept 7 clean sheets to be named best GK for the 3rd time in 4 seasons. Harry Kane was awarded Best Player in Europe. The squad. Currently in the process of renewing several contracts. Under and Militao are the only players that I might look to actively move on. Baro has been linked with a move to some big clubs recently so there could be a fight to keep him. Club World Championship is coming up shortly, would really like to win it after failing last time and with the new format being held every 4 years, but international call ups are going to hurt the squad in some positions.
  7. January 2025 After the big Spurs double header to end December the good results continued in the new year. Spurs however lost 2 games which has suddenly opened up a gap. The two cup games against Villa were weird, match stats were very similar but wildly different scorelines. Transfers Out: Frederic Guillot to Real Madrid for £46.5m. One of my young DC's that was being used as 4th choice and establishing himself in the senior squad but when Madrid and Barca came calling he wanted to speak to them. Disappointed this happened already when he was just getting senior football and I sold another one in the summer I jumped Guillot ahead of but now someone else will get those opportunities. No players added during the window, but around the league Man City spent £150m on two players and Chelsea spending £80m on Brandt were the big deals going on. Looking ahead to the rest of the season, Arsenal await in the league cup final, Inter Milan in the CL knockouts and Stoke/Cardiff in the FA cup and of course holding on to the league title.
  8. January 2025 It's award season! World Golden Ball: Harry Kane 1st World Footballer of the Year: Harry Kane 1st, Jadon Sancho 2nd World Player of the Year: Harry Kane 1st World Goalkeeper of the Year: David De Gea 1st World Team of the Year: De Gea, Dias, Upamecano, Kessié, Kane, Bruno, Sancho, Militao (sub) African Footballer of the Year: Franck Kessié 1st, Ricardo Baldé 2nd African Promising Footballer of the Year: Ricardo Baldé African XI of the Year: Kalidou Koulibaly, Franck Kessié African Defender of the Year: Kalidou Koulibaly 1st African Midfielder of the Year: Franck Kessié 2nd Here's how the season has gone so far. The double header against Spurs at the end of the year was huge, we were just 1 point ahead of them before the first game so happy to come out of it now 4 ahead but it's looking like a 2 horse race for the title. Not quite sure what happened in November to prompt the sudden goalscoring burst. Rashford and Kane continue to lead the way with the goals, unfortunately Silva's start at the club has been hampered by injury. Under continues to be productive on the wing and DDG and the defence remain solid. Not expecting much movement in the transfer window, maybe just some younger players going out on loan, would take some seriously big offers to sell a regular starter or someone becoming unexpected available for moves to be made.
  9. Bruno is so good that missing Pogba isn't really an issue. There are a lot of quality centre mids in the game you can get, just a matter of what roles and attributes you want.
  10. Just had this drop in my inbox "It's testament to the incredible work being done with youth at Manchester United that all three award winners belong to the club."
  11. August 2024 - Start of season 6 Much simpler updated club vision from the board for this season, used to have 7 or 8 items on there. Signed a new contract back in April for 4 years on £375k p/w so board are obviously happy and that gives me a lot of job security.Aims for competitions are obviously to be winning trophies. Between transfer activity and international football the summer has flown by, I'm not sure if we're quite ready for the new season and 10 players are still at the Olympics. Not good when Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City are our first 3 games. Notable Transfers Out: Dean Henderson to PSV for £32.5m. He was a good servant backing up DDG, but the time has come for Luis Alves (previously posted) to take a step toward succeeding DDG longer term. There were English clubs interested and surprised he ended up going abroad. Dusan Vlahovic to Inter for £72m. The signing of Harry Kane a couple years ago blocked his planned development and now we play differently to when he signed them, still good but a lot of money to turn down for a 3rd or 4th choice striker. Jadon Sancho to FC Bayern for £101m. As previously discussed, 1 year left on his contract and his excessive demands meant I was looking to cash in now despite how good he can be. Eduardo Camavinga to Real Madrid for £69m. It's so easy to accumulate top quality centre mids, Camavinga is a casualty of that. He was one clubs bid for and expendable as I already have better in Baro. Bruno Fernandes to Barcelona for £101m. Big one. Controversial one. We all know how great he is, big risk for him and Sancho to go at the same time, but similarly he was getting unhappy with his current contract and didn't want to commit to a bigger long term deal. Mason Greenwood to Aston Villa for £80m. Another controversial one. Not as much I have turned down previously for him from Chelsea but there wasn't the level of interest despite having his best season. Just wasn't scoring for me like I have seen others post in here so decided it was time to cash in and give someone else a chance. Lucas Tousart to Lazio for £35m. Been a good squad player for five years, but didn't quite fit how we've been playing more recently. Axel Tuanzebe to Derby for £36m. Another very good squad player to have and of course being English and home grown are bonuses, but a new signing meant it was probably time to move him on. Notable Transfers In: Ilaix Moriba from Barcelona for £90m. The Fernandes replacement. Big shoes to fill, interested to see how he has developed on other peoples saves. Club record transfer and record fee for a Spanish player. Fabio Silva from Porto for £45.5m. With two strikers going out a transfer listed Silva is a good addition to fill one of those spots. Kalidou Koulibaly on free transfer. So this goes against so many other deals being about youth, but the opportunity to sign this player for free was too good to pass up, still looks great at 33yo. Lyu Hao from Hoffenheim for £11.25m 18yo Chinese wonderkid centre back I grabbed at his release fee. Not sure how much he will play this season, I have few guys competing to be the fourth CB. Record fee for a Chinese player. That leaves the squad looking like this for the season. Just the minimum 15 players registered for the league, with the rest being exempt via the U21 rule.
  12. It's been in the game for a while, just a way to get money out of the club if you have too much in the bank. Before then if you got to max amount it would loop around and suddenly you are in financial ruin. Nice if you can get Ole back, he's been at West Brom for 3 and a half seasons in my save, only job he's had since I took over.
  13. Everyone else has new owners buying elite players, mine just pocket the cash.
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