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  1. Yeah, I've also been getting frequent crashes since the update, putting me off playing and hoping for another patch that actually fixes it.
  2. Decent state of play last night. Date for Kena, deeper look at returnal, another cool deathloop trailer but probably not something I'll play, new Oddworld stuff and date and ps+ title, FF7 update looks really nice.
  3. I'm not worrying about GoW news in that 'state of play' tomorrow, assuming it will focus on games that are releasing soon and not expecting it this year. But if there is something that's cool, but I don't need another quick teaser for something further down the line. Would like a date for Kena and some Horizon news though.
  4. Any Dirt5 gamers get the platinum trophy? Thought the stunt score one was going to be the sticking point but the drive 1000 miles is my last one. Had a search to see the estimates for how long it might take because I couldn't see it track anywhere and found out it was originally 10000 miles but looks like I've still get quite a bit of racing ahead to get me there.
  5. Yes, love R&C series, definitely plan on getting the new one now we have a release date and well worth checking out the last one in the ps+ collection if you haven't before.
  6. Yes, I played on ps4 pro last year and it struggled at times including as you've mentioned going in/out of the map and menu which is quite often so it gets annoying fast. Really loved it apart from the performance issues though. Do have Wolfenstein 2 purchased already though at some point in the past so got that downloaded and will try and get through it this month.
  7. The game had performance issues on last gen consoles, tempted to download the ultimate edition with these upgrades to see how it improves the experience. Should be great for anyone that hasn't played it before.
  8. Another case where I've already played both ps4 games, but a very good month imo. Destruction allstars has looked like something I could pick up and play for an hour here or there as a break from other games.
  9. That's definitely a good decision to finally bring it in line with other platforms and I'm sure welcome news for developers of such games.
  10. Definitely worth playing, only £8 on the store right now with the dlc too.
  11. Only previously had a 2021 release window I think and now already pushed into 2022. Wonder if the Cyberpunk launch impacted this decision with it supposed to launch on xb1 and ps4 too.
  12. My first thought was about the EA deal, turns out it was a 10-year deal done in 2013 so they're just going to start working with other companies as well now which should be good, This definitely has me interested, I like both Division games but wonder what that means for their future because Massive are doing an Avatar game too presumably to tie in with the new movies.
  13. Just finished NG+ playthrough of Miles Morales, platinum trophy in the bag. The new performance RT mode they added is nice, hope to see an option like that in more games. I don't have a big 4k hdr screen to truly appreciate the fidelity mode so getting some of the effects while still getting a solid 1080p60 is ideal.
  14. Well look what just happened https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/cyberpunk-2077-refunds/
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