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  1. Another big money move, hope that doesn't keep happening, would be nice to stay in one place for a while
  2. Sergio Ortiz -3 Heading +3 Positioning
  3. £30m move to AC Milan is surprising. 14 goals in 34 games is still pretty good going too and 1 away from 50 All Time Goals.
  4. Sergio Ortiz up for loan again please and -3 Aggression +3 Strength
  5. Not quite as good as last season, but i guess it's a better quality league 7 goals are better than 0
  6. Sergio Ortiz - Up for loan again please. Also -5 from Leadership +5 to Positioning
  7. That's what i like to see, almost a goal a game for Sassuolo.
  8. What a great loan move, where is Sergio in the league top scorers? Also did i play/score against Juventus? Shame about the injury though.
  9. Not too bad a move to Juventus and then Scoring 3 in 2 games on loan for Sassuolo, more to come i hope.
  10. Mainly sub appearances for me, so i think a loan may help.
  11. Getting played a bit more now, but just 3 overall goals isn't very good.
  12. FC Twente End of Season 2032/33 ML/AML - Arjan Koster - 29/30, 30/31, 31/32, 32/33 - Went out on loan and hardly played at all. Is back out on loan again to Irony Kiryat-Shmona and i don't think he'll be returning to be honest. MC - Tihomir Jurkic - 30/31, 31/32, 32/33 - Had a poor loan season with Caen and is back out on loan to LA Galaxy now, so hopefully he can improve while there and return ready for the first team. MC/AMC - Andre Ernstberger - 31/32, 32/33 - Another player with a bit of a bad loan spell with RKC, is loan listed but no teams wanting him. I don't believe he'll be a first team player. DCR - Max Konterman - 32/33 - Has joined SC Cambuur on loan for the season, but has been getting offers from Liverpool, which happened with Leferink and look how that went. AMC/MC - Bert Peters - One of the latest through the youth intake. I don't see him improving really, but going to see how things go. Might get a cup game. DCR - Louis Ndongala - Looks a bit more impressive than Peters, but still not too sure. Might get a cup game. Etienne Tiesselink was sold to Aston Villa for £250k I'm surprised this save is still going.
  13. FC Twente End of Season 2032/33 AMC/AMRL - Etienne Tiesselink - 28/29, 29/30, 30/31, 31/32 - Went out on loan to Heerenveen and played pretty well, unfortunately i think his time is probably up now and it might be best if i sold him as he won't make the first team any time soon. ML/AML - Arjan Koster - 29/30, 30/31, 31/32 - Did ok at SC Cambuur and will most likely go back out on loan. I think he'll end up going before long though as i don't see him improving enough in the next few years. MC - Tihomir Jurkic - 30/31, 31/32 - Sent on loan to Groningen where he did ok and has improved quite a bit. Unfortunately he seems a little injury prone. I think another loan next season and maybe into the first team once he reaches 19, depending on my midfield situation. MC/AMC - Andre Ernstberger - 31/32 - Has improved ok and is now available to go out on loan next season. DRC - Max Konterman - As i mentioned, not too sure on this lad, will see how things go.
  14. Latest player to come through, not too sure on him really, but rated highly. DRC - Max Konterman
  15. First time i've noticed with one of my players, but Jurkic is touted as the next Bastian Schweinsteiger