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  1. Nothing guaranteed, but having signed back onto the forum for the first time in ages, i enjoyed looking back through this and other old sign-ups i did. So after 5 years i "might" do Avoid The Drop 4.0
  2. WINNER: Erik Bäckermann So we come to the end of the game and Erik Backermann is the overall winner, having never been relegated and lasting the longest. Lawrence Lazewski came in 2nd place and actually came close to relegation once, but was sacked at the right time. El Mantis finished 3rd having never been relegated as a player. Chris Small and Junior (not including Wales) are equal on 4 relegations each. Was interesting to see how some players were at the top level and then pretty much went into obscurity. Lastly, thanks for everyone who followed the whole way through. I will probably
  3. End of Season 2062/63 Relegated Staff Antoine Clemont- His last season as a manager and he took Bristol to 10th place again. Just to rub it in, Bristol Rovers sacked Clemont the day before he was to retire. Zachary Eldinho - Has decided to go to the lowest level of Swedish football with Vasteras. They finished 3rd last season and are currently 3rd so far this season. Steven Kemp - Not too bad for a final season, just missing out on the play-offs, in 5th place. Retired Fully Erik Bäckermann Antoine Clemont El Mantis El Ticuito Gins Christopher Hatton Junior Steven Kemp Lawrence La
  4. Antoine Clemont and Steven Kemp have announced their retirements for the end of season. I think Eldinho will do the same if he doesn't find a club.
  5. End of Season 2061/62 Staff Erik Bäckermann - His last season didn't quite go as planned as he finished in 14th place and was sacked, did win the Italian Super Cup though. Retired with no relegations and is the overall winner. Relegated Staff Antoine Clemont - Left Morton and took a chance with Bristol Rovers in League One and finished in 10th place. Zachary Eldinho - Still looking for a new club. Junior - Halfway through the season he decided it was time to retire from football. Steven Kemp - Decided to leave Pistoiese and return to former club Gubbio, who are in the same division. Gub
  6. Just had news that Chris Small and Erik Backermann will both retire at the end of the season. So unless by some miracle Backermann gets relegated, he is the overall winner.
  7. End of Season 2060/61 Staff Erik Bäckermann - What a season, Inter go 18 years without a title and Erik wins the first in that time. It was won on the last day of the season as well. Lawrence Lazewski - Having not found a job for some time, he's decided to retire from football. Unrelegated. Relegated Staff Antoine Clemont - Didn't retire, but decided to head back to Scotland where he took over at Morton in League One. Morton finished 8th in the league. Zachary Eldinho - Sacked by Hogaborg and is now looking for a new club. Junior - Manager Stats - Euros didn't go well, but he then took
  8. Wales failed to get out of the Euro 2060 group, losing all 3 games.
  9. End of Season 2059/60 Staff Erik Bäckermann - Was sacked by Sassuolo in November but is now back in work at the end of the season with Inter, who finished 7th in the league. Lawrence Lazewski - Still looking for a new club. Relegated Staff Antoine Clemont - Still looking for a new club, most likely going to retire next time. Zachary Eldinho - Took over at Hogaborg and finished 9th in the Swedish First Division South. Currently in 13th place. Junior - Manager Stats - Junior has helped Wales qualify for the European Championships, they have a tough group with France, Italy and Russia. Als
  10. End of Season 2058/59 Staff Erik Bäckermann - Almost an identical season to last, finishing in 14th place. Is on his 8th attempt at continental licence. (thought it was loads more) Lawrence Lazewski - Was sacked as manager of Portland after finishing 15th in the overall table. Now looking for a new club. Relegated Staff Antoine Clemont - Still looking for a new club. Zachary Eldinho - Was sacked by Degerfors after winning just 1 game in 10 at the start of the season. Linked with a few Swedish clubs. Junior - Manager Stats - Was relegated(not counted) in the Euro Nations League, but had
  11. He can, in the Euro Nations League, Wales have Holland and Germany in their group as well I don't think it goes down as a proper relegation though.
  12. End of Season 2057/58 Staff Erik Bäckermann - Started quite well, but ended up in a similar season, finishing in 14th place after a predicted 17th. Lawrence Lazewski - Left Canada after a poor Gold Cup and went back to USA with Portland Timbers, they had a shocking season when he first joined, finishing 19th. Currently 17th in the overall table. Relegated Staff Antoine Clemont - Sacked by Bolton in February and is now looking for a new club. Zachary Eldinho - Was sacked by Enskede and was then hired by Degerfors in the same division. Currently 11th in the league. Junior - Manager Stats
  13. End of Season 2056/57 Staff Erik Bäckermann - Not too bad when you consider Sassuolo were predicted 15th and they finished 15th. Still close to the bottom of the league though, which is worrying. Lawrence Lazewski - Currently bottom of the World Cup qualifying group, but does have the Gold Cup to look forward to, a competition Canada haven't won since 2000. Relegated Staff Antoine Clemont - Took over at Bolton and unfortunately was relegated for the 4th time as a manager after finishing 24th in League Two. El Ticuito - Decided to Retire from Football having not found a club for a few yea
  14. Cheers for posting that, i have been updating the one on the first page, but keep forgetting to post it straight after an update.
  15. End of Season 2055/56 Staff Erik Bäckermann - Finally found himself a new club, in Sassuolo and it could have been his first relegation after finishing 17th in Serie A. Lawrence Lazewski - First manager to get into International management as he took over at Canada. Currently trying to qualify for the World Cup. Relegated Staff Antoine Clemont - Relegation for the 3rd time, after finishing 18th in the Portuguese Premier League meant he was sacked. El Ticuito - Still looking for a new club. Zachary Eldinho - Still looking for a new club. Junior - Manager Stats - Stayed in England and ha
  16. End of Season 2054/55 Staff Erik Bäckermann - Things didn't go too well with Fiorentina and he was sacked in March. Looking for a new club. Lawrence Lazewski - Finally found a new club in Chivas and unfortunately things didn't go very well. If he wasn't sacked by the club he would have been relegated for the first time. Relegated Staff Antoine Clemont - Survived again with Beira-Mar, finishing in 14th place in the league. Is the only Manager at the moment with a job. El Ticuito - Still looking for a new club. Zachary Eldinho - A poor season finishing in 11th place meant he was sacked an
  17. End of Season 2053/54 Staff Erik Bäckermann - Was sacked by Napoli early in the season and eventually took over at Fiorentina at the end of the season. Fiorentina finished 8th. Lawrence Lazewski - Still looking for a new club. Relegated Staff Antoine Clemont - Not too good, but he did keep Beira-Mar in the league after finishing 15th, but lots of rumours he will be sacked. El Ticuito - Predicted to finish 18th, he almost got Blackpool relegated from League Two. Either way a 22nd place finish was not good enough and he was sacked again. Zachary Eldinho - Pretty bad season finding themsel
  18. He's already found a new one, Blackpool in League Two.
  19. End of Season 2052/53 Staff Erik Bäckermann - Decided to leave Celtic and move back to Italy for another shot there. He took over at Napoli and finished in 4th place. Lawrence Lazewski - Still looking for a new club. Relegated Staff Antoine Clemont - Great season for Beira-Mar who won the Portuguese Second League on the last day of the season. El Ticuito - Lasted nearly all season, but failure to get promoted through the play-offs meant he was sacked by Valladolid. Zachary Eldinho - Not too bad, finished in 12th place last season and currently in 13th place after 12 games. Christopher
  20. Continuing on now after a couple of days. I think i might start holidaying a full season at a time, instead of month to month checking for changes.
  21. Can Lawrence Lazewski, Antoine Clemont, El Ticuito, Christopher Hatton, Aboubakari Mensah and Bambang Pinheiro pick a club. Remember you don't have to pick one. Lawrence Lazewski - Antoine Clemont - Beira-Mar El Ticuito - Valladolid Christopher Hatton - No Change Aboubakari Mensah - P.Ferreira Bambang Pinheiro - Monterrey
  22. End of Season 2051/52 Staff Erik Bäckermann - It's a double for Celtic this season, winning the league and League Cup, almost did the treble, but knocked out of the Scottish Cup in the Semi's. Lawrence Lazewski - Sacked by Roma in December due to their league position. Looking for a new club. Relegated Staff Antoine Clemont - Still looking for a new club. El Ticuito - Did quite well overall, but just couldn't get MK Dons back into league two through the play-offs and was sacked. Zachary Eldinho - A very good season after just missing promotion last season, Jonkopings went out and won t
  23. July: Junior has been named Hercules manager, currently in Liga adelante November: Chris Small sacked by Dundee Utd, due to league position. Decemeber: Now Reading manager. December: Lawrence Lazewski sacked by Roma because of league position. December: Steven Kemp returns to Catania for round 2. January: Junior didn't last too long at Hercules, because he left to join Middlesbrough currently in the Premier League.
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