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  1. Well yeah, but I'd never really ventured into here before. Talk about meltdowns..
  2. This thread is great
  3. Decent deal. Could reinvest that money in Steven Fletcher.
  4. Would also like to pull you up on this. You mad bro?
  5. Ha, he definitely won't be starting anyway. He's in to cover David Murphy. He'll have Nathan Redmond playing ahead of him if he does play so will probably have to do a lot of defending, which doesn't sound great
  6. How good's this kid Ben Gordon then?
  7. Spain 4-2 Italy
  8. Wednesday 27th June Portugal 0-1 Spain Thursday 28th June Germany 0-1 England*
  9. Whoever I have in the quarter is a having a shocker, just as well that I'm having one too Decent return tonight and I'll probably be in the semis
  10. Will be preparing for a massive exam on Monday whilst watching it.. Woop.
  11. I did it with Spain when they beat Ireland Boateng got an assist though I think so not all bad.
  12. Hahaha, **** off Greece.
  13. Haha, the one German defender I don't have scores.. *******. 45 minutes lads, mon
  14. Come on Hummels and a German clean sheet, would basically see me through to the Semis