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  1. So I downloaded this fix that I was linked on otf2 : http://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/19348/ss-kits-colours-changes-for-1516-kits-on-fm16-v21-231215 And started a new game, and both the kits appear now correctly but it doesn't work on an existing save. Any way of getting it to work on an existing save?
  2. I don't see any difference between the home and away kits in the editor Home kit screen Away kit screen
  3. It's weird really, can't seem to overwrite the default home kit :confused:
  4. Additional info, apart from these two kits, I have only the kits from the premier league installed (my club isn't one of them). It looks like this:
  5. Hello, facing a bit of a weird problem. Created a couple of custom kits for use, the home kit doesn't show up in the game and only the away kit does. Both of them are 200 X 200 and if I swap their names, again the home kit doesn't show up and the away kit does, so the problem isn't with the image itself. config.xml is inside Documents/SI/FM16/graphics/kits/Marine along with the kits named home.png and away.png (so totally there are 3 files inside the folder) This is how my config.xml looks <record> *SNIP* <list id="maps"> <!-- Auto generated by fmXML --> <record fr
  6. New thread with pictures and some more analysis : http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/446511-Help-with-defending-Crosses-Corners?p=10626890#post10626890
  7. Crosses typically come in from the opposition's LM/RM and at times from the full backs or a striker running wide. My fullbacks, who are almost always in a decent position, do not block the cross at all whilst my LM/RM are high up the pitch doing nothing
  8. CBs marking tall player, 4 players marking 6 yard box, 1 player upfront, rest on go back. And yeah they are tall for the level I'm at
  9. About 95% of my goals are conceded due to 2 reasons 1) Crosses/Corners into the box where the opposition striker gets a free header 2) A shot that is either saved/blocked/hits the post and falls right back at the attackers feet for a easy tap in whilst none of my defenders move. How can I reduce these happening? I play a 4-1-4-1 FB (S) - CB (D) - CD (D) - FB (S) with a A (D) in front of them. WM (S) are in the LM and RM spots but do not help whatsoever in defending crosses.
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