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  1. Yeah its a soft ban if you finish too many games within an hour, either a SB match or just waiting for an hour or so fixes it
  2. I thought it wasn't even possible to get a red card in this game, how the hell did you manage that
  3. Icon swaps is horrendous Not only have it made it harder to get the tokens, but the player choices are ****ing ****. Baby Butra for 15 tokens in March ffs
  4. https://twitter.com/EAFIFADirect/status/1361825306626023428?s=20
  5. Hard to say, depends on your current team, coin balance, untradeables value I personally did it using about 100k coins + untradeables which I think is good value for the CM card.
  6. Yeah I did him, took the CM card (which I think is a much better option than the LM card considering the number of other LM options there are). Played him CDM in 352 alongside Freeze Firmino in the WL (stopped at 17-4) and he did pretty well. A few loose touches on the ball when dribbling (probably due to his body shape), but other than that, he held his own. Decent passing (as much as this game allows), strong tackling (didnt notice too many times the ball went straight back to the opponent)
  7. The James might have been from the party bag SBC if you did that
  8. fwiw the "upgradeable" players will be in objectives from next week (since this season expires in a week)
  9. No chance a 5/5 player will be an objective. If he's in FS, he's in packs for the moolah
  10. Surely they will seeing how big a hit it was last year
  11. @jonahno6 hope you enjoy your time in the sin bin with @Ty
  12. Might do Rooney and play him CAM
  13. I got the PEGI 3 version of the game
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