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  1. el sid

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    I honestly hope it's not true but can't help but think that there's never smoke without atleast a bit of fire.
  2. I did win us the FA Cup and CL a few years back
  3. Season over lads \o/ I'm never making a season thread ever again /o\
  4. Held their nerve in the last 5 games well, even though they were easier fixtures
  5. Can't wait for Guus to **** off, again starting ****ing Mikel at CB in a meaningless game.
  6. No, there are 7 years left in the original deal
  7. Chelsea and Adidas enter a mutual agreement to end the sponsorship deal at the end of next season. Guess Adidas don't want to sponsor a **** team
  8. Interesting stat: We've won 5 home games all season, and they are against the bottom 4 and Arsenal
  9. Redemption? Thanks to the lads for finally turning up for a half of football
  10. el sid

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    You don't say?
  11. Another FA Youth Cup, well done everyone But more Falcaos, Patos and Pedros for the first team next season please
  12. 50k a week for Solanke God I wish I was a young footballer at Chelsea right now
  13. I remember going 2-0 down and texting my friend "Don't worry, we got this". Was feeling weirdly confident that day