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  1. How many passes does your DLP get in a game typically? And how many key passes? Looks like he may be your only creative outlet and marking him out of the game could make the opponents job easier?
  2. Yeah not exactly setting a great example with this post
  3. I don't see what's so hard to understand here. You could have a better first choice than Giroud and you could have a better backup than Chamakh/Bendtner. Not exactly rocket science
  4. The expires is for the infraction I see, my bad. 2 week ban still about 2 weeks too long
  5. Ackter clearly abusing his power here, how's this post worth a 1 year ban?
  6. What's the point of giving 1000 infraction points when 180+ is a perma ban already?
  7. tbf persistent anti-social behaviour is a bit of a special reason
  8. Knew about Rojo Starting CB in my FM12/13 save for many a year
  9. el sid

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    Netherlands won 5-1 against Spain PMLF
  10. el sid

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    Pepe headbutting Muller