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  1. Just found it amusing . Can't mods change usernames? I'll let you change mine if you can.
  2. Trying to work out if you seriously spelt through like that.
  3. God forbid if I ever spent enough time in there to actually recognise posters .
  4. Shakes :applause:incredible buddy. Will make sure you're credited in the new thread.
  5. Why not man up and have a cold shower NF? Hardly worth going to your grandad's house for a shower just because you don't have hot water ffs .
  6. Yeah buddy. Might do one tomorrow actually, beta will be Thursday/Friday I think.
  7. My dad was from Leeds, so inherited it from him. I started supporting Leeds during our first season in the championship, and I usually go to 2-3 games a season. Got a membership this season so should end up going to 4-5 away games and maybe 1-2 home games in February/April. I don't care if you think I'm a plastic fan . I'm not, I know I'm not...
  8. Am I not a proper Leeds fan because I live in Basingstoke?
  9. Have you actually seen Sunderland play this season JD?
  10. tbf I was wondering why someone was posting at 6.30am after a heavy night out .
  11. He was pretty obviously still smashed at 6.30 am judging by his post SRL .
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