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  1. Are you sure? Do not believe **** out is an insult either, not even sure why it's filtered. I'm sure you'll get over it anyway.
  2. I'm pretty sure the posts by English people have only come about because of Gregg's **** out, I'm happy that Wales will be at the Euros next year just like nearly everyone else.
  3. Europe's second best side according to Confused Clarity possibly losing their group to Belgium .
  4. They might not be quite as bad as Andorra but they're still boring as hell. At the risk of sounding like wandsfan I'd quite like to draw Gibraltar as our crap team.
  5. Imagine what the score would be if England had just played as wide as possible and crossed the ball as much as they could.
  6. What the merry **** is Butland supposed to gain from standing in goal against San Marino though? Or is it just that if that scenario happens and Butland does play he'll magically feel more confident because he has 4 caps instead of 3 or something?
  7. What is the point making Butland stand in goal doing nothing for 90 minutes? I'm sure Joe Hart would like as many England caps as he can get and it's not like he doesn't deserve to play if he wants to.
  8. Will probably depend how clinical we are in the last 20 minutes when they fall apart. Anything from 3-9 I'd say. Will be optimistic and say 7-0.
  9. Do you literally go on holiday Ackter or have you got the instant result skin? Can see another Todd reinvention being necessary in a few years, surely won't have the legs to play fullback at 35 or so?
  10. I see this place hasn't changed then . Think I'll leave it there.
  11. Oh damn, been let down by my poor maths skills again. You're right, there's nothing wrong with that at all. I'm sure myself and other players haven't experienced similar things fairly often before either.
  12. https://i.gyazo.com/dd267f289d997ba7...9663abd093.png Yeah, erm, I think something might be broken there. Another season with just the Capital One and FA Cups to console me beckons .
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