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  1. ah well, Croatia played well. England look promising under Southgate for the Euros.
  2. best not talking about finals- got croatia then see how that goes. Semi Finals is a credible result, but yeah would be nice to go one better and make the final.
  3. well if England win they have a 1 in 4 chance of winning it, so this thread would have some merit.
  4. two days in a row no football tomorrow. 2 days to either mourn or celebrate England's progress.
  5. the national team has been a poisoned chalice for Messi. But the National team is very different than club team, you don't have team members making so cosy passes and movements, it is probably hard to adjust. Maradona breathing down Messi's neck probably also has not been helpful.
  6. I think France are in with a chance, they got the ruggedness to keep out teams and they have the special players to poach a win.
  7. close match, reckon England will pinch it
  8. So pretty much 10 out of 12 matches (France vs Australia is generous to call a high scoring game) have been low scoring games.
  9. they're not terrible, it takes account of results in friendlies and stuff
  10. woo the big day, Match #1. Worst that happens 0-0 England.
  11. mexico to win the world cup at 50/1 doesn't look that bad a value
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