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  1. I've just thought. Maybe Southgate played a tactical masterstroke. He knew England would lose on penalties, but he put it on the shoulders of the youngest penalty takers, in order that they will do what he did- determined to come back and succeed.
  2. he might win sports personality of the year
  3. I think England have a strong team to go in the World Cup but will be surprised if they get anywhere near as far. We have had kind of home advantage. But will be cool watching the World Cup in 12 months time.
  4. I don’t think Italy deserved it. But England weren’t nearly good enough to get a second. Sterling didn’t turn up, Kane was rubbish, sakho’s inexperience showed. Pickford probably England’s player of the match.
  5. Oh of course. That's objective reasoning 'the general impression, both in this forum and pretty much everywhere'. Lol My point if we go back, is the benefit of being humble. Italy's path to the final was not a fully engrossing deserved path. They couldn't beat Spain in 90minutes, they couldn't beat Spain in 120 minutes. Instead, it came down to the lottery of a penalty shoot out. So be grateful in the first place to be in the final, and don't slate the opposition who also had a handy piece of luck. And lastly don't come up with some rubbish that the final is pre-scripted. You just ruin, what will be a very good game. That could go either way. Italy, or England are capable of winning it.
  6. It's bad form to sour a team's win in my opinion. England fans are jubilant, and people are coming along and putting their negativity upon it. Read the mood, don't be toxic. Keep your opinions to yourself, you don't have to go out of your way to antagonise a fan of a team who has never seen their team in a final for 55 years. Some social awareness is pretty damned key.
  7. Ok throughout tournament: Most Passes: Spain Highest Quality of Passes: Spain Covered most ground: Spain Most Possession: Spain Highest number of shots: Italy Highest number of shots on target: Spain You're welcome.
  8. "Spain have completed 812 passes to Italy’s 299. Stats don’t always tell a story, but there’s a tale, right there" Italy had to rely on the luck of a penalty shootout to get to the final. Sometimes having a bit of humility is best and not slating the opposition
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