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  1. Looks like Lucas is staying for a bit then. Hopefully this doesn't mean Henderson will be out for longer than first thought, but great news either way. Poor chap seems to have spent the majority of his time at Liverpool convincing the manager he's quite a good player.
  2. Gomez has definitely been the surprise of the month. But I think Clyne has been a revelation. Between him and Milner for me.
  3. Been really annoyed at Ibe's form since the start of the season. Ineffective for the first two games and last night he just wanted to saunter around as if he had all the time in the world. A couple of times he was screamed at by team mates for giving the ball away which lead to Arsenal hitting us on the break. Wouldn't be surprised if he loses his place for a good few games now.
  4. Why oh why does every debate have to end in telling someone to feck off and stop disagreeing with them? It's a discussion forum, you're allowed to discuss things.
  5. I think Tony had had a few already. Ask Carragher if anyone ever asked him to repeat what he was saying.
  6. Can someone define the term 'outcasting'? Borini, Balotelli and Enrique must have been told they're not in Rodgers' plans and to find new clubs. Happens in football a lot id have thought. Anyway didn't Enrique basically say he'd rather sit in Liverpools reserves for a year than find a new club because he'd rather take the money. He's turned down offers from La Liga teams so I've heard.
  7. Not bad really for a season opener, especially one against a tough opponent like Stoke. Having said that it looked like a good time to play them, before they get into their stride a bit. Thought Benteke was alright, linked up decently enough, showed some good touches. Needs a few more games for fitness. Milner was quality, Clyne Skrtel and Lovren were good also aside from a couple of shaky moments and a few 'special' clearances from Lovren. Coutinho not in the game much at all before his goal, funny how being able to smash in a 25 yarder every now and again makes you immune from criticism. Great 3 points really, think Hendo and Milner will be great leaders for the team. We can obviously play better than that, few more games under our belt will see us improve.
  8. Finishing Position 4th Points 76 Will we win a trophy? No How far do we get in Europe? 2nd round Top Scorer Benteke Player of the season Firmino Best young player (<=22) Ibe Best signing? Firmino Goals Benteke scores 15 Goals Sturridge scores 10 Firmino: Good, Indifferent, or Flop? Good Is Rodgers still here on the day of the final game? Yes Is Rodgers still here for opening day in 16/17? Yes Can see it being somewhere in between last season and 13/14. Great at times, particularly attacking wise, but not good enough overall to break the ceiling. I think it's inconceivable that we won't improve defensively this season, if we don't then Rodgers should be sacked imo.
  9. Benteke Sturridge Origi Ings Borini Balotelli Assuming Borini takes the hint, and someone takes another gamble on Balo, we'll have four first-team strikers. Where would Lacazette even fit in? Would Origi go back out on loan?
  10. The **** is this? And this? And this? Is it really necessary to act in this way?
  11. New poster eh? Welcome to the Liverpool thread. Get out, get out now while you still can!!!
  12. The most striking omission from that line-up is Emre Can, and I can't see where he'd slot in without sacrificing another key player. Maybe swap him for Lallana and push Milner further forward?
  13. Disappointing lack of 'rant' there tbh. I think Sy took his embarrassment quite well, while everyone else acted like a bunch of 13 year olds.
  14. Am I right in thinking if this was said to a mod it would result in an infraction?
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