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    Do you see what you get when you mess with the warrior?!
  1. Request A Screenshot

    Would appreciate being able to have a look at some young Welsh players like Danny Ward, Regan Poole, Harry Wilson, Ben Woodburn, Ethan Ampadu, and George Williams.
  2. Welsh League

    Hi there, I'm a major beginner at this, so please keep that in mind... I'm trying to create a league system in Wales that involves Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Wrexham, Merthyr and Colwyn Bay. I've made a new "league of Wales" with the same co-efficients as Scotland, an also created a Welsh Cup and "Cwpan Cymraeg" (A sort of Welsh League Cup). In addition to this, I put all Welsh players with current ratings over 100 into teams in the Welsh league, to make it a bit more interesting. They've been put in the teams closest to where they were born, so Bale is at Cardiff and Hennessey is at Bangor City, for example. Anyway, I did a season run through and everything went fairly well, Swansea won the league on the last day over Cardiff after Jonjo Shelvey scored a late free-kick. Lovely. However, I've come across 2 pretty annoying problems; 1.) Player values are really low. Bale is valued at £26k, for example. I tried to counter this by increasing the league and clubs' reputations, and made the stadiums bigger. Didn't work, so I tried making all the teams have a professional status, but the editor doesn't seem to be allowing me to do this? 2.) After my season-run through, Swansea should have qualified for the Champions League qualifiers and Cardiff City and TNS should have qualified for the Europa League qualifiers. But, unfortunatley, Cardiff and Swansea both didn't. Any help would be really appreciated.
  3. FM14: Good Staff

    I've just started a save as manager of Wales and I wanna improve my staff set-up, including the U-21 and U-19 managers. So far though, nobody's interested. Any suggestions?
  4. Didn't understand the reaction to this at all. People were saying he should grow a pair and take a pen, he was clearly being saved for the one that carried the most weight. Unfortunately for Portugal, it didn't reach that stage. Can't blame Ronaldo for that.
  5. Euro 2012 Predictions: The Final!

    Spain 2-0 Italy
  6. Euro 2012 Predictions: The Semi-Finals

    Wednesday 27th June Portugal 0-2 Spain Thursday 28th June Germany 2-1 Italy*
  7. Quarter-final: Czech Republic vs Portugal, KO 7:45 pm

    Terrible match, terrible commentary, glad to see it out of the way. Tomorrow will probably suck too.
  8. 24 teams next time

    From a Welsh perspective it's great, but I am a bit worried the tournament will suffer as a whole
  9. Euro 2012 Predictions: The Quarter Finals

    Thursday 21st June Czech Republic 0-2 Portugal Friday 22nd June Germany 2-0 Greece* Saturday 23rd June Spain 0-0 France (Spain) Sunday 24th June England 1-2 Italy
  10. A: Russia and Poland B: Germany and Portugal C: Spain and Italy D: France and England
  11. Euro 2012 Predictions: Round 3

    Saturday 16th June Czech R 1-2 Poland, 19:45pm Greece 0-1 Russia, 19:45pm* Sunday 17th June Denmark 0-2 Germany, 19:45pm Portugal 1-1 Netherlands, 19:45pm Monday 18th June Croatia 0-2 Spain, 19:45pm Italy 2-0 R.O.I, 19:45pm Tuesday 19th June England 2-1 Ukraine, 19:45pm Sweden 0-4 France, 19:45pm
  12. Euro 2012 Predictions: Round 2

    Tuesday 12th June Greece 0-1 Czech Republic Poland 1-2 Russia Wednesday 13th June Denmark 1-1 Portugal Netherlands 1-1 Germany Thursday 14th June Italy 1-1 Croatia Spain 3-0 R.O.I Friday 15th June Ukraine 1-2 France Sweden 0-1 England *
  13. Gotta love us Welsh sometimes Anybody in here know what Hodgson was dancing about earlier? Looks like he's going senile!
  14. First guy to be sent off?

    Can see Parker picking up a few cheap bookings, I'd say him.
  15. Euro 2012 Betting

    Kerzakhov very tempting at 40/1 for top scorer. Can see Russia scoring a lot of goals in their group.