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  1. Robbed by UEFA taking that goal from Alba
  2. Imagine losing a penalty shootout. Couldn’t be us.
  3. Italian subs for the semi & here have added absolutely nothing. Barely look even fitter than the guys that went off.
  4. Spend the entirety of the year ******** all over Scottish football and then when we want them to lose at a football tournament to humble them a bit it’s a big deal.
  5. Sunday 11th July Italy 2 v 0 England 20.00 The goalscorers - Chiesa, Immobile. The times of the goals 32 & 65 How many penalties will be scored in total? 0 Will the match go to extra time? No Will the match go to penalties? No How many yellow cards in total? 7 How many red cards in total? 1 Time of the first goal scored? 32 Time of the last goal scored? 65 First team to score? Italy Last team to score? England
  6. Knew I should have subbed in Schmeichel. Would have went top.
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