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  1. Winter Update?

    There won't be one this year
  2. Thinking about Vitoria Guimaraes to challenge the top-3 in Portugal. After that a team in Iceland maybe
  3. It was already a problem in FM17 . City to underachieve and Arsenal winning the league in the first season of almost every new save.
  4. [Belgium] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Filename is "Genk2" Actually in the play offs the tie breaker is the standings of the regular season. But since I finished first in the regular season I should have been crowned champions with 3 games to go.
  5. [Belgium] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Tie breaker is number of wins so I should be crowned champions. 3 games to go
  6. Goal scorer remains being showed

    Yea I've had this problem as well
  7. [Portugal] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Players pay like almost 70% tax on their gross salaries. That can't be right surely?
  8. [Belgium] (Official) Data Issues

    -Massimo Bruno is a natural RM/RW, not an AMC -Pieter Gerkens should be a natural CM -Dennis Appiah is a natural RB (not CB) -Anthony Limbombe is the first choice left wing back for Club Brugge, he should be competent or better at that position -Bryan Heynen has an unrealistic low salary -Leandro Trossard has way too low ratings for flair and off the ball, which are 2 of his main strenghts -Thomas Foket is unavailable until january 2018, IRL he made his debut this weekend -Ahmed El Messaoudi is a natural DM/MC -Alexis De Sart is a natural MC -Knowledge Musona has too low ratings for passing, vision, finishing. He is one of the better forwards in the league. -Kavei Rezhai should have a better long throw rating, He always takes long throws for Charleroi -Onur Kaya is 2-footed
  9. [Belgium] (Official) League Specific Issues

    There is a scheduling error in the Belgian League. The league starts a week too early, which leads to the supercup being played on wednesday 26 july and no games scheduled at all on 26-28 of august. The supercup is always scheduled the saturday before the league starts. (July 22 this year). The league should start friday 29 july. 26-28 august should be gameday 5.
  10. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    Juventus or Royal Antwerp
  11. R.W.S Bruxelles

    Yes the "e" is pronounced. It means "The white one"