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  1. I always make the Belgian league myself in the editor. Kinda sad I have to do that every single year.
  2. Roberto Martinez always uses a 3-4-3 system with Belgium.
  3. Noticed there was no boxing day football scheduled in the game. IRL there are games on the 26-27-28 of december. In my save Standard Liege played the european play-off final with a B-team. There must be something wrong with the reputation of that game. Its one of the most important games in the season. I remember this was also the case in previous FM's.
  4. Some Belgian clubs also have to pay an unrealistic amount of debt in one season. This was already an issue in FM18 that lead to some top teams being nearly bankrupt at the end of season one.
  5. Alejandro Pozuelo (Genk) is perfectly 2-footed Rubin Seigers (Genk) plays right back position Zinho Vanheusden (Standard) has 1 for flair? thats pretty ridiculous for a ball playing defender. He also has only 6 for free kicks? He was the premier free kick taker at Inter u20. Roman Yaremchuck (Gent) mainly plays as a winger for Gent. Jeremy Doku (Anderlecht) is a left winger. Sambi Lokonga (Anderlecht) is a CM/DM Edo Kayembe (Anderlecht) is a CM
  6. yes he is clearly a MC. He always plays MC/DM for Standard.
  7. Finally a tactic that kicks ass and doesnt use 5 defenders and 3 strikers The narrow diamond is brilliant
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