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  1. Well there are a few thinks I took in mind: - The most standard combination would be AMR - Winger / AML - Inside forward - Inverted Winger - The Inverted winger role can utilize the same additional PIs the winger has, the Insider forward does not have any additional PIs - The WB on the left sits narrower, therefore an inside forward on the left wouldn't make much sense - I would try the combos Winger / Inside Forward and Winger / Inverted winger personally. I love that you take the time to answer to comments and questions. You sir are a legend!
  2. Hey Knap, loving your 451 formations! A question on the latest Warrior 451, would you think it would be ok to use a Winger on the right and an Inside forward on the left? As I can see, there are no differences between the two 451 Warrior tactics apart from the winger / insider forward roles.
  3. 9 goals conceeded?!?! This is insane! I can't believe that wingers make this tactic so stable compared to the version with IFs. Congratulations on this defensive record!
  4. 21.3 with Blackburn, no transfers in the first season. 108 Points, Armstrong (STC) scored 39 in 38 games. Had to change to Holy ghostfire 21.6 103 P in the Prem though, I was getting destroyed after promotion.
  5. The 4231Echoes111P is insanely good, tested it multiple times with underdogs and it overachieves massively. Great job Knap!
  6. @knap I think you should give this one a try with the Mr L tests if you haven't already: I have achieved the following results (no transfers, first season) West ham 1st holiday West ham 1st played all matches West ham 2nd played all matches Real Betis 1st holiday ------- The only thing I did was to add the missing "mark specific position" PI to the left inside forward that was missing to mark the DR. I think this tactic pairs wonderfully with a 23221 formation if you want more to go more attacking. The defense is stellar. Great job my man!
  7. I have tried this for 5-6 matches with Atromitos, an average Greek team without having the time to familiarize the team with the tactic. I am shocked with how good the defense is, the opposition simply does not create chances. Something minor: The "Get stuck in" TI is already selected in the tactic I downloaded, I don't know if it's intentional. Great tactic, looks like a really solid 4231!
  8. I have tried a lot of tactics from this thread and I believe that the best and most consistent one is Preaching Blues 451 108Pts for the following reasons: - Realistic formation and roles, makes it easy to find suitable players. - Inside forwards! - Mean defence - Excellent Attack - Looks good on while playing on the match engine --------- West Ham 1st season, no transfers, no OIS, training left to the Assistant. Thank you Knap!
  9. Preaching blues 451 P108 ----- not bad at all! ----- I also holidayed a season with Union Berlin and achieved a respectable 9th place with 50 Points.
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