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  1. @knap I think you should give this one a try with the Mr L tests if you haven't already: I have achieved the following results (no transfers, first season) West ham 1st holiday West ham 1st played all matches West ham 2nd played all matches Real Betis 1st holiday ------- The only thing I did was to add the missing "mark specific position" PI to the left inside forward that was missing to mark the DR. I think this tactic pairs wonderfully with a 23221 formation if you want more to go more attacking. The defense is stellar. Great job my man!
  2. I have tried this for 5-6 matches with Atromitos, an average Greek team without having the time to familiarize the team with the tactic. I am shocked with how good the defense is, the opposition simply does not create chances. Something minor: The "Get stuck in" TI is already selected in the tactic I downloaded, I don't know if it's intentional. Great tactic, looks like a really solid 4231!
  3. I have tried a lot of tactics from this thread and I believe that the best and most consistent one is Preaching Blues 451 108Pts for the following reasons: - Realistic formation and roles, makes it easy to find suitable players. - Inside forwards! - Mean defence - Excellent Attack - Looks good on while playing on the match engine --------- West Ham 1st season, no transfers, no OIS, training left to the Assistant. Thank you Knap!
  4. Preaching blues 451 P108 ----- not bad at all! ----- I also holidayed a season with Union Berlin and achieved a respectable 9th place with 50 Points.
  5. Nice! could you please share the version (since there are so many of the oxfords)?
  6. @gazzahutc Panionios, a small Greek club. I started the first season with -6 Points deduction and I won the league. Insane stuff!
  7. I am having ridiculous results with FIRE AND WATER 4411 P105 ALL CUPD (ID 1400). It has performed much better than the Oxford tactics for me at least. I watch pretty much all games on key highlights.
  8. I did the following: - Dropped the passing range to slightly shorter - Added the instruction "mark specific position" to the AML to mark the opposing DR, as it was missing and Knap said it was supposed to be there in the first place - made sure that I changed the marking of my WBs and AMR/Ls to according to the opposition. If a team employed wingbacks, I modified my AMR/L marking to mark the opposing WBs. If a team played with MR/L instead of AMR/L I adjusted my WBs marking accordingly to mark them instead of the default AMR/L - I slotted the original tactic and the origina
  9. The 3-4-3 101P is the best underdog tactic ATM, in my opinion at least. Did a few tweaks and apart from the odd 0-0 or the typical "get FMed" match, it is a rock solid tactic with amazing defence.
  10. This is the best results I 've ever had in FM20. No transfers, with a team that usually doesn't even make it to the playoffs. MEAN defense, a true masterclass Knap.
  11. I love this formation. Is it intentional that the AMR is marking the DL while the AML has no marking duties? Thank you!
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