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  1. I had a good finish. Taking out Cavani & Mbappe for Costa & Lukaku before the last 16 easily the worst move of the tournament.
  2. Turns over to ITV.....review of England’s World Cup. Holy ****.
  3. I wonder how long you’d want Scotland to do well if you had to watch the tournament from an entirely Scottish perspective. Trips to Scotland HQ every pre/halftime/post match to discuss our last match, next match and the size of our players heads. I give it 3 days.
  4. It’s really bemusing why us thick irrelevant jocks don’t lend support to England. You’re such lovely people.
  5. Aye, bad enough watching England’s set piece hoof ball. No need for more.
  6. At least Rakitic steps up in the shootouts. Been hiding for the last 2 games.
  7. Should have said it wasn’t a penalty after the awful dive. That’s apparently acceptable.
  8. Punch a shot he could easily have caught. Woeful keeping.
  9. Neville would have told Gazza to man up and get on with it.
  10. Another ex footballer labelling any sort of flick a “Cruyff”
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