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  1. I think, contrary to a lot of the opinions I've seen on here, England were really good again. Had the form team of the tournament bang in trouble for most of the first half - could've scored 2 or 3 on another day. And then stood up reasonably well to them finding their feet in the second half. That said, a draw over the 120 mins was probably about fair. I do however think that the penalty strategy was a ****ing shambles - Gareth will rightly get stick for it. Perhaps excepting Rashford who is something of a PK specialist, bringing on players specifically to take a pen never sits well with me - increases the pressure on those players on top of what is already the most pressured moment of their careers. And Saka on the 5th? What is that all about! I'd have almost every player on the pitch for us taking that pen ahead of Saka - which is no slight on Saka who I thought was excellent in this tournament - he's a teenager ffs. Even if he's put his hand up to take one, Gareth's GOT to be veto-ing it. God I hope he bounces back well from it.
  2. I think “making history” is about doing something for the first time. We have made history here, because we’re in a Euros final for the first time. Boy is this going to be something, I think I’ll enjoy it win or lose - just something to experience. The semi final was immensely stressful, the final is just going to be party time. My mates and I, after days of hunting, have booked a pub for the final. Tables are outdoors and uncovered, so it best not rain
  3. At the risk of being one of the many in this thread to over-exaggerate at some point… surely Matterface will never get a commentating gig for an important match again - he was properly appalling. The Beeb must secretly love it when ITV get an England game because of how bad ITV are at broadcasting them. Also, wasn’t it all just wonderful. Being outwardly emotional is very rare for me, but I shed a tear or two watching Southgate at the end. With the expansion of major tournaments I was beginning to struggle to envisage England in a final in my lifetime. The penalty was a bit 50/50 for me - sometimes you get them, sometimes you don’t. I don’t think I would have begrudged the referee not giving it. But these things have a way of evening out over time - England have certainly been on the other side more than their share over the years.
  4. I have absolutely no idea who I’ve got there, but I am excited!
  5. Sent. Please don’t be alarmed that my PayPal account is in my mum’s name. I’ve had the account since 2006 and don’t know how to change it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also I’ve just realised I’ve sent you £5 and not £10. Please don’t be alarmed that I am paying you over multiple transactions.
  6. When I do the quiz I am reminded each year of the masturbatathon that is Bliss’ life and he duly receives my vote.
  7. Deltablue’s struck a chord. As ham alluded to, a reminder of the lovely community we’ve built.
  8. It’s SCR for me too. In these fast food culture times it’s nice to still have someone about in the forum to remind us of the Great War.
  9. BOTU caused maximum shenanigans and gets my vote.
  10. Gillingham block vote for ham. I can’t actually remember if ham actually supports Gillingham or if I have him confused with someone else. But well done on getting my vote in any case.
  11. A big congratulations to @Confused Clarity, who (just) takes the crown from @sebsy and is the new reigning OTFBFQ champ! Most of all, a big THANK YOU to each and every one of you for participating, whether it was just for a round or all 12. I put a fair bit of time into this, so to see so many people joining in made it worth the effort, so thanks! As 2018 ends and a new year begins, we can reflect on what has been another vintage year on OTF. The only reason this quiz is even able to happen is because we have, in my opinion, one of the most enduring and strong online communities around. I've been a part of a few forums and such like over the years - none have the camaraderie and sheer entertainment value of OTF. So my New Years message is unchanged from last year - keep on being a part of this fantastic community which means more to a lot of people than you may know. Happy New Year OTF!
  12. FINAL LEADERBOARD: (Do with this what you like, @Bliss Seeker)
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