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  1. A big congratulations to @Confused Clarity, who (just) takes the crown from @sebsy and is the new reigning OTFBFQ champ! Most of all, a big THANK YOU to each and every one of you for participating, whether it was just for a round or all 12. I put a fair bit of time into this, so to see so many people joining in made it worth the effort, so thanks! As 2018 ends and a new year begins, we can reflect on what has been another vintage year on OTF. The only reason this quiz is even able to happen is because we have, in my opinion, one of the most enduring and strong online communities arou
  2. FINAL LEADERBOARD: (Do with this what you like, @Bliss Seeker)
  3. He won not only the war, but the battle too, with a joint first placed December finish with the similarly excellent @Sons FC (who I must also compliment for sending me his answers in the most polite format possible.... always a hello and always a cheers at the end.... lovely)
  4. @sebsy: 1 point The correct answer was 175. CONFUSED CLARITY HAS WON THE 2018 OTF BIG FAT QUIZ OF THE YEAR!!!
  5. QUESTION 10: AND FINALLY - have you been paying attention? For THREE points, what is the maximum possible score in this year's Big Fat Quiz? Two points if you're no more than 3 away, one point if you're no more than 5 away Here we go. The last question of the Big Fat Quiz! And guess what, you all get a mention! @Ackter: 0 points @bestbrother: 0 points @Bliss Seeker: 0 points @dafuge: 0 points @DB08: 0 points @georginho_juventusygr: 0 points (he went for 16??) @grff: 0 points @mark1985: 2 points @Scott1892: 0 points @Semi Skilled Milk: 0 points @Sons FC: 0 points @The_jagster: 1 point
  6. QUESTION 9: Why was Bigwig so happy to get home so he could use his WiFi in December? We're already at the penultimate question of this year's quiz, where does the time go! This one's all about one man and his love of WiFi. An impressive 7 of you went for porn/erotica based suggestions, which is both wrong and deeply insulting to poor old Bigwig. It was actually a reaction to O2 being down! Those of you without dirty minds and getting a point are @bestbrother, @Confused Clarity, @georginho_juventusygr, @The_jagster and @toon_84. Going into the last question, CC now le
  7. QUESTION 8: Things went a bit polltastic in December, mainly because of Ackter. For instance, he asked us if we would rather have a hand made of ham, or an armpit that does what? Sometimes I wonder how I'd do if I was playing this quiz as supposed to moderating it, and this was one of the questions that I am sure I would have had absolutely not a single clue how to answer - so I'm shocked that the majority of you got it exactly. You're either all very clever, or I'm missing some famous film reference which is usually the case. The alternative option was, weirdly, an armpit that di
  8. QUESTION 7: What big news story in December did Ter think was the responsibility of aliens? Onto question 7 as we edge ever closer to the very end of the quiz. I have to say I did find it tricky to word a question about the drones at Gatwick without everyone immediately getting it. Oh **** I've just given the answer away. It's the drones at Gatwick, the big news story of the month! @bestbrother, @Bliss Seeker, @Confused Clarity, @georginho_juventusygr, @sebsy, @Semi Skilled Milk, @Sons FC, @The_jagster and @toon_84 experienced no delays in getting a point here. @Deisler2
  9. QUESTION 6: What was a comedian asked to do prior to a gig at a university in December that prompted outrage on OTF? Another rather recent one.... it's weird how everything that is in this round seemed to have happened really recently. This was rather silly, and certainly brought about a certain amount of anger and a lot of use of the word "snowflake", which I still don't fully understand as a verb. He was asked to sign a behavioural agreement form, which effectively prohibited him from doing any comedy! I'd love to know what uni society that is. Only three of you failed to g
  10. QUESTION 5: VamPook posted about PETA's latest bout of over-the-top political correctness in December. For a point each, can you fill in the 5 blanks in this image? Ah, PETA - what an unusual organisation. Always meaning well, but always ridiculed. They were certainly ridiculed for the below suggestions, but what exactly were they? Let's see! We were looking for the following bizarre and almost certain never to be used sayings: "Feed two birds with one scone" "Be the test tube" "Feed a fed horse" "Bring home the bagels" "Take the flower by the thorns" The followi
  11. QUESTION 4: Which sportsperson did OTFers describe as "the greatest", "unbelievable" and "incredible" in December? Those of you who know me well may have an idea of where exactly I am going with this question. And the one person (I can't remember who) who said that there would be violence if it was about snooker, I am ever so sorry.... It was of course Ronnie O'Sullivan, who is in my opinion not only the greatest snooker player, but the greatest sportsperson in the history of the world On a break of 1 point after this question are @Scott1892, @sebsy, @Semi Skilled Mil
  12. Your incorrectness on this particular post has made a lot of people unhappy. How do you feel? How do you sleep at night?
  13. QUESTION 3: What did staff at a Jamaican hotel do in December that OTFers described as "awful" and "full on serial killer decision making"? A rather simple question, firstly given how this was only from a short time ago, and secondly because it was, to be fair, ****ing hilarious. It was of course about their attempt at creating a tribute to a holidaymaker's dead son! It's the can of beer that gets me Guess what? EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU GOT THIS RIGHT! POINTS ALL ROUND! HAPPY QUIZZING! YEAH! #YOLO! This means that those two at the top of the leaderboard remain locked
  14. I gave you a point for iPhone, not for "Nintendo Switch", as he mentioned he got a game and not the console.
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