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  1. Wigmore

    Germany v Sweden - 20.00 CET

    He put his foot in for the ball.
  2. Wigmore

    Germany v Sweden - 20.00 CET

    Didn’t think it was after the first couple of replays, but the more I see it the more I realise it definitely was. However I can see why VAR don’t think it was “clear and obvious”
  3. Just to clarify this point, England's group is the very last to conclude so we will definitely know all of the possible permutations prior to kicking off. Honestly, if England and Belgium have both qualified and a second place finish guarantees a much more doable route to the semi-final, we could see some serious chaos. Having said that, I don't think either Southgate or Martinez are the types to start playing silly buggers when it comes to stuff like this. I predict England will produce their best World Cup performance in 50 years to beat Belgium 3-0, and then lose 1-0 to Germany in the quarters because we played our way onto their side of the draw
  4. Yes. I wrote this somewhere else earlier this week, I'll copy & paste here: The most interesting (and given the weekend’s results somewhat realistic) scenario is as follows… Brazil win their group ahead of Switzerland Germany finish 2nd in their group behind Mexico England and Belgium both beat Panama and Tunisia This would mean whoever wins the England vs Belgium match will definitely face either Brazil or Germany in a possible quarter final, and whoever loses it will definitely face either Switzerland or Mexico in a possible quarter final. So it could be a festival of own goals!
  5. I had to into a toilet cubicle at my work to close my eyes for 10 mins during half time. This World Cup can be a real bore-fest at times.
  6. Aha, the Delicious Coast! My most favourite team of 2014 taking on the big dogs. I fancy them to create some more footballing shockwaves with an upset here. I'm saying 1-0 to the Delicious Coast!
  7. Wigmore

    Argentina - Croatia, Thursday, 7pm BST

    Both of these defences are so bad Lawrenson is deeply upset with it all.
  8. Wigmore

    France VS Peru (4pm KO)

    Reminds me of a chant my brother claims he started when Barcelona played Arsenal at the Emirates. To Lionel Messi - "you're just a **** Nelson Vivas"
  9. Wigmore

    France VS Peru (4pm KO)

    I really like the Peru fans, they are my faves
  10. Wigmore

    OTF WC Draft Game - Competition

    Who could've guessed I would be bundled out of the World Cup by a Nick Peacock wonderstrike.
  11. Wigmore

    Denmark VS Australia (1pm KO)

    Agreed. In the olden day's we'd call that ball to hand.
  12. Wigmore

    OTF WC Draft Game - Competition

    All I wanted was a World Cup goal :'(
  13. I wonder which club they support. Surprisingly, the badge on the shirt of the guy on the right does not appear to be Millwall's!
  14. It's going to be 6-1! You heard it here first!
  15. This thread has taken an unusual turn.