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  1. Ok. Please keep me updated if you find a way to fix this - even if it’s just a one time ad hoc amendment to my own save. To be honest without a fix my save has become kind of pointless I think, as I won’t be able to progress effectively without relevant coaching badges, which is frustrating as I’ve already put a lot of time into it
  2. Failing that, is there a way to edit the coaching badges in the in game editor? If so, is there a way I can enable it for this save? I didn't enable it at the start of the save.
  3. OK thanks, please keep me updated if you manage to replicate it, obviously keen to get it fixed on my game
  4. I don’t think I do unfortunately. That being the case, is there a way it can be un-stuck in my save, as such?
  5. Summary: Changed jobs whilst in the middle of studying for a coaching badge, now it appears I am stuck studying for the badge for all eternity. Description of Issue: I started studying for a coaching badge whilst managing a club. Mid-way through my studies I was offered and took a job at another club. It seems that now I'm stuck studying for the badge as the time passed has (I think) well exceeded what would have been expected for me to finish the course, and I can't request to start a course as the game obviously thinks I'm currently doing one. Has switching jobs mid-course caused a bug where I can no longer complete the badge? Steps to Reproduce: Change jobs whilst studying for a coaching badge. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: I uploaded a file, it's got my real name in it so I have to asterisk part of it since this is a public forum - it's called N*** C***** - Unemployed.fm - if you need the actual name of the file feel free to PM me.
  6. A belated thanks for this post. Bought the game over the weekend and was totally gutted that the match engine was screwed again - these steps have made it totally smooth. So thanks!
  7. Also my home team ... well sort of, I moved to London a few years ago.
  8. Whilst not a press conference, my favourite interaction on the game is when you're both a club and national team manager, and you have a player who plays for both your club and national team. If he gets injured for your club, you can talk to him after the game to wish him a speedy recovery or whatever. But then the next day you can also call him as the international manager and say "I've just heard about your injury!". Always makes me laugh.
  9. I don't think it's that much of a stretch. Even with Southgate, I was absolutely not convinced we'd get out of the group - Tunisia was always going to be a banana skin and we were very close to slipping on it even without Allardyce in charge.
  10. Not a penalty for me but the arguments for it being a penalty are also largely fair. Given the fact that it's a bit of a debate, it's not a "clear and obvious error" and VAR should never have been consulted.
  11. If we'd got out of the group (and that's a big if - Tunisia vs an Allardyce team could go either way), we'd surely have lost to Colombia. Big Sam would've had England trying to win games by kicking people, and it seems that Colombia do that better than England ever could.
  12. That goal sums up the World Cup as a whole - ****ing mental
  13. Best post on the subject in this thread and spot on, nothing that needs to be added.
  14. I have serious misgivings with it if it is actively causing referees to make poor decisions. Conceptually VAR is potentially a really good thing. The way it is used at the moment is not workable, and it shouldn’t be in major competition until it works. It should only be an enhancement to decision making and never a detriment. At the moment it is both an enhancement and a detriment, and that’s not good enough.
  15. Agree the referee has made the poor decision. But something is up with VAR if referees are overturning initially correct decisions to incorrect VAR assisted decisions. It’s happened a few times in the tournament, with the Iran one being the craziest example. Also, didn’t think my post would get such a reaction, I didn’t think I was being that controversial
  16. Obviously not a penalty, but on the bright side a VAR cock up in the biggest game of all will hopefully stop it’s use in football. I feel sorry for Croatia, I like the way they’ve approached this game. Gone all out to get an early goal knowing they won’t have the legs to chase the game later on, and they’ve been unlucky not to get ahead.
  17. Agree that a game won via penalties isn’t necessarily a “win” in a form guide. But penalties aren’t a lottery! They are a test of technique and composure - in the long term, teams who are skilled in these areas (Germany) will win more shootouts than they lose.
  18. I don’t think there is anything that annoys me in football as much as when a penalty shootout is described as “a lottery”.
  19. We’re going down fighting in this match which is great to see, wish we had gone down fighting on Wednesday rather than just flopping onto the floor after half time
  20. I wanted to stream it in my room but it’s on bloody ITV and the ITV Player is a shower of ****.
  21. My housemate looked extremely irritated when I got him to turn the tennis off to put this on, my reasoning being that we shouldn’t miss an England World Cup match. I am already regretting my decision but am too proud to admit my mistake to my housemate.
  22. It’s an actual thing, here’s old jug ears with his one.
  23. Obviously he should start, a World Cup Golden Boot is one of the most prestigious individual awards in football.
  24. Is it acceptable to cancel a date due to being depressed about the football? Because that's what I've just done.
  25. Certainly possible, to me it just seemed that they were dead on their feet in the second half, both physical and mental exhaustion at play - resulting in the hopeful hoofs up the pitch to Rashford. It was strange that they folded so quickly after half time whereas Croatia, who were off the back of two extra time games, grew stronger. I can only really put it down to Croatia being more experienced and managing the game better. England probably gave a little too much and gassed out after half time.
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