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  1. In my save Chelsea were relegated in something like 2025 or so. They tried to save themselves by appointing Shevchenko as manager, but all he managed was a 7th place in the Championship the next season and he was let go.
  2. The attitude that this is not a big problem because it doesn't lead to a lot of goals against is to my mind flawed as at least myself I look at this as a simulation more than a game. A simulation is supposed to immerse you and suspend your disbelief and the only way of doing this is by staying as true to reality as possible. If it is impossible to recreate that most basic of defensive tactics, two banks of four in a zonal system then to me suspension of disbelief is shattered. The game then becomes a hunt not for what would work tactically in real life but what will work in the match engine, realism be damned. So in conclusion, the OPs question of whether there IS a way of getting closer to the typical 442 is what matters, not whether the "default behavior" of wingers in the game actually leads to goals conceded.
  3. The non-fixing of the frankly completely unrealistic way that wingers and central midfielders defend in FM17 is unfortunately a dealbreaker for me. Sorry, like the game in almost all other aspects but this just does not feel like anything resembling real football to me.
  4. 1. What I'm missing is a way to emulate a player taking up a central position when the team is in possession but falling back to the wing when defending. Kind of like Hazard and Pedro do in Conte's 343. 2. A deep lying striker that drops into midfield when the opposition has established possession in my team's half. 3. Centre backs should be getting a setting where they can move forward with the ball, like Matip is frequently doing for Liverpool. He regularly ends up almost at the edge of the opposition box.
  5. No problem, happy to help. Enjoying 17 immensely, if you manage to fix the winger defending too wide issue reported by others it'll be very close to a perfect game :-)
  6. Uploaded the save a few days before the match in question, sorry did not have anything later. Filename (Thengil)_goalkeeperweird.fm Have a look at the highlight at 81 mins, even though the original keeper was off by then he's still on the pitch and the Torquay formation widget shows them to have 11 men on the pitch with him in goal. Then when the shot comes in, he magically transforms into an outfield player with a different name as he makes the save.
  7. Actually, I think I even saw a player in an outfielder's shirt pull off a save while the guy in the keeper shirt stood and looked on!
  8. The opposition keeper was injured in the 78th minute and since they (Torquay) had made all their substitutions the AI had no choice but to put an outfield player in goal. Trouble is, the AI kept changing who that player was, changing GK maybe eight or nine times up until the final whistle. After a while, almost every outfielder had been in goal. I highly doubt a real manager would do this IRL. I have uploaded a PKM, called "Thengil_GoalkeeperWEIRD.pkm".
  9. [Liverpool] (Official) Data Issues

    Don't know if I'm in the minority here, but I certainly think that Directness is set way too high for Jürgen Klopp. He likes high tempo yes, but direct passing? I'd disagree. I'd set him somewhere around 7, and also put in Complete Forward or False 9 as his preferred player roles (clearly favors Firmino over Sturridge and Origi). Also, Liverpool always seem to sack him in the first season due to very poor results on my saves. I'd say the team is a bit underrated or maybe other teams in the EPL are overrated.
  10. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    Lagerbäck still has never lost to England!
  11. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    I still think Iceland have been brilliant. Absolute masterclass in how you acheive with limited skill but excellent organization.
  12. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    Ragnar Sigurdsson has been a giant so far. Echoes of Glenn Hysen.
  13. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    What a tackle.
  14. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    I just love how Iceland plays the 4-4-2. Perfectly organised, everyone doing their job.
  15. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    Pathetic dive, Alli. Why no yellow card?