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  1. Since you're going to be much better at squad building than the AI, the key is to use that to your advantage. Focus on building a strong central backbone (GK, DC, MC, SC) and above all tailor your tactics after your resources. No point playing tiki-taka if your players are non-league material. What worked for me this year was finding a really rapid striker, pair him with the tallest striker you can find, play 4-4-2 somewhat direct and abuse the pace 4 defenders you'll find in the Conference. If you can find one MC with decent passing attributes that helps as well - set him as the playmaker and make sure the others are feeding him the ball. I'm on my fourth season in the Premier League with Dulwich Hamlet and I've managed to gain Champions League football this season. Oh, and once you start to move up the leagues, pester your chairman for training and youth facilities upgrades ALL THE TIME. Also, change tactics once you get better players. I'm also particular about ONE thing - no low Determination players at all are welcome at my club. Not even youth players - they poison the others with their weak minds.
  2. Another example from my save: Aliou Traoré (CA 114) has actually improved a little in the week that my assman thinks he's gone from decent Championship midfielder to good League One midfielder. Can you please make up your mind Mr Assistant Manager?
  3. I've had quite a few assistant managers in my save now and they all behave really strangely when appraising the level of my players. Their opinion fluctuates wildly from one day to the next. Especially the player Armando Broja in my squad who they initally deemed a good League One player, then downgraded to League Two. I loaned him out to a League Two club where he's scored a bagful of goals and now they deem him a Good Conference striker. Also, my goalkeeper has a CA of 114 (had to check in the editor) but has been downgraded from decent Championship goalkeeper to Good League Two goalkeeper without having his attributes changed in any way. I've uploaded my savegame "Dulwich Hamlet.fm".
  4. 95th minute of the attached PKM. Forest gets a counter attack after a corner, look at the leftmost defender of Dulwich Hamlet. For no reason at all he decides to sprint to the right to mark a player who is in a much less dangerous position than the ball carrier who he was previously marking. Ball carrier gets a free run at goal because of this. Mental mistakes do happen but this looks way too unrealistic to be a normal mistake. Nottm Forest v Dulwich Hamlet.pkm
  5. By its very nature a computer simulation of a footballer has to rely on randomization. In essence it works as an RPG - in a given situation, how does the game decide whether a midfielder spots the late run of an opposing player into the penalty area and if that player is hard-working enough and tactically astute enough to track that run? It depends on attributes of course, but by necessity it also includes random chance into the equation. How does the game decide whether a shot is on target or not? Attributes + external factors + random chance.
  6. Dulwich Hamlet was my choice. London-based (high city attractiveness), lovely pink and blue kit
  7. This has never happened to be before in a CM/FM game, in all my years of playing. Thought I'd share it. The goalscorer is a DC in a 4-4-2. Awesome.
  8. Absolutely. The ref would have whistled for a free kick for the defending team the moment the ball hit the penalty taker on the rebound.
  9. I find that comparing your first squad to the rest of your current division can be a first step towards finding out what style fits. Midfielders on average worse than the league average in passing, decisions, technical? Probably not a good idea to try and dominate possession. Just look under Team Report -> Comparison or whatever the menu choice is called.
  10. Diego Maradona. https://sports.vice.com/en_us/article/zmekx8/how-the-butcher-of-bilbao-almost-ended-diego-maradonas-career
  11. One of the youtube videos from earlier claimed that you could give central defenders a Libero instruction. That instruction is missing for me. Also, at one time I could not set my DL to Fullback instruction - when I left the screen and came back the Fullback option became available.
  12. Griezmann also a **** for that celebration towards the croatian fans.
  13. France have scored after a dive and a very dubious penalty. Croatia very hard done by.
  14. Strinic vs Mbappé in the final can be a horror show...
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