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  1. Congrats Hodgy and thanks for running this Djstu
  2. Portugal-France 0-2
  3. That's it What to say? Played brilliant 1st half, but didn't really have a plan in the 2nd. You could blame it on the injuries etc, but that's just part of the game. France played well, but wasn't out of this world or so. IMO it was the wrong tactical disposition from Löw- better give a chance to Weigl then to a Schweinsteiger out of form (and I'm not talking about the penalty here) and generally it seems like he has become to much trusting of his "favourites". Still can't understand why Julian Brandt wasn't selected...
  4. 2-0 Griezmann That's it I guess
  5. 1-0 Griezmann So undeserved
  6. Penalty!
  7. Nice save by Neuer
  8. That's it- Portugal in the final Generally a really impressing tournament by Wales, but they kind of disappointed today.
  9. 2-0 Nani That's it then
  10. Crap! They didn't make it hard for Ronaldo to score there
  11. Really boring game so far
  12. Wednesday 6th July 2016 Portugal V Wales 0-1 Thursday 7th July 2016 Germany V France 2-1
  13. That's it- I'm really happy that it didn't end with a total thrashing, as Iceland didn't deserve that after such a great tournament And I wonder how badly England would've got beaten today by the French?
  14. The Danish commentator just told that Eidur had his debut for the Icelandic team in.... 1996!
  15. Bjarnasson makes it 5-2 Must be the Eidur effect