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  1. Ah, it would've been so much better if it was the Croatians celebrating
  2. Apparently Pogba is the first Man U player to score in a WC-final! And the first PL-player since Petit in 1998
  3. That's it - great final, really one of the best As much as I wanted Croatiia to win, it was a deserved win for France. In general through the tournament the French team wasn't spectacular, but they were very well organized and knew exactly what they were doing. And since all the other favourites (maybe besides Belgium) messed up, France winning was probably the only possible outcome. But huge kudos to Croatia - one of my favurite sides of alltime
  4. They're definitely been the smartest team tactical. Croatia and Belgium have been more entertaining though
  5. Lloris doing a Karius Mandzukic scoring in the right end aswell
  6. Mbappé makes it 4-1 Subasic looked very poor there
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