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  1. Orzelek

    The hot girls and guys thread!

    That's more like it I really should visit Colombia one day
  2. Egypt should really give El-Hadary a start in the last game like Colombia did with Mondragon in 2014 (under a bit different circumstances though )
  3. That's it. Deserved win for Russia - Egypt didn't have much to offer tbh
  4. At least Dele sounds a bit African
  5. Well, they were in the AFCON final last year Nah, seriously I know what you mean. It really was weird that egypt didn't qualify for any WC during the 00's - that team wa sone of the most solid African sides there ever was.
  6. I would've prefered Egypt to go through, but they way they've played, we won't miss them much tbh
  7. 2-0 Cheryshev Nice move by Russia
  8. Fathi with an OG Another example of comical defending we've seen today
  9. That picture iss probably the best OP so far
  10. A fit Salah would've scored on this chance
  11. Radamel Falcao was named after Falcão by his parents. Trezeguet is just a nickname...
  12. The name is stupid - one thing is having a nickname like that on your Sunday league team, but using it officially at a World Cup is just daft But if you see past that, he's actually been a quite decent player