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  1. They all do... Should stop trying to cross the ball from the edge of the penalty area really.
  2. Interesting choice of words
  3. Not sure about all the Zlatan talk - I can't see him playing under LvG or Mourinho which seem like the only 2 plausible possibilities so far. Unless we're getting Blanc
  4. He'd better score 30+ if he joins, 20 not gonna be enough for the title.
  5. Yeah... Imagine if we had a lot of injuries!
  6. Yes you are.
  7. More injuries that LvG can use as an excuse when we lose the final and don't get top 4
  8. Why does Lingard keep starting... :/ Drop him.
  9. So sad looking at Rooney at his best. Hope a miracle somehow happens and we see that again next season.
  10. Powerful header by Alex and Milan lead Juve. At least it won't be a sleepy one
  11. I don't like the idea of Costa and generally think it's just the media filling up their pages again, but if I had to choose I'd rather have Costa in and LvG out.
  12. Clear offside... I still don't think Forster would've saved it, but a good decision by the ref.
  13. They won't sell him and I'm not sure he'd want to come back anyway
  14. Nah, it's time for a good game and some more false hopes
  15. No idea, but they just recently brought Bodurov to play CB from Fulham so they must be s***...