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  1. Llew, it is definitely the British anthem not an English one. England use it, but if anybody should change it's them, not team GB (In fact, there is perpetual talk of instituting Jerusalem or something as the English anthem to avoid this situation). Either way, it's hardly a big deal surely? It's only a song after all, and a fairly dreary one at that.
  2. Rod Gilbert (i think) used half of these as gags on live at the apollo last week
  3. Well duh. I've never seen England/Germany but i got a Turkey/Greece war news item once. Back on 08 i think.
  4. How about the option not to have to use some features. Maybe not even install them. for example my pc can't do 3d, so why install it? i don't like pres conferences, so why should i have them in my game. A more customizable experience would be better for everyone.
  5. That may well be your view, but that still requires people to go out and collect the data. It would be fine for people who don't know the team, but if you support them, and your star player is sh*te in the game, then you would be annoyed. THe thing which sets FM apart is the quality of the database, lets not compromise it.
  6. HAving another 364 teams would be a logistical nightmare. And you then have to do another level of italian and english football for fairness' sake, so you could end up with another 1000 teams to research and code.
  7. Nah. ATM i would prefer to see more leagues from Africa Asia and S America, as they are currently lacking. I would aslo like to see some former Yugoslav leagues first. i feelthese would add more to the game. (more leagues producing good players etc.)
  8. I think i get where you're coiming from Mazz. Someone earlier on this thread said it was like the estonian 'j', and that sounds about right to me. Must admit i never knew about the 'v' though...
  9. This is probably the best database i've played for any FM ever. So well done on it, and i hope you do one for FM10. (I wish) Must take tonnes of work.
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