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  1. Only dispatched mine this morning at 10:20. Can't see it arriving tomorrow but you never know.
  2. You play Ultimate team? Not that it should matter but you never know!
  3. Anyone else in here play Fifa 15? I keep getting disconnected during matches losing connection to EA servers and its doing my head in. I've forwarded ports which they suggest but still no joy. Anyone else having same problems? Had it last year for periods too so actually just thinking about getting rid of the game tbh.
  4. Guys, I have a £20 steam wallet gift receipt which I received today from colleagues in work as it was my last day. I've got nothing I really want to buy on steam plus I don't particularly play many PC games anymore. I was wondering if anyone who wanted to buy a game on steam would mind sending me £20 via paypal and I could PM you the code. I know it may sound daft considering you could just put your £20 straight into your wallet yourself but just thought I'd check as I'd prefer to have the money itself. There's also a second receipt which says "D/10% OFF DL OFFER" so I would guess this mean
  5. "Working for Real Madrid is a fantastic experience and I'm very happy here at the moment. "My family are settled and we'd like to stay and enjoy this experience. I mean nothing to say he is definately out but the second quote would suggest staying but tbh you never know what will happen.
  6. Just made my player so can someone invite me to play some clubs?
  7. Golden Brady (IWWROCKS) Bootador (Bootador) scott maclean2 (ScottMac)
  8. Yeah I was wanting some folk to add me too so we could play online sometime. Would be a good idea!
  9. DPD update for mine. Delivery between 14:36 and 15:36. If anyone wants to add me my gamertag is over there btw <<<< I'm going to be getting BF4, Ryse, FIFA and NBA 2k14 today if anyone wants to play any of them at some point!
  10. Mine now been updated and currently at DPD's sortation facility
  11. Should be fine, mine was dispatched this morning from Sainsburys and like yourself tracking hasn't been updated by DPD but I'd imagine it will be OK.
  12. Yeah, same here. Was going to give them a phone but I'll not bother since you've already done so
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