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  1. Thanks for that, we will look to include them for future releases https://www.footballmanager.com/news/football-manager-2024-final-data-update-out-now The games also appeared after our internal deadline. Side question - are you familiar with Ghanaian/African football?
  2. Do not post incredibly recent changes. Thank you, those are not data issues.
  3. hi there, we have to question whether adding all board members is useful and which role they have on the team. There are many clubs along the game - all across the board, where we haven't included all board members as they may not have a big impact on the teams (in game) For example there's also not a particular need to eg. add a marketing manager either. However, we will look to actualize where necessary of course
  4. He loves to manage as Hoffenheim in FM It should be player indeed, we will look to correct this - well spotted!
  5. Hi there, thank you for logging this. We do have a short height set for him. This might be from previous iterations still (1.55m) - we will look into this, I couldn't find a correct height upon a really quick search; but we will look to correct this for future releases.
  6. Thanks, we'll look into this one - we would need to be looking at the "older" youth generation - we will take this into consideration for future releases
  7. We will look into this for future releases. However, with him selecting Türkiye so far and living his life in Germany and his father being German I think we have it currently set up correct - but this is up for review. Efe seems to have four options to choose from.
  8. Hello, Don't mind me please as I was away on holiday. I'm not familiar with this scenario. It has been flagged internally - but I will raise it again
  9. Regarding Ogawa, this is partially due to licensing. The bad news is - it's not entirely correct. The good news is - he may not have appeared in game at all otherwise.
  10. Thank you for flagging this, we will change this to Furstenfeldbruck for future releases :-)
  11. Hi there, well spotted This is fixed for future updates
  12. I think this has been fixed in the meantime. Are you seeing this in the in/pre-game editor or in game - with the initial release? Just to be sure.
  13. I'm not exactly sure how you mean this, but we will take this under consideration for sure - it needs to be correct - although the Ghana FA and moreover the promotion/relegations spots are decided generally very very late
  14. We will look to fix this for future releases -eg. FM2025 - depending on the then structure of the leagues as well. We will definitely have a good look at the league settings etc
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