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    Love FM and a massive Crystal Palace supporter.

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    Computing, gaming and watching sport.

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  1. cpfc543

    *Official* Space thread

    Splashdown live now on Nasa TV http://www.ustream.tv/nasahdtv
  2. Palace player scoring at the WC
  3. cpfc543

    Free copy of Watch Dogs (PC)

    Oh ok, that makes sense. Thanks.
  4. cpfc543

    Free copy of Watch Dogs (PC)

    Ok, it's gone now. Sorry it had to be down to who responded first, just couldn't think of any other way of doing it.
  5. cpfc543

    Free copy of Watch Dogs (PC)

    I've never used the PM thing on this forum. Have you received my reply, as it says there are no sent items despite sending replies now to 3 people. Edit: It's worked, as the second person has responded. Just waiting to see if the first person has a good enough PC.
  6. Yesterday I won a free copy of the game Watch Dogs from a competition. Personally I'm not particularly interested in the game, so I thought I might as well give it away. If you want it, just PM me. Whoever contacts me first will get it. To run it you'll need a pretty decent computer (requirements are on the wikipedia page about it) and Uplay.
  7. Quite a challenge, good luck with this
  8. cpfc543

    The FIFA 14 Thread (Not Including Pro Clubs)

    Customise --> Highlight over replay theatre box --> Scroll through to playlist (for me, a keyboard user, it is 4 and 6 on the numpad) And yes, you can deselect tracks.
  9. cpfc543

    The FIFA 14 Thread (Not Including Pro Clubs)

    Won the 4th division title (offline), which obviously was great at the time... but I've just realised I would have made more money from just getting promoted. It was around 4000 coins to get promoted, but 2500 coins to win the title - without a free pack. Very annoying, not sure if it is a bug or what.
  10. cpfc543

    The FIFA 14 Thread (Not Including Pro Clubs)

    Been playing with my very cheap bronze australian a-league team on seasons. Division 10 all i get is terrible players - fine. Division 9 is a little bit harder with most teams including some gold or silver players - fine. Division 8 every single team is 100 chem full gold teams generally with at least 1 or 2 players being worth over 100k. Gave up with it in the end, after losing 3 games against teams that frankly I have no chance of beating. Built a cheap gold team in hope that I would stand a chance... first team I'm matched up against has 4 in forms in the team and all he wants to do is cross. Gunna leave seasons for a bit and hope the better teams move up the divisions.
  11. cpfc543

    The FIFA 14 Thread (Not Including Pro Clubs)

    Can't do anything with the expired players/cards in the transfer list... yay. Not the only one either according to twitter.
  12. cpfc543

    Google Piñata

    Very addictive... not sure why. My best so far is 176.
  13. I'm a massive fan of taking a small team to the top. So much so that in 4 versions of FM I have never actually managed the team I support, Palace. This year I may just play them, as it should be a pretty tough challenge to keep them up. Other than that I want to do another Penya Encarnada save (haven't done one for a couple of versions) and an 8th tier English team.
  14. If I'm losing by a lot I will sometimes throw my goalkeeper up front just to see if I can get him a goal in the last 5 mins. You won't be surprised to hear it's not worked, and yet I still do it.
  15. Bell gone, collapse incoming... Edit: Just as I post that, Prior goes.