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    Love FM and a massive Crystal Palace supporter.

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  1. Palace player scoring at the WC
  2. Quite a challenge, good luck with this
  3. I'm a massive fan of taking a small team to the top. So much so that in 4 versions of FM I have never actually managed the team I support, Palace. This year I may just play them, as it should be a pretty tough challenge to keep them up. Other than that I want to do another Penya Encarnada save (haven't done one for a couple of versions) and an 8th tier English team.
  4. If I'm losing by a lot I will sometimes throw my goalkeeper up front just to see if I can get him a goal in the last 5 mins. You won't be surprised to hear it's not worked, and yet I still do it.
  5. I personally have always used the touchline instruction "Work ball into box" as in general I have found it does exactly that - instead of the player shooting from 30 yards with almost no chance of scoring, the player passes wide and cross goes into the box (doesn't always happen but much more than without it).
  6. Hahaha never seen that before .
  7. Great to see this career going again. Good luck!
  8. Wish Spain would play a striker, would make the game much more entertaining.
  9. Sunday 1st July Spain 1-0 Italy
  10. Howard Webb has had a great tournament so far. No major mistakes so far, unlike a lot of the other so called 'world class' referees. Hope he does referee the final.
  11. Wednesday 27th June Portugal 0-1 Spain* Thursday 28th June Germany 2-0 Italy
  12. 30 more minutes of pain...
  13. Yes you can. Sale value according to genie scout is £125,500,000.
  14. No strikers again.... zzzzzzz