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  1. well nothing else to do with ice everywhere. Better be more entertaining than watching ice melt.
  2. Argentina are gonna be nervously looking at the final
  3. instead of the third placed play off, there should be fan's choice of two teams in the tournament to play one another.
  4. down to one European side, one African side, one South American side.
  5. what was the excuse England didn't beat USA? Was that because of the ref too?
  6. Brendan Rodgers is not a terrible replacement. (even if he's Northern-Irish)
  7. "There's no good England managers" It might be a good time to remember what Southgate was like before he was taken on as England manager. He was a mediocre manager at Middlesbrough, but he did okay with the Under 21s.
  8. pretty much anyone can take the England manager position. England have such strength in depth. Just need new ideas.
  9. I think it's probably time Southgate moved on, need a new manager with new ideas.
  10. It would have utterly sucked with both South American teams out of the contest. Thank god Argentina won.
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