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  1. ah well, Croatia played well. England look promising under Southgate for the Euros.
  2. best not talking about finals- got croatia then see how that goes. Semi Finals is a credible result, but yeah would be nice to go one better and make the final.
  3. well if England win they have a 1 in 4 chance of winning it, so this thread would have some merit.
  4. two days in a row no football tomorrow. 2 days to either mourn or celebrate England's progress.
  5. the national team has been a poisoned chalice for Messi. But the National team is very different than club team, you don't have team members making so cosy passes and movements, it is probably hard to adjust. Maradona breathing down Messi's neck probably also has not been helpful.
  6. I think France are in with a chance, they got the ruggedness to keep out teams and they have the special players to poach a win.
  7. close match, reckon England will pinch it
  8. So pretty much 10 out of 12 matches (France vs Australia is generous to call a high scoring game) have been low scoring games.
  9. they're not terrible, it takes account of results in friendlies and stuff
  10. woo the big day, Match #1. Worst that happens 0-0 England.
  11. mexico to win the world cup at 50/1 doesn't look that bad a value
  12. both good for preparation. I have found out the Racing Post with the world cup supplement is out on Thursday. So it'll be savethepunter vs the racing post world cup supplement for tips!
  13. England have the annoying ability they could go quite far, or they could not. I think there is a chance England could draw versus a couple of really easy sides. And that could be the concern, can they pull it off post-draws via the extra time, or the penalties. I expect draws in the group should not impact England too much.
  14. anyone know when the racing post world cup special supplement is out?
  15. Last FM I played was FM 2005 on the PC, then I didn't play for 10 years till FMH2015. Have to say FM really improved over that time. FMH2015(which I initially deleted in 2015), before reinstalling from my purchase history- everything is far more logical. 2005, you would have form drops followed by long sequences of losses, you would have random players unhappy without really knowing why. Now- and there's a good coach verdict after explaining positives and negatives of the games, different types of midfielder than a generic midfielder in 2005. Pleased they took out half time team ta
  16. Most of the 3rd based teams got through on 4 points, 3 points was always a gamble, just perhaps fortunate Portugal was in the later groups to see which teams were worse and going out.
  17. I'm with you given1legend. On the draws thing, it should probably be pointed England almost drew all 3. Had they drawn all 3, I think it would be not be a stretch of the imagination to say most people would say they deserved to be out.
  18. Football is primarily about offence and defence in 90 mins. The extra time is when nothing can be decided between two sides and extra time is given as an opportunity to get an edge over the other. But you are a fan of Portugal, and I won't deride that. I just have a far different opinion.
  19. A team that drew matches. I never hear of a team in the premiership persistently drawing matches as an impressive team.
  20. 6/10, had it been really bad I probably would have lost interest before the final. It did have one or two great matches, and it was good to see a good Wales side, a good Iceland team, an improving but ultimately failing Belgium, and the normal top tournament sides.
  21. I think Portugal 'carried' Ronaldo. I hope it's not looked back and seen Ronaldo led Portugal to the Euro cup. When it's more the case that the whole organisation, defence and midfield were a key part behind the victory.
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