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  1. Saving a Game Takes Ages

    Known Issue, will get patched.
  2. FM 2015 the worst FM ever?!

    The rage is strong in this one. If you have valid points you are entitled to your opinion, all I see are subjective to each their opinion. I for one do not agree with your critic on the "ugly" tactics. I'm sure you'll call me a fanboy now, but come on have at least the decency to be constructive in your post, all I see i unfounded whining without any proof.
  3. FM15: AFC Ajax - Unfinished Business

    Nice updates! I'll update when I've finished the season, which I think is tomorrow.
  4. FM15: AFC Ajax - Unfinished Business

    Ouch, sounds painfull. Looking forward to read your update.
  5. FM15: AFC Ajax - Unfinished Business

    Season Update July'14-February'15 Here it is, as promised my first season update. Transferwise not much happened in the first transferwindow. I bought Eder Alvarez Balanta as I expected to need another defender and let's be honest, it's a good player and an even better investment, further signings were Martin Odegaard, I approached him blind on day 1 of my save, as he's one of the biggest talents out there and I wanted him for my team. After agreeing he would join on 1/1/2015. And my final signing was Matias Kranevitter (a cheaper Lucas Romero) also joining on 1/1/2015. First priority was to start thinking of how I wanted to play and what kind of tactic would be suitable; Main tactic Back up1 Back up2 After having sorted the tactic, I were to choose a main team, this is the team in February 2015, normally Andersen plays in the position of Kishna, but he's injured for a couple of weeks now. and Veltman normally plays in the position of Moisander. Gettin the following teams drawn in the Champions league wasnt funny; The results weren't that fantastic either; Resulting in a 3rd place and an exit into the Uefa Cup The Supercup went better; And results in the cup are so far ok; As are the result in the competition; I had a lot of luck in the competition as at least 4 wins should have been lost or draws, but I'm not complaining. In the January transfer window I sold Duarte en Serero as both of them did not feature in my first team plans and made the deal with Milik and Zimling permanent.
  6. Squad Harmony

    Not to sound obnoxious, but what's the bug? You didnt sell those 2 players, they're still unhappy and now they come back to haunt you? Doesn't sound like a bug imo, sounds like mismanagement instead.
  7. FM15: AFC Ajax - Unfinished Business

    Yes, Zivkovic is quite often injured in my save as well. Currently half way first season and he had 3 injuries so far. One 6 days, one 2 weeks and one 3 weeks. Edit: and another 2 weeks out due to an injury. No wonder I'm looking for another striker.. I'll post an update on my save later.
  8. LVG at United

    sacked in november 14, standing 11th in the league at that time, replaced by Emery
  9. FM15: AFC Ajax - Unfinished Business

    Nothing wrong with your story, thank you for sharing
  10. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/408678-FM15-AFC-Ajax-Unfinished-Business Your and Chef's Ajax thread
  11. FM15: AFC Ajax - Unfinished Business

    Thank you for your efforts, hope your real life gets sorted soon!
  12. Put up what you have, I really was looking forward to your contribution.
  13. For those interested, I'm the owner of 22 copies DOTA2 to give away. If you're interested send a pm with your steam name in it, then I'll sent you the game as gift.
  14. FM13: AFC Ajax - No club for old men

    First official match of my new save.. [video=youtube;LiUhOYKuYYo]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiUhOYKuYYo
  15. FM13: AFC Ajax - No club for old men

    Finally, My new computer arrived this morning, I'll be updating and installing for the rest of the weekend I think and then I'm gtg. Still devasted I've to start all over again after winning the CL. I'll be updating regularly again from next week!