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  1. This is all kinds of wrong, congrats
  2. Yes it is, its prejudice and he has form. May aswell just call us all bin dippers and be done with it...
  3. There's plenty to not like. Mostly his undermining of teams he's played for. Doing bbc interview without permission, spilling rumours to press... attitude...
  4. Sterling is easily one of englands best players but i cant stand him as a person. Just for balance, i cant stand carragher as a person aswell...
  5. It wasnt a racist joke, he was just too dim to realise that.
  6. Noooooo, because he told the press about the hodgson monkey joke. He's a rat
  7. There's a lack of personality and quality from most of them. Not many redeeming features for me. Kane and walker are barely tolerable and i suppose trippier has done nothing wrong
  8. cahill, stones, pickford? I guess if youre a spurs fan your happy.
  9. Not one likable english player is there...?!
  10. whoever said scholes got better in minds after he retired bin saying it for years. he was a great little player and i loved him for england but he was hardly making shortlists every year. if he was as good as man u fans say he was he'd have won about 6 poty awards and 2 ballon d'ors. I know he wasnt this good, i was there...
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