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I got on mine so far, Dzeco at barca, Tom Ince at Chelsea.

and have had random oddness like Cardozo at Derby, Andy Carrol at Dortmund.

and mid january the premier league top scorer on my current save, is 26 games in 25 matches.....

Danny Graham - at Burnley

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Here's one for you, although it may take a little explaining:

- The custom league I'm playing in has squad registration rules of 25 players.

- There are also home-grown restrictions, as you can see at the bottom.

- Tomorrow is an international date.

- Today is not... but I have a league game. A league game which hasn't been postponed.

- This means my squad availability looks something like this:


Hmm. 10 international call-ups, one injury, one suspension.

It's almost certainly a quirk of the custom DB I'm playing, but it means I've got 13 actual players available to me... only two of whom are defenders. Looks like I'm gonna have to give some of these greyed-out players a start.

This could be a real masscare.

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We lost 3-1 to a team we'd normally steamroll- we went into it 4th, they were 16th (out of 18). Even worse, we went 1-0 up after 35 seconds, which basically ordered the opponents to attack us. The icing on the cake was one of the greyed-out defenders getting a straight red card and giving away a last-minute penalty to make it 3-1.

Edit: In fact, looking back at it, the player who was sent off is called "Stephen King". Horror tackle indeed!

Having said that, the other results on the day also reflected the problem, so it wasn't just me it affected. Although the team that were top did win their game, both 2nd (4-0) and 3rd (5-0) lost heavily to teams they'd be expected to beat. The team that were 5th drew with the team who were bottom.

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"Entering with the jersey number 2, Stéphane Rako...to...nomen... some random guy..."


Meanwhile, before a league game against Getafe, I saw this... how do I say... awkward result...


(Getafe in the 1st League and Cordoba in the 2nd League)

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