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  1. Do mid-season transferred out players get medals (England top tier)? I had a case of a January transfer out player not getting a medal, but the replacement player brought in got a medal. He had been a regular starter
  2. Guess who won the battle World Cup 2022 (Quarter Final)
  3. you need to set up screen flow in "preferences"-> Interface-> Screen Flow. When here add the competitions you want to see
  4. how about AI generated random face? Something like this http://thispersondoesnotexist.com/
  5. also try a plug n play tactic from Tactics forum
  6. i saw a way in old FM. Just wanted to know how to do this in FM 17. i.e. All countries generate good or great prospects, e.g. Fiji might generate a world class player
  7. yes give it a couple of weeks, in game
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