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  1. Braga, Managed a League and Cup double and EL semifinal. Second season hasn't been as successful, currently 4th and spent most of my budget extending the contracts of my top players rather than improving the squad
  2. Im playing as Braga and the two Horta brothers are spot on. At the end of my first season they were wanted by some big clubs (Real, Arsenal, Chelsea)
  3. Savic has joined Man City on each of the three saves I have started. Nathaniel Clyne Joined Eibar on a free, he turned me down (Braga) even though I offered 10k more a week.
  4. I get that, but why do I have to manage each u19 game?
  5. Not sure if this is a bug or something I am doing wrong, I am Managing Partizan Belgrade and for some reason I have to Manage the Teleoptik U19s team as well, I can't find any way to stop this. The team has a manager and I have checked the staff responsibilities, but can't see any reason for me managing the U19s team. Has any one came across this issue, if so is there a way around it? If not is it worth reporting as a bug?
  6. Had a word with sega support, apprently the DNS issue was a result of my steam profile being on private. I have set it to public and I'm now told I can't get the discount, even though I have FM17 (and every FM since 09) in my library. Sega told me to contact steam support, I await a response 😌 At least things are going well for NUFC, I usually escape the troubles by playing FM 😀
  7. Has anyone had issues applying the contract extension when trying to pre-purchase FM2018? When I sign into steam to check if I am eligible for the 25% discount I get a DNS error. This site can’t be reached dev-storefront.scalefast.com’s server DNS address could not be found. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN Any ideas?
  8. Anyone made/know where to find a database update for the English Lower Leagues?
  9. Add the picture to my graphics folder, edited the xml file and he wont show up in game. What have I done wrong?
  10. How do I open them in game? I can only open .fmf files
  11. Is there anywhere I can download a set of competition logos? (BPL, UCL ect)
  12. All of the opposition goals came from set pieces (I'm Lecce)
  13. Denis Stracqualursi and world cup winner Carlos Marchena
  14. Do we have a thread for free agents? I have no money to build my Deportivo team so I need to pick a few up.
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