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  1. England - Euro 2016 Thread

    Until the next one.
  2. I would support this being in FMC. The contract negotiation screen is pretty complex. It would be logical to be able to delegate contracts to the AM/DOF on the screen where you ask them to buy and sell people.
  3. I've been wanting to give 2d another try recently, but I've always found 2d classic runs very choppily, does anyone else have that problem? It's like they want to force me to play in 3d because they put most of their efforts into it. Also, I've tried 2d (not 2d classic) mode but I've found it doesn't look very good unless you set 3d quality to High+, and then it runs as slowly as if it was in full 3d. Also there's a section at the bottom of the pitch that I can't see because it's covered by some widgets...
  4. Does anyone else have the problem with 2d Classic mode being too jerky and stuttery to play? I've had this problem for years with FM, on every machine I've used. There's a somewhat unsatisfactory fix here:- http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/185054-Stuttering-in-2D-classic-mode-fix! (This was actually posted by me in my old login before I lost it in the forum reset thing). This fix helps a bit, but it's not great. Will I ever have a proper fix so I can play a smooth 2d Classic mode?
  5. ....nothing. For me, the back-to-basics approach is the whole appeal of FMC. Maybe I could make a list of more things that I think could be cut back on, but not added.
  6. You really are the most shameless troll/flamer on this forum, Ackter.
  7. Although it's pretty risky as you never know if something might go wrong with Steam.
  8. FM Classic has a nice big font for us fuddy-duddies.
  9. Funny Screenshots Thread

    This guy got substituted but then spent the rest of the match sitting on the pitch. :confused:
  10. Online Manual improvements

    I don't suppose they'll be bringing back paper manuals any time? I used to love the days when games came with 200-page manuals.
  11. Awesome Regen Names

    Seriously, how hard is that bug to fix? I'll even write the code myself:- IF firstname$ = lastname$ THEN GOTO choosename: END IF I can take a cheque if you prefer.
  12. And the latest directx as well
  13. Removing the hardcoded kits

    I think they're stored in the "graphics.fmf" files in FM12's data directories. You would have to unpack the file with FM's resource archiver, delete the graphics you don't want, then repack the file again. And make a backup first before doing any of the above.
  14. [FM12] 2007 skin

    Glad I stumbled upon this, it's increased my enjoyment of FM x1,000%. Thank you!
  15. This Game is Scripted

    Maybe it's a bug and FM forgets to record the "Momentum" attribute when it saves? That's more likely than FM coming alive and acquiring sentience, probably.