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  1. Try using a 0-5-5 formation and play everyone out of position. Guaranteed win every time.
  2. We have progressed. We are now only about 20 years behind the rest of the world instead of 50.
  3. I think the losers still get a 3rd-place medal anyway, not that we will lose of course.
  4. Do they actually award a Golden Boot at the end or is it just an abstract award? :D
  5. Lol Neymar hoping for a dive opportunity, never came.
  6. If Brazil go out there will be only European nations left.
  7. All that 6+7 stuff is eerie. I'm scared now of all this Illuminati voodoo.
  8. This is starting to shape up like Italia 90. Get the easier draw, stumble through to the semis, then lose in glorious fashion and return home as heroes.
  9. I'm glad that England seem to have an intelligent manager this time round and not the Kevin Keegan type.
  10. No link sorry, I read it in "Soccernomics" (2018 ed). It referred to International results, not club matches.
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