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    I am 18 years old, a massive Liverpool fan, love playing the FM games in my spare time, still play all of them from 2005-2012! love them all!!

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  1. We've just had another transfer embargo imposed so confirmation that I did indeed have the box 'Interested in transfer' ticked and unticking that box reveals all players.
  2. Sadly I can't go back now but as the takeover didn't happen there could be another time soon where talks begin again so I'll take a look. That could be a possibility though as I do normally have that box ticked.
  3. Confirmation that the transfer embargo was indeed the reason why I couldn't see any players on the player search function. The takeover fell through and everything is now back to normal.
  4. I've never seen it before either. I didn't expect it to remove all players completely as you'd expect you can still look for players. For example, I can still add players to my shortlist but I have to go team pages to see them. Hopefully it is because of this and not a bug! I'll post again on this thread when I know for sure if that is the case.
  5. I've not tried this yet but I've just searched google and found something which could explain it. My club (Leicester) are in takeover talks and my current board have placed a transfer embargo on the club. Would that be the reason why I'm not seeing players on the player search?
  6. Hi everyone, I tried to find a FM archive bugs thread but all I could see was FM21 bugs so please forgive me for posting here and move to wherever if it needs to be. I've been playing FM19 but I've just ran into an issue in my 6th season. All of a sudden there is zero players on the 'Player Search' section, Regardless of what filters I use and even when I clear everything it still shows zero players. It's the same on the 'Players scouted' area and I'm also not seeing a single player come through on the scout updates. Anyone had this before? Is there anything
  7. I am managing Derby County in the Championship and I am unsure what will be the better option for some of my better young players. Should I send them out on loan to League One/Two clubs or even Scottish clubs who will obviously have poorer training facilities or keep them at the club and play in the Under 23's with the odd substitute appearance in the first team. How do I get the most out of my youngsters' potential and what is your strategy in this field ?
  8. I used to be terrible at this game. Every FM I did a save with my team Liverpool and always got sacked at some point during the first season! I read a lot of online tactics stuff and tried to understand the game better and I guess it worked because I had some decent saves and I eventually managed to finish a season with Liverpool finishing 4th! On FM18 I decided to do a save with Celtic. I gave myself an ultimatum if you will... If I can't win the league with Celtic then I will not play FM anymore. As it turned out I did very well. Over the first two seasons I won every domestic trophy an
  9. Yes I understand that but considering I only had the contract until the end of the season, The team would still be active until my contract ran out.
  10. On FM19 I'm a few seasons into a save with Senegal. A job came up in the Chinese First Division (lowest selected league) with a team who were 10 points from safety with 7 games to go. They'd only won 1 game all season so as I was a bit bored due to lack of games as international manager I thought why not take it and challenge myself. I managed to negotiate a contract just to the end of the season. We won our first two games in charge and so was now four points from safety. We then lost three of our best players to international duty and drew the next game away to a team in the top five. F
  11. Can you not take control of training sessions as a national manager on FM19 ? I can't find any training sections. How are you supposed to increase familiarity of tactics ?
  12. I thought you said you were only signing Scottish players, even from the youth intakes ? EDIT: Just seen the post where you said 'Youth candidates are an exception to the rule'
  13. Best of luck with this save Makoto! Can't wait to see where you end up. One thing I did miss in your perfectionist save was the youth candidates list each season, so I'm glad to see that's back
  14. Fantastic career and I've fully enjoyed reading it! Completely understand why you want to start something new though, I'll sure be there when you do
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