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    I am 18 years old, a massive Liverpool fan, love playing the FM games in my spare time, still play all of them from 2005-2012! love them all!!

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    Derbyshire, England


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    Football, Golf, Snooker, PS3, PC Gaming, Surfing (the web, not at sea!), watching Sitcoms

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    Liverpool Football Club
  1. [FM16] The slow slog through Europe!

    Glad you got your computer back and save unharmed! Weird request but what was PSG's first three results last season?! 13 goals scored, 7 goals conceded...
  2. [FM16] The slow slog through Europe!

    Just read through this save, great career and was enjoying reading it. Gutted that you may have lost it. Backing up is so important but we don't realize it until its too late
  3. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    One very small thing that annoys me a bit is when you customize your own view (in team selection page for example), then every time you go off the page and back it resets back to default. No big deal but it does annoy me!
  4. [FM16] My first ever unemployed career.

    Just been reading all the way through this from start to finish (well I started last night and read the other half tonight!). Great career, I'm really enjoying it. You've pretty much done everything apart from your two main targets. Hope you win the Champions League with Madrid. Oh and I see there is an Everton fan reading this thread... all the more reason for myself (Liverpool fan) to join the party!
  5. I did follow your Andorra FC save and quite enjoyed the idea of it. I thought about downloading the world league database myself as it seemed like fun but decided that it would be better to just watch how it turns out rather than actually play in it. Anyway, good luck in Belgium
  6. FM15: What Team Should I Be?

    Nation: France Division: Level 3 European Competition: N/A Media Prediction: Doesn't matter - although preferably not a team fighting relegation. Board Expectation(s): Same as above Transfer Budget: don't matter. Wage Budget: don't matter. Finances: not in debt. Other: Want to do a French club in the 3rd tier and try to get them promoted up to the top division. I would like a team recently formed if possible or a team with no history so I can create history. I thought about Paris FC as I've seen they've just been promoted IRL and I like the idea of competing with PSG in the long run! any ideas guys?
  7. I'm only joking. why do people always take things so seriously.
  8. it would have been a lot quicker for you just to post a link to it rather than type all that in I can't find 'internet' anyway so I can't do it...
  9. Thinking about doing Tranmere. I am a Liverpool fan so obviously follow the Merseyside clubs. Tranmere got relegated out of the football league last season for the first time in many years (possibly ever). So I think that would be a good save. I'm also eyeing a save with Paris FC. They got promoted to Ligue 2 in France last season. Think it would be a good challenge to try and get them promoted to the top league and go head to head with Paris St. Germain.
  10. do you have a link mate? can't be bothered to search for it! :o
  11. I've been searching in the editors hideaway but can't find one. I found one on another site by searching google but it says its not based on real life or something. I want to do a save in the lower leagues of France and do the French national team at the same time. thanks.
  12. Don't think I've posted yet on this forum but have been closely following for a long time. This is my favourite thread on the career update forum this football manager. Keep up the good work! As for your current form, incredible to qualify for the group stage! And to have a chance of qualifying for the Last 16 is even more impressive! Hope you do get through. Also, you say that A. Madrid are the top ranked team in Europe. What has happened to Barca and Madrid then? Do Atl. Madrid dominate La Liga?
  13. yeah I noticed it when I first went of FM15. No big deal though I guess, you just get used to it.
  14. Hi guys! My first save on every FM is Liverpool (my team) but I always do terrible and get sacked. Normally in the first season! So for FM15 I decided against doing Liverpool as my first save. I have not stuck to one save on FM15, regularly starting new saves with a different team and then ending up deleting previous saves as I'm not going back to it. Now I have decided to do Liverpool and hope my fortunes will change. This will be my last attempt at a save on FM15 and if it doesn't work I'll probably go back to FM14 until FM16 comes out. Anyway, I decided to disable transfer budgets for the first season to make it more realistic and mainly so I can let my assman handle friendlies and get into the league campaign as soon as I possibly can. Played two league games so far. beat Man City 2-1 at home on first game (fans were only 'satisfied', I'd be delighted!) but drew the second game 1-1 away at Burnley. One final thing, set up an affiliation with Portsmouth. Had Championship teams as options but decided I could send out more players to League Two and players too good for League Two would get interest from higher clubs anyway. Sent out Ryan Kent, Cameron Brannagan, Samed Yesil and Lloyd Jones to Portsmouth.
  15. Liverpool thread 2015/16 - Klopptomaniacs

    Finishing Position - 5th Points - 68 Will we win a trophy - Yes (I think we have a big enough squad to cope with playing more games, we could win FA or League Cup!) How far do we get in Europe? Last 16 Top Scorer - Benteke Player of the season - Coutinho Best young player (<=22) - Emre Can Best signing? - Benteke Goals Benteke scores - 20 Goals Sturridge scores - 7 Firmino: Good, Indifferent, or Flop? - Good Is Rodgers still here on the day of the final game? - Yes Is Rodgers still here for opening day in 16/17? - No