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    I am 18 years old, a massive Liverpool fan, love playing the FM games in my spare time, still play all of them from 2005-2012! love them all!!

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    Derbyshire, England


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    Football, Golf, Snooker, PS3, PC Gaming, Surfing (the web, not at sea!), watching Sitcoms

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    Liverpool Football Club

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  1. I thought you said you were only signing Scottish players, even from the youth intakes ? EDIT: Just seen the post where you said 'Youth candidates are an exception to the rule'
  2. Best of luck with this save Makoto! Can't wait to see where you end up. One thing I did miss in your perfectionist save was the youth candidates list each season, so I'm glad to see that's back
  3. Fantastic career and I've fully enjoyed reading it! Completely understand why you want to start something new though, I'll sure be there when you do
  4. How many of these have you done in the past and why did they come to an end ?
  5. It's so weird seeing those numbers on the fixtures screen... the year 2145! Also, who knew their were so many teams in Bulgaria!
  6. When you won the semi final you said you played Wolues in the final. The next post was the match overview of your match with Wolues which you won 1-0! Thought you'd won the cup but then realized it was your only league game of the month! Great work in BVI!
  7. Makoto, Do you know if there any nations where the same club has won every league title since the game started ? If not, who's won the most league titles since you started? Thanks.
  8. Considering the career Makoto has had I'm sure he'll get more free luxuries than the Queen!
  9. Anyone else slightly disappointed that all 114 clubs aren't in the same league ?!
  10. Have you now won the Champions League (or equivalent) on every continent?
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