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  1. Straying from the point of the thread, but this is what got me in the end, nail on head. The last version I bought was FM15, having put in 3000+ hours on FM12 and FM15, and 2000+ on FM13 & FM14. I've grown up with the game- from the Amiga days of the original CMs, through playing FML 10+ hours a day, every day, during its existence, to being a reasonably active part of this forum back at its peak. I've written stories in the story forum, I've done a shedload of extra-curricular graphics work and I've got neck-deep in editing in the Editors Hideaway. I was interviewed as a Tester at one point, and I've got a very tatty copy of the "Ruined My Life" book. But that problem, the inescapable importance of those four game concepts to being able to play the game in any way, shape or form, cured me of my FM addiction. I suppose ultimately it's a good thing for my life, but I wasn't really crying out for a cure. I don't doubt the sure the sales figures of the game are amazing, and I'm sure they're going from strength to strength. FM is still the only serious player in this game, even moreso with FIFA Manager dying a death. But playing the game, you're not put into the seat of being a football manager any more. You're put into the seat of someone playing a game. These are not football concepts- they are FM concepts. What they are, what they mean and what they do, especially their (often contradictory) relation with one another, is not intuitive in the slightest, bears no relation to football management, and is extremely poorly explained in-game. It is no surprise people end up downloading exploit tactics, potentially not even realising that's why they work, or come to forums with complete misunderstandings. Look at herne79's recent explanation about how much stock should be put into the colour of circles- buried deep in a thread, years after they've been introduced as a game concept, and yet still news to regular forum goers in that thread, such as RBKalle. The game says nothing explicit about them, and natural association tells you that green is good and red is bad, so you want them all green and heaven help you if any of them are red. The same is true of, for example, team talk feedback, where again, the reaction is actually more nuanced than good/bad- yet that is what the game is suggesting is happening from the colouring- obviously, this may have been changed since FM15. Neither of those examples have anything to do with being a football manager, and everything to do with choices made in FM's development that take it away from football management and towards being a separate entity from football altogether. Directing people to the Tactics Forum should be because they are interested in tactics, not because they are struggling to get their team to do what they want them to, and yet this is all too often the case. The challenge of the game is supposed to be overcoming an opposing AI manager, not overcoming the UI to try and get your players to do what you ask of them. For a game series that built its reputation off of letting your imagination run wild as you stepped into the hot seat as a real football manager, the direction the series is moving is massively sad to me.
  2. Favorite FM Series

    As others have said, FM12 had flaws which made it pretty easy to find a formula to repeat and be successful, negating a lot of everything else. A lot of it boiled down to having a pacy strike force, as the defenders weren't great at dealing with through balls or direct dribbling. Combine that with it being the last engine without collision detection- ie, the "best" version of that engine- and the nostalgia's understandable. It was a lot of fun, but certainly felt a bit more arcadey than FM usually does. For me personally, it was also the version which I learned to get to grips with the Editor with, which has been getting slightly worse with each new iteration. Still wasn't as good as FML, though
  3. Favorite FM Series

    Without FML being on the list, I can't vote.
  4. FM vs RL

    The last edition I bought was FM15, but the trend away from actually playing like football was already noticeable by that point. Sad to hear it appears to have continued, but I'd be wary of holding PES or FIFA up as a gold standard, though.
  5. Mot de passe oublié

    With my somewhat rusty French:
  6. I have no comment on Kane, but it saddens me that Le Tissier was done such a disservice earlier in this thread, and that his England career was so brief. Just too many other great English strikers (Sheringham, Shearer, Fowler, Owen) around at the time.
  7. Editor development

    So, I've stuck with FM15 for the last few years, but will probably get FM18. After a few opinions- has there been much by way of development of the pre-game editor over the past few iterations- in your opinion has it become more/less robust, capable, user-friendly, flexible?
  8. Changing Coventry City logo

    It probably can be done, though not through the editor- if you head over to the graphics forum, I'm sure they can point you in the right direction.
  9. I agree that it's been the best game to bear the FM name, by a long, long stretch. No rose-tinted glasses here- even at the very end when the GWs were dying, the community it built led to it being a massive time sink, and regardless of the faults that the game had, people used the tools that were there in game to make hours upon hours of entertainment. Some of the concepts that were in there, such as play style dictating supporter types and establishment of overseas academies, are long overdue for the main game. Keane and Valderrama FTW.
  10. Hey Fed, good to see you! Keeping good man, hope all's well on your side of things. Still got my fingers crossed for that FML revival- River Medway Riot would be first to sign up.
  11. Hunt3r, I've been off the forums for a while, not bought a version since FM15, and it frustrates me on your behalf to see that you and other Mods are still answering this issue- I know I can scroll back through my comment history and find discussions you and I had previously about the very same topic a good two years ago. It's saddening that it's an area of the game that doesn't appear to have had much forward movement in the mean time. Nevertheless, just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for taking the time to do so.
  12. Haven't bought since FM15, so FM18 is probably on the buy list. Unlikely to get a pre-order at any point though.
  13. So, I have a long-term save that just, out of the blue, has stopped loading. Didn't have any crash, didn't have any kind of issue out of the ordinary, and the rotating three saves appear to have stopped back in January without me noticing, so there's been quite some game progress since then- if this save file is dead, the GW is dead for good. It's a big bugger- about 330MB, and has been my main save for 2 real life years. I've uploaded it to the game-save folder on the FTP, under "Big Game Danni (backup).fm" - if anyone is able to salvage it at all, you'll be my hero for life. Otherwise, I'll just have to take it as a sign that I should probably invest in a newer FM.
  14. The Ask-SI-Anything Thread

    I'm still waiting for Rob Cooper to convince everyone to use the FM style for a new Chart Wars. Someone nudge him to get on with that, eh?
  15. Fourteen Days

    Monday, 7th May 2035: Day One A lesson you learn very quickly in football is that if, when you come in to the office the morning after a game, there is a flashing light on the telephone sitting on your desk, it will be a message from the physio. I don't know what it is about physiotherapists- whether it's something they learn at physio school, or whether it's just ingrained in their psyche, but in my experience, it's been pretty much the same the world over. They don't text, they don't call you at home, or your mobile. No- they wait. Without fail, they always, always wait until the next morning to deliver their terrible news. And so, when you come in, the morning after a game, you're crossing your fingers that the little red light isn't flashing. Nobody else calls at that time of the morning, and if they haven't already called, they won't. They do it to leave a message, because they don't really want to talk to you, and they don't want you to call them back. They're strange little creatures who pass on their message and then want to be left alone to work their magic. And, frankly, that's fine by me. Niall Clay, our Head Physio, is no exception to this rule. *flash* Bollocks. *flash* On the desk are assorted paper clippings, the match reviews and reports of our 2-1 win over Cambridge, taking us to 5-1 on aggregate. And, as much as I told the lads not to lose focus, not to get complacent, I have to admit, I already had my eye on Maidstone at Wembley. Those papers aren't going to tell me anything useful. *flash* But, fair play to the boys, job done. It wasn't a pretty win by any stretch of the imagination- it wasn't even that much of a game, with Cambridge also seeming to realise that the result was already settled in the first leg. Nothing really too noteworthy- Matthew Daniel Laslett running the show from the back as he has done all season, showing that he's really too good for this non-league malarkey. *flash* I know what that message is going to be about, and I'm deliberately ignoring it. It'll be about Nigel Booty, the lad from Boreham Wood. Joined us on loan from Boreham Wood at the end of the January window to give us a little bit of depth up front, and has done his bit- filled in where the other loan signing, Jordan Doyle, hasn't been quite so successful. Nige has, so he's in the mix for the first team. *flash* However, Nige also had to go off after about half an hour against Cambridge- bit of a nasty collision, and if he is out for the Maidstone game, it leaves us a bit thin on the ground. Remi O'Leary and Ian Griffin are both fit and in form, but are also very similar in style- small and quick, hanging off the last man. Playing one or the other alongside a big man is great, but they haven't really ever thrived when playing together, since they keep making the same runs and getting in each other's way. *flash* Oh, for crying out loud... enough with the flashing. "Hey boss man, bad news..." It's always bad news when he starts calling me boss man. "JJ's out of the final." Wait- JJ? John Johnson? Not Nigel? I mean, sure, we took Johnson off at half-time in the Cambridge match because he hurt his toe, but surely it's not that serious? A bit of bruising- he's got two weeks to heal... "His toe is swollen up like a plum. It's not a pretty sight, boss man, I promise ya. He's barely able to stand on it, think we're looking at a few weeks off his feet." You know what- I don't need to hear the rest of the message, you can imagine the gist of it. And, I'm actually slightly relieved. Harsh as it may sound, JJ being out isn't really the end of the world- he's a midfielder we brought in on loan from MK Dons who has just kind of fit in here and there when we've needed him. Solid enough, but hasn't made much of an impression- to be honest, he probably would've been dropped for the final anyway, now that Kenny Hill's back from his latest suspension. Missing Johnson is much less problematic than losing a striker like Nigel Booty would've been. So, yeah, sorry, JJ, off the subs bench and into the injured box. Back off to Franchise FC with you, we'll send you a postcard from Wembley. I'm afraid I've got more important things to worry about right now than your toe- I've got a Playoff Final to win.