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  1. I would, but there's no way I could commit to a regular schedule. This is where FML worked for me- drop in at any time, and there were people online to play with.
  2. Whilst I don't deny there may be some rose-tinted specs, I do think the game captured something unique in bringing players together as communities- as shown by this and other threads, people remember their GWs, they recall their stars and the friends they made. Throw in the ME that was one of the most enjoyable before collision detection, and the balance between being familiar good-old-FM and something new and different, and it had a lot going for it. I don't think the rose-tinted specs are entirely unwarranted. With FML, SI threw a lot of new ideas at the wall- some of it hit, and some of it didn't. The big issue was, as you state, the core model for the GWs not being able to sustain the GWs. After two attempts, two different approaches, they couldn't find a model that worked, which would keep GWs consistently populated with active players, and it was a sad day when it closed. But you're not wrong- ultimately, on a server of 1000 teams, you ended up with an active community of 100 or less teams, which (I guess) wasn't self-sustaining or profitable from a financial perspective. It means those 100 teams ended up playing a lot of AI matches against absent managers, or concocting unofficial competitions to play live matches with one another. It didn't work for what it was intended to be, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a lot of good in it.
  3. But (at least as far as FM15) there's no clear explanation as to what they are templates for, or what those instructions actually are. If I'm telling someone to play one role over another, there needs to be something measurable to differentiate between them. It still strikes me as being set up back-to-front- rather than telling someone how I want them to play (short passing, stay back etc.), I'm picking a role and hoping the instructions reflect what I want it to, rather than picking a few key areas of how I want them should play and then them suggesting a role to fill the blanks. The point about suitability is also key, as you quite rightly mention. In directing the player towards disjointed overall tactics through misleading feedback, it gives the impression things are sound, without caution of the effect on the overall tactic. That should be where an Assistant Manager comes in, highlighting conflicts that can then be amended or ignored.
  4. I've never really played around much with regional divisions, so it's all a bit trial and error at the moment. The setup I currently have is four divisions of 8 teams, representing regions. This seems to work fine, with the correct teams in the correct places, and a Parent Competition to house them all in. So far, so good. However, I'm not sure how to implement the next bit- I'd like to take the top finisher in each of these divisions, and put them into an end-of-season 4-team knockout competition to determine an overall champion. I'm not quite following the setup for this- how can I tell the Editor that the regional league winners qualify for this competition, and where should this competition fall in relation to the League Parent Competition? Any advice or step-by-step would be much appreciated. Also, should state I'm editing FM15, but I get the impression the Editor hasn't exactly come on leaps and bounds in later editions.
  5. I have to confess, it always surprises me when I'm reminded the game has sound as an option at all. If it is as you say, I agree- if it's gonna be there, it should have some relation to the actual attendance.
  6. I don't have FM18, so I can't actually see any of the data, but I love the sound of this DB, and I'd be interested in taking a look at getting some artwork together for it, as that's right up my street. At the moment, I'm waiting for my own PC to come back (using my partner's laptop), so I'm a little tight on what software I have at my disposition, but if you can give me some idea of things you're interested in being included (team names, kit colours and styles, badge styles, sponsors etc.)- whatever you've got or know about the world- I would be happy to make some plans for longer-term graphical work for it. Obviously, ideally there'd be an Excel document or something I could look at for team names and colours? Some examples of things I've been involved with in the past, with graphic examples. Milo Bloom's awesome FM12/13 fictional American Projects Database: My own fictional FM15 database, that unfortunately never saw the light of day in any kind of public release: My own fictional FM14 database, which included "Be A Player":
  7. Gillingham have been attempting to move to a 24,000-seater stadium (with space for expansion and a whole complex around it) for years. Our average attendance last season was just over 5k.
  8. There is something to be said for having some things left to the imagination- you don't get the frustration of the visual representation of the ME doing things you feel are unrealistic or dumb. Can you enjoy a football match by listening to it on the radio? Certainly. And if you still want to watch highlights later, you can do that too.
  9. Lawlore

    Custom logos and kits

    No, they will not cause crash dumps. If they do not work properly, they will not appear, but the game will still be OK.
  10. Lawlore

    Custom logos and kits

    You're more likely to encounter graphics just not appearing than them causing crashes. The game defaults back to the original graphics.
  11. The problem being that many think they are picking "rock" from what they're inputting, when actually the game reads their tactics as "rock-shaped lump of wax"- something that doesn't make much sense and won't break scissors- or if it does, not in the way or for the reasons that the manager intended.
  12. Lawlore

    Favorite FM Series

    Football Manager Live, aka "pretty much my entire life" between 2009 and mid-2011. Featuring stadium building, different fanbases, youth academies, and all kinds of user-created content. Plus developments which ultimately became the popular FM12 match engine. Most addictive thing I've ever known, despite the flaws- just unfortunately never found a way of making it sustainable.
  13. Lawlore

    Favorite FM Series

    Again, the actual best version (FML) isn't listed, so I consider this poll null and void.
  14. Straying from the point of the thread, but this is what got me in the end, nail on head. The last version I bought was FM15, having put in 3000+ hours on FM12 and FM15, and 2000+ on FM13 & FM14. I've grown up with the game- from the Amiga days of the original CMs, through playing FML 10+ hours a day, every day, during its existence, to being a reasonably active part of this forum back at its peak. I've written stories in the story forum, I've done a shedload of extra-curricular graphics work and I've got neck-deep in editing in the Editors Hideaway. I was interviewed as a Tester at one point, and I've got a very tatty copy of the "Ruined My Life" book. But that problem, the inescapable importance of those four game concepts to being able to play the game in any way, shape or form, cured me of my FM addiction. I suppose ultimately it's a good thing for my life, but I wasn't really crying out for a cure. I don't doubt the sure the sales figures of the game are amazing, and I'm sure they're going from strength to strength. FM is still the only serious player in this game, even moreso with FIFA Manager dying a death. But playing the game, you're not put into the seat of being a football manager any more. You're put into the seat of someone playing a game. These are not football concepts- they are FM concepts. What they are, what they mean and what they do, especially their (often contradictory) relation with one another, is not intuitive in the slightest, bears no relation to football management, and is extremely poorly explained in-game. It is no surprise people end up downloading exploit tactics, potentially not even realising that's why they work, or come to forums with complete misunderstandings. Look at herne79's recent explanation about how much stock should be put into the colour of circles- buried deep in a thread, years after they've been introduced as a game concept, and yet still news to regular forum goers in that thread, such as RBKalle. The game says nothing explicit about them, and natural association tells you that green is good and red is bad, so you want them all green and heaven help you if any of them are red. The same is true of, for example, team talk feedback, where again, the reaction is actually more nuanced than good/bad- yet that is what the game is suggesting is happening from the colouring- obviously, this may have been changed since FM15. Neither of those examples have anything to do with being a football manager, and everything to do with choices made in FM's development that take it away from football management and towards being a separate entity from football altogether. Directing people to the Tactics Forum should be because they are interested in tactics, not because they are struggling to get their team to do what they want them to, and yet this is all too often the case. The challenge of the game is supposed to be overcoming an opposing AI manager, not overcoming the UI to try and get your players to do what you ask of them. For a game series that built its reputation off of letting your imagination run wild as you stepped into the hot seat as a real football manager, the direction the series is moving is massively sad to me.
  15. Lawlore

    Favorite FM Series

    As others have said, FM12 had flaws which made it pretty easy to find a formula to repeat and be successful, negating a lot of everything else. A lot of it boiled down to having a pacy strike force, as the defenders weren't great at dealing with through balls or direct dribbling. Combine that with it being the last engine without collision detection- ie, the "best" version of that engine- and the nostalgia's understandable. It was a lot of fun, but certainly felt a bit more arcadey than FM usually does. For me personally, it was also the version which I learned to get to grips with the Editor with, which has been getting slightly worse with each new iteration. Still wasn't as good as FML, though