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  1. Monday, 23rd May 2033 Contract Negotiations with Nour Mejri and his agent, Mohamed Ali Kordi. "Please, Mohamed, can I finish?" "Go ahead." It's been a long morning already (although a check of the watch shows we're actually now into the afternoon), and this meeting feels like it's been going round in circles. It hasn't been helped by the language barriers in play- we started with me speaking barely adequate Portuguese to Nour, whose lessons are just about up to "I like football" and "I have a cat". He's a good lad, but that meant I had to dumb things waaaaay down, and he then
  2. Saturday, 19th February, 2033 Phone Call with Cassiano Martins, manager of Palmeiras "Twenty." "Done." That, I did not expect. On the other end of the phone was Cassiano Martins, the former Brazil manager, and in those two words, it seemed that we'd come to an agreement for the sale of our 22-year-old goal machine, Iuri. Last season he hit 33 in 46 games, playing as the deeper of two strikers. In theory, he was supposed to be the supply man to whoever he was partnered with, but in practice, he was just a terrier inside the box, always wanting the ball, and always looking to stic
  3. Monday, 14th February, 2033 Pre-Match Press Conference (CA Bragatino vs. Ponte Preta, São Paulo State Championship) "Honestly? I see it as vindication. I think that- maybe for the first time- there was some doubt in some quarters about my willingness to open the chequebook, about my judgement in the transfer market. Those 24 hours were an opportunity for the naysayers and doom-mongers to ramp up their rhetoric." I wasn't waiting for the interpreter to catch up- I knew some of the words might have required a moment or two's consideration, but I trusted him to get across what I meant
  4. Monday, 14th April 2031 I'm sorry. That last entry- that was immature of me. Suffice to say, frustration got the better of me- the sight of seeing Bolton Wanderers breathing down our neck, having been so far clear of them. Their rampage coming at just the time that we can't buy a win. I should probably apologise to the team, as well. Part of it is my fault- my focus has clearly not been completely on the job in hand, and now we're at risk of losing everything we've worked hard for. To not go up this season, after the season we've had, would be heartbreaking. Luton Town
  5. "Suicide is painless, it brings on many changes" - Theme from M*A*S*H Friday, 11th April 2031 Oldham Athletic 0-1 Tranmere Rovers (N'Diaye 38) Starting Lineup vs. Tranmere Rovers [1] GK Thomas ZAVADIL [23] DL Warren McMANUS 73 10 [58] DC Augustine BALOGUN 72 8 76 7 [70] DC George OGUDE 23 58 70 56 [56] DR Roger PAXMAN 1 [72] ML Liam THORN (Turner 67) [8] MC Ken RANGER (c) [76] MC Dan SAMPSON (Owens 57) [7] MR David SNODIN [73] SC Danny COLLINS (Prügger 67) [10] SC Yaw BOATENG Subs: Maslen-Jones, Edge, Popp, Lowe, Owens, Prügger, Tur
  6. Although from your screenshots I can't see a specific reason, it's quite interesting that the agent feedback in the first image is that the client isn't interested in speaking to you. That's probably a part of it- the demands would be inflated because he isn't convinced that it's the right move (despite your scout's verdict that he'd be extremely interested). He has also literally just won the Under 20's World Cup, so his stock is at its highest so far- potentially, he might think he can move to a bigger club than Roma, even after fluking Serie A last season. I'd be interested if anyone e
  7. "Ah, the waiting game sucks. Let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos!" - Homer Simpson Thursday, 10th April 2031 It's been a long couple of days- sorry for the lack of updates. A whole lot of stuff going on, some good, some bad, most of it somewhere in between. I'll try and make sense of some of it. First, Monday. So, on Sunday afternoon, I got a text that I was being summoned down to the FA Headquarters in London to explain my comments about Danny Collins' disallowed goal. So, I drove down there- five bloody hours wtih traffic- and I explained them: he was onside and the goal shou
  8. "At the moment, if we go behind, we lose. That needs to change." - Lawlore, two posts ago. Saturday, 5th April 2031 Oldham Athletic (Ranger 18, Collins 88) 2-4 Leyton Orient (May 2, Daborn 7, Henry 45, Gough 90+3) Let me just repeat that quote at the top, in case anyone skipped those italics. "At the moment, if we go behind, we lose. That needs to change." - Lawlore, just two poxy posts ago. We were 2-0 down in the first ten minutes. Against Bolton, we were quick out of the blocks but they were able to hold us at bay. Today, we were 2-0 down before half the team had even
  9. "You can't win anything with kids" - Alan Hansen Monday, 31st March 2031 In the midst of all the league drama comes a sharp reminder that mine is not the only contract due to expire at the end of the season. Today's the day to be brutal- to decide whether players get a new offer or not. The thing is, for us to be where we are now, even competing for promotion places, an overhaul of the squad was necessary last summer- and it's proved very successful. The flip side of that is we've had a lot of people who just weren't in the plans this season, who have been sent out on loan to va
  10. "Where would his torture be, indeed, if at every step the hope of succeeding upheld him?" - Albert Camus Saturday, 29th March 2031 Bolton Wanderers (Fletcher 12, Gooden 51, 54) 3-0 Oldham Athletic This. This is exactly the problem. This is exactly why I think that if we go up this season, next season we will struggle game after game. And, frankly, it's been the problem all season- if we fall behind, we don't get back into games. Starting Lineup vs. Bolton Wanderers [1] GK Thomas ZAVADIL [6] DL Lucas BRANNAN (Paxman 45) 11 10 [58] DC Augustine BALOG
  11. Thanks tenthreeleader, really appreciate your words. "I'm tired of rumors starting I'm sick of being followed I'm tired of people lying, Saying what they want about me" - "Rumors" by Lindsay Lohan. Sue me. Monday, 24th March 2031 It's funny- you wait and wait for a realistic job opening to come available, and then two come along at once. And, while their current circumstances are similar, the two clubs would represent very different next steps. At 11am, Reading, currently sitting 12th in the Championship, confirmed the departure of their manager, Sergio Tejada. The Sp
  12. "Stay calm and hold your nerves. That's the best way to win the battle." - Rishav DebRoy Saturday, 22nd March 3031 Oldham Athletic (Boateng 45+1) 1-0 Mansfield Town Well, the shake-up came, although not quite as much as I'd liked. With Stefan Prügger and Christopher Lloyd going off on international duty, I figured we'd give Gabriele Nicoli a chance out on the left. He's been way down the pecking order since signing at the end of January, but actually has shown a bit of potential in retraining out wide. There may have been more natural options to fill in for Lloyd, but he earned his c
  13. "You have a meeting to make a decision, not to decide on the question." - Bill Gates Monday, 17th March 2031 "Right, lads, remember, team meeting in after this afternoon's session. Shouldn't take more than 10, 15 minutes- just want to sit down and make sure our heads are all in the same place." Usually I'd expect a bit of dissent at arranging a meeting for immediately after training- most of the lads want to go off and do their own thing. But today, there seems to be very little by way of complaint- there's an unspoken agreement that after two defeats there may be a few things w
  14. "Beware the Ides of March" - "Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare Saturday, 15th March 2031 Earlier in the season, we had a spell of six games without a win: Exeter City, Chesterfield, Notts County, Mansfield Town, Bolton Wanderers and Leyton Orient. Two draws, with Mansfield and Orient, the other four were defeats, caused chiefly by an inability to score goals. We have only not scored in one league game since then. Now, we find ourselves midway through that same run of games, and although we got a measure of revenge on Exeter, of course Chesterfield have just inflicted that u
  15. "It’s the way it is, you know? Everything must come to an end, the drip finally stops." - Herb, Bojack Horseman Tuesday, 11th March 2031 Chesterfield (Woods 14, Dean 29, Atkinson 46) 3-1 Oldham (Lloyd 87) Bugger. Bolton 1-1 Oxford Swindon 2-0 Birmingham Pl W D L GD Pts ====================================================================================================== [1] Oldham Athletic 37 25 4 8 +40 79 [2] Bolton Wanderers 37 21 10 6 +27 73 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3] Birmingham City
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