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  1. Yeah, if you're starting with lowest rep etc. , you're gonna end up being offered to low-value leagues. Adaptability and second nationality may help- for French and German league, perhaps put Swiss, as that might give you language skills that would otherwise be another hurdle? Despite some flirting with England, still haven't really made it to the big leagues yet myself...
  2. This post hits one of the issues with more recent versions of FM right on the head. The game is complex, which is good. The game's complexity is poorly explained and represented in-game, which is bad. That final paragraph is heartbreaking- to my eyes, what's being described is not the game being "hard", but the game being inaccessible and obtuse.
  3. FM stopped being an annual purchase for me around 2015- checking back on Steam, I poured about 3,500 hours into it back then, same with FM12, with those in between a bit lower. I bought and am still getting on with FM19, but it's only been 1,200 hours in two years- it's fine, but it's nothing amazing. I didn't bother taking much of a look at FM20, because of the glacial, two-steps-forwards-one-step-back way in which the series had been improving- it's mostly just a facelift and a sledgehammer to the ME which may or may not improve things. What probably frustrates me most is the lack of FM
  4. Summary: A regen signing was apparently born in 2018, making him 7 years old (game year is 2025). He also has a full playing history since 2018. Looks like it must be a birthday glitch of some kind. There is no custom data in the DB, just a skin, and false names on at game start. Files Uploaded to the SI Cloud Service: last save overwrite backup.fm
  5. So, how dead is this? NOT AT ALL! I mean, my desktop PC died a death before Xmas, so I've been stuck using the girlfriend's laptop since then. No FM Editor going on there, unfortunately. However, I now have a shiny new PC and am currently populating it with Steam's finest. Once I have the Editor redownloaded, I'll see where the latest save file is at (saved to an external HD before the PC died) and provide a more in-depth update. Off the top of my head, I believe I had just got the regional Franxia league system with an end-of-season playoff working. In the mean time, I've bee
  6. In the other thread, timbo's example, the Wolfsburg schedule- my own equivalent is attached. On that page, the dashes are not clickable- this is with this as the only nation/league loaded, and with my manager unemployed. I have been able to attend other matches by going through to the date as mentioned by Blue Lou in the other thread. Thinking this may be looking like one for the bugs forum, if it isn't deliberate?
  7. @HUNT3R The dash on a team's Schedule page is no longer clickable; you have to navigate to that date's fixtures (which can be done by clicking the competition) to attend.
  8. Thank you all. Bit odd that it's become more roundabout to do, but I'm glad it's still possible.
  9. In previous versions, it was possible to attend other matches as a spectator by pressing "View" on the schedule, particularly when unemployed, prompting speculation about why you were there. It's quite handy for testing edited graphics and database elements. This seems to have been removed- is there another way to do it?
  10. You need to highlight the "Text" part, and change the colours there. At the moment, you have the "Icon" highlighted.
  11. Reading this thread start to finish, I would be interested to know if @wrezanini1 ever played Football Manager Live? Between the fantasy elements, the online play-at-your-own-pace style, and the discussions about development, it seems like the black sheep of the FM family would've been right up your street.
  12. So, I've started with Franxia this time around- here's a sneak peek at the teams in their leagues and a few of the graphics for the top side in the country, Danecaster Arrows. The idea behind the nation is one where there is about a 50/50 split between English and French citizens, having been settled by both at different times, with the nation replacing New Caledonia in the database. The basic structure of the Franxia League is two evenly-matched divisions, the Franxia English League and the Franxia French League, with each featuring teams based in either English or French cities. Both le
  13. So, I'm free thinking here, and one of the areas that I think FM doesn't do a great job of is letting me be the manager. It lets me manage, but it doesn't let me inject my personality, as the manager, into the way in which the team is run. Yes, it allows me to make decisions on what I do and don't delegate, and it allows me to decide on punishments when they occur. But that is true of me and every other manager playing the game. In a previous thread, some time ago now, I pointed out that one of my biggest bugbears with the series was being told "there isn't a suitable reason to hold a tea
  14. Motorsport Manager is worth a look, seems to have some FM influence in it, and plays really nicely. For me, it would be a music management sim with FM's stylings. Rob Cooper gave a taste of the sort of depth that could be achieved before he joined SI with his Chart Wars series, and there still hasn't really been any major dominant game in that genre that's really let you sink your teeth into it. If someone could nudge him to get on with a sequel, I'd much appreciate it.
  15. That is correct. If you want a South African naming set, you will need to edit an existing country or extinct one that shares it.
  16. Ok, a minor update. To get this underway, I've been consolidating the existing graphics to see where the project was left previously and where there's still more work on that side to be done. The results are as follows: Marblemoor (64 league teams, 64 non-league) - all Division 1-4 teams have kits and badges created. About 50% of non-league teams have kits created, with a few also having badges. Franxia (32) - all teams in both regional divisions have kits and badges created. New Elizabeth (32) - all teams in all four regional leagues have kits and badges created. Baird Col
  17. Thanks. The previous version had one of the nations basically complete and functional with 18 players per team and all the graphics set up, so I'm optimistic there can be good progress.
  18. The Four Nations Project: A fictional database by Lawlore Four years ago, I attempted an ambitious project, which never quite saw the light of day. With the release of FM19, I'm that little bit older and wiser, and I'm up for trying again. The Concept Four completely fictional nations, separated from the rest of the world, with only players from those four nations eligible. Essentially, this is a mini fictional world. The Nations & Competitions Marblemoor - Four national divisions, each containing 16 teams. Three promoted, three relegated. Bottom division ha
  19. Has anyone ever taken the time to compile the hard-coded nation information on FM- the stuff that (as far as I'm aware) can't be edited? Specifically, I'm thinking about things like regen name origin (e.g. USA has predominantly English and Spanish naming conventions) and regen skin colour (e.g. Caribbean nations have predominantly black regens). I'm looking to create some fictional nations for a DB, but didn't take these factors into consideration last time, so the regens of the nations I chose to edit didn't really align well with the naming conventions/ethnic origin supposed in the fict
  20. So... just a quick one. On the tactics page, an orange curved line has appeared connecting two of my central defenders. I can't seem to find any explanation for what it is, what it means or where it came from. Anyone help me out?
  21. I'm leaning very much towards yes regarding it violating GDPR. It needs to be opt-in, not opt-out.
  22. I'll generally also start as Gillingham FC for my first save to get a grip on the game, though my long save is usually an unemployed start.
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