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  1. So, how are things going, @Lawlore ? My apologies if it sounds i'm trying to rush you. I assure you that is not the case. Just wondering how are your progressing with it.
  2. You have FCP on the first division and on the second division as well.
  3. This is an amazing ideia. LOVE IT. Anxious to get started. Congrats on the work and thank you in advance.
  4. Everything looks great. As far as mistakes, i don't have the knowledge to know if something is wrong. I'm portuguese and i would have to look one by one, with the help of Google, to know if something is wrong. Thank you so much for this. Looking forward to the rest of the logos, when Dan releases the 22 level database.
  5. Have been using Dan's DB for a while. I'll start random safe and i'll wait until Dan releases the full DB with leve 17 or 22, whatever he chooses. Not to sound entitled @Dan BHTFC, but are you estimating a December release for the full DB? Thank you for all the work you do man! Really awesome stuff.
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