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  1. I've got a bit of an issue with the Advanced Rules editor when editing youth leagues on a German league file. I'm sorting my U19 leagues by local regions, and when I click add under local region it comes up as South-East (I think this is default) however when I try changing it to another region (ie Rhineland-Palatinate) it just stays on South-East. Any ideas on how to get them to change?
  2. Fair enough mate, fingers crossed there's two versions but won't be upset if there isn't.
  3. Will there be a version released that has the county cups disabled like the FM2013 release? Alternatively does membership to the county cups change based on teams rising up / down the pyramid?
  4. After getting drawn against Edmonton in the playoffs (I know, I know) I clicked the matchups tabs to see how season series went. We had won all 4 games in the season series v Edmonton, however the matchups tab is only showing I got 7 points against them when in reality I got 8/8 (won the 4-4 game in the SO 2-1). My actual season record+points total is correct having counted them up, it's just displaying incorrectly on the matchups tab. Not a particular big issue by any means, but thought I'd log it here regardless.
  5. Yep, I've had the same issue when I've played Buffalo, except as Anaheim instead of Pittsburgh - but pretty much all teams with a black home have clashed with Buffalo so far on my game. I've also seen Minnesota and Colorado both wearing their home jerseys in a game, which is a similar colour clash.
  6. As title says. NHL aren't really wearing their white road jerseys at all. They do very occasionally, but more often then not both teams are wearing their home coloured jerseys.
  7. Seems the years and goals have been flipped the wrong way around under team's history page for 'Most goals by a rookie'. Seems to be happening for all teams in the game that have a 'Most goals by a rookie' entry in the database. IE It's saying Chris Kunitz scored 2006 goals in 19-20 for Anaheim (instead of 19 goals in 2005-06), Rick Marin scored 1971 goals in 44-45 for Buffalo (instead of 44 goals in 1971-72) etc
  8. I'd like to see the game deal better with B/U23 teams as I think the AI struggles big time with them currently. I know that in Germany the AI deals with them very poorly and within a year or two most of the U23 teams are dwindled down to just a couple of players, when in reality most professional German clubs have a full U23 squad and quite a bit of recruitment goes into those squads both for U23 players and usually a couple of veteran players. Not sure if it's changed, but player development in those squads hasn't been great in the past either. Players tended to have their development stall as despite playing regularly in the U23 squad it wouldn't be regarded as 'match practice' and thus they wouldn't develop, even if your U23 team played in the 3.Liga. And yet when they were loaned to a 3.Liga/Regionalliga team they would be fine in terms of match practice and development, which seems a bit silly as they are playing at the same level of football.
  9. IIRC non loaded leagues don't have chairmen/owners etc and won't have takeovers either. So when you loaded the league and made it playable, those teams will need to get an owner and appoint a chairman.
  10. It seems that attendances in finals are pretty static and similar no matter who plays, especially in League 1/League 2. For the record, I am using FM13 but a quick look also at FM14 seemed to indicate the same thing. Apologies for the long post coming up. Over a 10 year test: Championship Final: 13/14: 89,453 (Cardiff v Aston Villa) 14/15: 87,999 (Blackburn v Ipswich) 15/16: 90,000 (West Ham v Southampton) 16/17: 87,999 (Millwall v Hull) 17/18: 90,000 (Sunderland v Burnley) 18/19: 88,000 (Watford v Burnley) 19/20: 87,999 (Reading v Burnley) 20/21: 88,003 (Middlesbrough v Burnley) 21/22: 89,847 (Cardiff v Aston Villa) 22/23: 87,995 (QPR v Peterborough) League One Final: 13/14: 51,761 (Millwall v Shrewsbury) 14/15: 67,366 (Barnsley v Sheff Utd) 15/16: 51,753 (Bristol City v Rochdale) 16/17: 51,761 (Hartepool v Sheff Utd) 17/18: 51,758 (Barnsley v Notts County) 18/19: 51,756 (Notts County v Scunthorpe) 19/20: 51,760 (Wycombe v Birmingham) 20/21: 51,758 (Birmingham v Carlisle) 21/22: 51,762 (Brighton v Coventry) 22/23: 51,761 (Chesterfield v Crewe) League Two Final: 13/14: 51,759 (Bury v Gillingham) 14/15: 51,764 (Oldham v Torquay) 15/16: 51,762 (Carlisle v Bury) 16/17: 51,757 (Accrington v Plymouth) 17/18: 51,760 (Plymouth v York) 18/19: 51,762 (York v Luton) 19/20: 51,751 (Wrexham v Plymouth) 20/21: 51,753 (Kidderminster v Altrincham) 21/22: 51,753 (Altrincham v Yeovil) 22/23: 51,760 (Grimsby v Oxford) Conference Premier Final: 13/14: 38,821 (Grimsby v Macclesfield) 14/15: 38,823 (Kidderminster v Bristol Rovers) 15/16: 38,827 (Forest Green v Macclesfield) 16/17: 38,827 (Barrow v Grimsby) 17/18: 38,821 (Grimsby v Lincoln) 18/19: 38,818 (Altrincham v Tamworth) 19/20: 38,822 (Yeovil v Lincoln) 20/21: 38,813 (Leicester v Dartford) 21/22: 38,820 (Dartford v Tranmere) 22/23: 38,819 (Bristol Rovers v Tranmere) Championship seems ok, certainly not as static as the other leagues as there is some differences compared to the other leagues. But League 1/2 is just bizzare 19/20 playoff finals have between 51,750-51,765 attendance with only one outlier. Conference is also strange, I struggle to see how every final would have a range of 38,813-38,827. Specially the likes of Altrincham v Tamworth who only got about 10k fans combined for their home semi finals, compared to say a Leicester playing in the final (who got 29,000 through the gate for their semi final) for example. Certainly not game breaking, or close to it. More of an odd quirk with how the playoff final attendances are currently calculated.
  11. Does it matter if these are not ticked, or a day hasn't been chosen? It seems the teams in question without it have had their fixtures generate just fine (IE they are playing most of their home games on Saturday like rest of league with some midweek matches thrown in). Appreciate any replies, cheers! EDIT: I'm using an advanced editor file that has set matchdays for each league, do these override the club home matchday option?
  12. Making Reserves and U19 leagues, I select them to be 'Regional Divisions' under type. However when I tick the local regions box and go to add local regions it adds one (South-East England) but when I go to change it (say to Rhineland-Palatinate) it turns blank, but in the details panel it still says South-East as shown here: http://oi59.tinypic.com/34exhs0.jpg This happened to me in the FM13 editor as well, whether it be adding English local regions to reserve leagues or German ones. Any help with this would be appreciated.
  13. Great to hear mate, never leave us again But seriously, good to see issue fixed and welcome back!
  14. Any chance the mini patch update (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/389113-Football-Manager-2014-14.3.1-Update-Released?p=9547690&viewfull=1#post9547690) has changed anything in regards to this file? I saw this one: EDITOR - Fixed edited teams being extracted into wrong division But not sure if that relates to the issue this file is having.
  15. Yeah LLM is the reason for me as well haha. I only did a quick test with Hampton and Richmond for 10 years on a save with Hampton with a population and without one and their average attendance after promotion to the BSS. In the one without a population set they averaged around 600-800 fans, while the one with a population set averaged about 800-1000. This is probably due to them fighting higher up the league however (mid lower table in game without population set, playoff contenders with population set). My big concern would still be whether it stunts the potential growth of a team, as I read that a city population can have a potential impact on a new stadium, and with the city being Hampton (London) and not London this would mean technically it has an undetermined population. Another example would be Gorton, which is apparently an area of Manchester. Would a club based there have their growth stunted because Gorton is listed with no set inhabitants, even though it's actually located in Manchester? Hopefully a mod or someone with an in depth knowledge of this area of the game can answer it.
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