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  1. Getting the full result of the Man City - Spurs game despite it being only an hour since kick off? Must be match fixing :-P
  2. Bolton is the one that springs to mind.
  3. After God told him to move out of his basement and earn his own money, Jesus took a job at McDonald's.
  4. I think it's a sign of spoiled fans when a 3-0 win away from home is a "let-down".
  5. I've had one player who reacted badly to me congratulating him on his first international goal. He was worried that everybody would now expect him to score regularly for his country. That made sense, and also told me that he doesn't handle pressure well. I then had to try and calm him down, although the reply I really wanted to give him - "Don't be silly, you're a central defender" - wasn't an option Maybe the bad reactions are more linked to how they handle pressure than reputation? Because I haven't experienced it with any other players.
  6. Is no one else still playing as Ajax? I just finished my first season with them. Transfers: Not much to write about here. Sold Moisander and Tete during pre-season and Sigthorsson and Klaassen in January. The only incoming transfers were making Milik and Zimling permanent in January and a couple of young players bought by Wim Jonk. Dutch Super Cup: Won this after a thrilling match. We went into the break 1-3 down, but then scored two in the second half to take it to extra time where we scored a further three goals to land at the final result 6-3! Dutch Cup: After both PSV and Feyenoord
  7. Quite possibly the most insane performance from a player I've ever seen om FM. Klaassen scored two goals and received two yellow cards, all within 14 minutes. Now I'm not really sure whether I should be praising him or berating him!
  8. Huh. I don't know then. The only thing I can think of is that the new stadium is still in the planning phase - maybe it'll show as soon as it moves into the building phase?
  9. I think if you go to the facilities page of your club, it'll say something like "Due to move into the new 40,000 capacity NAC Breda Stadium on 15th August 2022" somewhere on that.
  10. He is a U18 coach to be fair, so at least he'll avoid that situation. Although he might risk being mistaken for a player at the training ground
  11. Not sure if it's funny per se, but this is the youngest coach I've ever seen on FM:
  12. Thanks. It makes sense that his performances are helped by those other attributes. And I hadn't even considered the hidden ones. I'm definitely going to give him a chance in the first team - I've just been baffled by his good loan spells since at first glance he doesn't exactly seem great.
  13. Meet Giuseppe Mastria, a young newgen that my HoYD bought two years ago: Giuseppe is a left back. Now, looking at his attributes, he doesn't appear to be a particularly good left back. Poor tackling and marking, very low aggression and flair, and he can't really dribble or cross the ball either. So why is he still at the club? Well: He's done very well away on loan. And yes, he's been played as a left back there. He's also plays well for the Italian U19's/U21's. Which leads me to my question: Why is he doing so well? Are his high teamwork and work rate really enough to offset his shor
  14. Just downloaded this, great job. A couple of missed transfers I've seen: Left back Luke Giverin has signed for Hyde FC. Scout Erik Larsen now works for Danish team AGF.
  15. Season 1: A: £0 on 0 players B: - C: - Season 2: A: roughly £500k in loan fees on one player B: about 2% C: none Season 3: A: £0 on 0 players B: - C: - Season 4: A: £15,5m on one player; got another one on a free B: a little less than 50% C: none Season 5: £0 on 0 players B: - C: - I haven't included youth players bought by my HoYD who has a tendency to get his business done on deadline day I definitely spend more time on deadline days talking to journalists than making player purchases.
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