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  1. Thank you We will definitely be looking to develop them both. Even if it’s just to cash in. Cheers man —- I do have updates ready to go, but my internet is down atm, so everything is on hold until it’s working again.
  2. As son as the season ended I received this. Well...at least it's a step towards what we need. We are in for a rough ol' season though
  3. SRL88's Career - Sporting Club Lyon - February 2021 Championnat National A sensational end to the season that not only saw us promoted, and win the league, but do so in extremely comfortable fashion. After snatching a draw at home to Bastia in a game we absolutely dominated, we went on a fantastic run towards the title. We comfortably beat Boulogne away from home, the two goals we conceded coming in the final five minutes (frustratingly), before a huge win away to Concameau which handed us the title. From there on it was about seeing the games through and the players s
  4. We've done it! And with 4 games to spare too! --- Just the excellent messages we received after gaining promotion...and two-years ahead of schedule too! --- Holy **** That's a huge transfer budget for a club like us.
  5. SRL88's Career - Sporting Club Lyon - February 2021 Championnat National Although it looks a frustrating month on paper somewhat, it's one that pushes us ever closer to that line, especially given results from our main rivals. We really made hard work of things to start off the month against FC Bourg. Trailing at the break, we put in a sensational second half performance to turn the game on it's head. We conceded in stoppage time, but held on for the three points. Trailing again against QRM, we turned another game around to lead. Once again though, we couldn't see stop
  6. So in come the youngsters. Given the level we're at, I don't hold amazing hope, with the two wingers being the stand-outs. Louis Vallet Bastien Rey
  7. Feel like I’m doing a press conference here, but it’s one game at a time Fingers crossed we get over the line though.
  8. One of our fixtures in March brought about this message. Not bad for a team that was promoted from the lower levels of France just five years ago.
  9. This is potentially devastating news, as JPC as he has become known, is easily one of our better players. A huge injury in an important game against US Orleans could have a big impact on our promotion push. It's now time for youngster Mathis Louiserre to step in.
  10. SRL88's Career - Sporting Club Lyon - February 2021 Championnat National A weird ol' month in which the two games where we dropped points were at home, and we won both games on the road, but nonetheless, we sit nicely at the top of the table. Following just our second defeat of the campaign against Creteil, we looked to bounce back against Stade Lavallois but failed to do so. Leading 2-1 going into the final few minutes we couldn't hold on as some sloppy defending cost us all three points. We followed that up with a bang average performance against FC Sete. Nowhere nea
  11. SRL88's Career - Sporting Club Lyon - January 2021 Championnat National The return from the winter break started out really well, but I can't help feeling a little flat at the end of the month. A controlled and comfortable performance began the new year as an early goal gave us a win. That was followed up by another controlled performance, where although we took our time to break the deadlock, the result was never in question once we got it. A late goal sealing all three points. Another win over a solid Red Star team followed that with two quickfire goals, but the mont
  12. Dude, you're doing fantastic! Excellent campaign nonetheless! Good work in Europe and domestically.
  13. lots and lots of youth challenges this year . Could be interesting come awards time. Good luck with this
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