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  1. Good Player & Team Guide Official Forum Rulebook Hello everyone Welcome to the Good Player & Team Guide Forum. In here, we offer advice related to anything to players and teams. What does that mean? Well, if you have any questions to ask relating to a specific player or team from what is the best role for X player, or who should I sign for X team etc, then this is the place for you. Please Note: The majority of users who post in these Forums are English speaking, so please ensure that you post in English. This enables users to discuss your matters and/or offer you advice. If your English isn’t the best, it isn’t something to worry about too much as people will be patient and helpful. There are local language forums for Dutch, French, Italian & Spanish speaking users. Rules - Shortened Please ensure that the information you are wanting to post is done so in the correct forum. As mentioned, this is the Good Player & Team Guide, so please ensure the information you wish to post is specific to this Forum, and please ensure that you post in the correct thread. All relevant threads can be found here - This is a sticky at the top of the Good Player & Team Guide. There is no excuse for missing it. When creating a new thread, please make the title descriptive, but under no circumstances use any ‘attention grabbers’ such as *** in the title. Give a suitable amount of information when creating a new thread. This is for the other users benefit. When talking about a player, whether it be in a team thread or a player thread, Do Not post CA or PA without using the spoiler tags. Do not abuse other members under any circumstances. Doing so will likely result in you receiving an infraction. Please, when posting ensure that you do not post using over excessive foul language. We’re all humans, and we do swear from time to time, but remember, these forums are used by people of all ages and are classed as family forums. Do not argue with other users. If you feel that someone has posted something which you think they shouldn’t have, then please use the report function in the thread and the matter will be resolved by the Moderators. Text talk is not permitted in the forums. Please use ‘proper’ English at all times. POSTING IN CAPITALS. Please do not post in capital letters. It is classed as shouting and can result in you receiving an infraction or warning. Remember, this is just the short version of the Rulebook. To see the full version, please continue reading. Rules - Extended As mentioned, please ensure that before posting, that you are posting in the correct part of the Forum. If you have come to the conclusion that you are, then you also need to ensure that you are going to post in the correct thread. As linked above, the Official Forum Links Thread lists all the relevant threads created for use in the Good Player & Team Guide. Before creating a new thread, please check to see if there is a thread created to cover the information which you need. For example, if you wish to ask a question regarding formations at Arsenal FC, then please check the Official Forum Links Thread for the Arsenal Team Guide and ask in there. If the question isn’t answered straight away, under no circumstances does that give you the right to create a new thread to get your question answered. If you do, the thread will be closed by the moderators and you will be linked to the correct thread anyway. Please, be patient, and in time your question will be answered. The users here in the Good Player & Team Guide are very helpful folk, and they will try and give you the best advice they can to help you along your way. If you post in a thread, that thread will automatically go to the very top of the Good Player & Team Guide Forum which means it will be one of the first threads people will see when they enter this part of the Forum. Before creating a Team Guide, please ensure that you have permission to do so from one of the moderators. This isn’t being pedantic, it is just making sure that we don’t have two, three or four of the same thread created by numerous users when all the linked threads are in the Official Forum Links. You do not need permission to create a Player Thread, but as mentioned, please refer to the Official Forum Links before creating a Player Thread for the same reason as mentioned before. When creating a Player Thread, you must include a screenshot of the player, and a suitable amount of information about the player. To take a screenshot from Football Manager, please use this guide to do so. If the thread you create does not include the said information, then the thread is likely to be closed by a moderator without notice. The general belief is that the screenshot is taken at the beginning of the game, so that the player has the same stats as on other user’s games. It is recommended that the information you give includes age, nationality, current club, information regarding player roles, how much the player would cost if you wished to buy him. A brilliant example of a Player Thread for Football Manager 2012 was created by tommonufc and his thread on Danny Welbeck. This does not mean that you need to include as much information about a player and there are other fine examples which are much more basic for you to follow as a guide. When giving advice on players, it is against the rules to openly mention what the CA or PA of a real life player is without using the spoiler tags. Many players prefer not to know these statistics as it makes the game more challenging, but posting any CA or PA of a player without the spoiler tags means they find the information out. If you wish to post CA or PA, please ensure that they are posted in the spoiler tags which can be done by typing
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