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  1. I'll give it a go, much appreciated mate. Thanks for helping with this.
  2. Thanks a lot for your help, running this on Mac and even using the default skin and clearing cache multiple times I couldn't get it working. Great mod though, looks fantastic.
  3. Not for me... 'Download complete pack' just refreshes for me unfortunately.
  4. Any chance of getting the main mega file uploaded again at all? Love this.
  5. Still no luck for me mate. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. Trying to click 'Download Complete Pack' here: https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/download-changes/17
  6. Yep what he said. The main pack containing everything seems broken, I'd love to download this
  7. It's not going to be a stadium editor. People get lambasted time after time by Miles on Twitter for suggesting features which a football 'manager' would never do (despite him contradicting himself plenty of times on that but never mind...). A stadium editor isn't going to be one of those features
  8. Got the same issue on Mac, any idea how to remove this? Such a weird bug!
  9. Completely agree with this. I know it's coming home and all that, but if France win today they win the WC imo.
  10. They literally should, it would just be a complete write-off for 90% of the population, and rightly so imo. How often does something this positive happen in the country? It's all a massive if at the moment of course mind.
  11. Forgot about that, I had the single as a kid . I haven't heard that in years and years, it's actually a bit less **** than I remember. 90's music
  12. Stuck in meetings until 5pm on Wednesday in London, I'm not risking a train back to Bristol due to the inevitable delay so Hyde Park sounds for me
  13. Heading off to Benicassim next week so already have the day off, but we booked flights for the bloody Sunday didn't we. It was booked months ago... 'You realise it's the World Cup final that day right?'.... 'yeah but as if England are going to be in it..' ffs We do have some leeway so can watch it in Barcelona but if that flight is delayed I'm just buying a later one after the final. Don't care if it costs me £200, if we win the semi, I might never get this opportunity again.
  14. He literally must be trolling. No one can possibly be this weird
  15. Yeah it got the correct reaction. Pretty much complete ignorance.
  16. Motm for me was Marcelo. Absolutely class going forward and creating chances, just a shame no one else was on the same wavelength. It's a shame to see Brazil go out. Great to see Neymar out of course but minus him, Brazil are quite a likeable side I think.
  17. Tomorrow night could be a dangerous amount of alcohol/substance consumption with an England win.
  18. Fantastic might be overkill but it shows the attitude of the players:
  19. Agree with all of the above. It's nice seeing the hunger of the players (that photo of Stones and Maguire giving it large to the Colombians is great), all the while clearly learning from the example Southgate sets and being good pro's off the pitch. The video of Stones approaching Hoddle is fantastic.
  20. Don't know what you're doing mate but it's definitely not winning
  21. The thing is I bet everyone knows someone with an attitude like westy's. And invariably they're always the guy who knows nout about football and more often than not is just desperate for attention. Utterly bizarre behaviour.
  22. Wasn't it Heartwork who claimed he'd been hit similarly before? Sure Henderson may have overplayed it a bit (who can blame him, particularly against Colombia who were particularly bad), but a hit on the chin can cause pain in the whole skull I'm sure.
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