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  1. I've heard great things about Miles Morales so planning on picking that up next - but does anyone know if you need to have played the prior game to actually get into it? My mate's strongly recommended getting the game before it, but I just won't have time to complete 2 in the near future . But naturally I'd rather get the PS5 game just for the fancy graphics.
  2. See I had loads on mine. 6 second cousins.
  3. Just a couple of things: - I'm in a surge testing area and there was no expectation that we must get a test. Our house went and voluntarily got one anyways, and it was a super quick turnaround, but if you really don't want one, you don't have to - As the others have said, it's really not that bad at all. Personally, I preferred doing it myself (some prefer to have the person there do it for them), it lets you take your time, but it's just a bit of an unusual experience. Others here have had multiple tests, if it was that bad they wouldn't voluntarily go back and get them, so don't worry
  4. Bit delayed but I also had this problem! Literally just click on the scoreboard mid-game. Or it might need to be during highlights, but it should disappear then.
  5. MyFitnessPal is really good too. Count everything you eat all day for a week or so - you'll soon see what things you can cut out to dramatically improve your weight loss.
  6. Well done mate, keep it going . I'm sure it's been mentioned before but I can't recommend Couch to 5K (or 10K) enough, there are loads of apps that have the programme on there, some of them for free. I'm not overweight but I was insanely unfit, it's not that long ago that I struggled to do the first level (jogging for 1 minute, 8 times with a rest in between each). Progressing through that, I can do a 10K no problem now and I'm looking at a half marathon next. If it worked for me it could work for you too.
  7. Yeah Curry's called me up to excitedly tell me my PlayStation had been dispatched and it's on it's way, while I was mid-FIFA game on it . Then they tried flogging me insurance of course.
  8. I had Covid in December, and while I definitely haven't suffered from 'long Covid', so much of what he describes is worryingly familiar. And mine was a 'light' case - I'd be intrigued to know if others are the same.
  9. Thanks mate - yeah there is some wage budget but only enough to get maybe 3 or 4 players in max. As for loans, are there any restrictions for the number that you can have in total, or in a playing squad, when in Serie D? I looked in the rules in-game but I couldn't see anything.
  10. I've been giving this a go with the file that places San Marino in Serie D/F so thanks very much for that. I am finding it a little too hard though compared to previous years, I know that's kind of the point but I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong? My board expect me to finish top half at the start yet the season preview has us predicted to finish bottom with 350/1 chances of winning it. Do you guys tick 'Add players to playable teams' at the beginning of it or not? I do, not sure if I should? The squad is always awful and extremely imbalanced, with no wage budget.
  11. Another for cruises. I've only done short ones but there is so much to do on them, it's incredible. Great fun with mates too.
  12. Mine came back negative initially even though I was clearly positive. Stay careful and if it gets any worse do another test @BoroPhil. Hope you feel better soon
  13. Down 300 week on week. Really good news
  14. I got mine using the HotStock app if that helps anyone. Can't recommend it enough, got it on the first site that popped up with stock.
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