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  1. Absolutely not. Once again, using hindsight to make out that Southgate did everything wrong and that you would have done better. I absolutely disagree with much of what he did, but who's to say that if he set up differently, we wouldn't have been absolutely torn a new one by Chiesa, Immobile and Insigne? We will never know whether he bottled it. We will never know if he actually did well to stay in the game. He reached the final of a major tournament for only the second time in the history of this country. Throwing out insults left and right as if he did terribly, when in reality he's anything but a bottle job.
  2. **** me Gunman your posts are always absolutely bizarre, writing with the benefit of hindsight as if choices in the first place were completely obvious and as if you would have done it perfectly every time. Everyone is a 'bottle job' and every player who isn't absolutely world class is 'awful'. Armchair football fans at their worst. You expect every game to finish 5-0 to the best team and anything less is crap. If coaching was this easy then why aren't you in charge somewhere? Southgate is not without criticism, far from it, but calling him a coward and this and that... Opinions would have been totally different if the 50:50 lottery had gone the other way and we had won the thing. When it is on a knife edge as fine as that, coming out and saying he is a coward, a loser and and an awful manager when the absolute opposite would have been said about him if luck had gone the other way only shows that the overly harsh criticism of him is totally invalid.
  3. Apart from the fact that I'd expect this team to be considerably better in 2-3 years time.
  4. Not really what I said though is it? If there was a debatable penalty decision in the Spain v Italy game, I'd have taken an interest in it. I would absolutely not have thrown my toys out of the pram over it.
  5. Very bizarre to get salty when you're not even a fan of either team though.
  6. Oh lord I was out last night but reading these pages back has been fantastic. The saltiness level in here . I honestly can't fathom how another team that you don't even support can make somebody so angry, proper perplexing stuff.
  7. Getting more nervous about this one as time goes on. England are in a bit of a strange position in that there's probably less pressure in the final. If we get there, even if we lose, everyone will recognise that it was an amazing achievement, they will go down in history and be praised regardless. It's almost a free pass to some extent. However, lose this, and the entire country will be gutted. And it's definitely not a given that we win this.
  8. Yeah I'm still refreshing the ticket portal in the hope that some final tickets might magically appear.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_Euro_2004_squads#England Whichever way you look at it, that's a pretty damn strong squad on paper - better than today I'd argue. Yes there's the odd questionable player but chances are over time our current squad will churn out 1 or 2 of those eventually.
  10. Never known an England team like this. Genuinely controlling games, fantastic depth, and have even played a couple of top teams in doing that. Whatever happens this tournament, we’re surely heading into a fantastic era for English football. 80% of the squad haven’t even hit their peak yet.
  11. On holiday, booked in for a pre-match Indian at 5.30. There can only be one choice of curry 😎
  12. But that's not the point you made. Underperformed? Yes. A laughing stock? Yes. But 'barely' making the top 10 (i.e. the 10th best team in Europe in the past 30 years)? Nonsense.
  13. This bit is correct. But across all squads, performances and tournaments over the entire past 30 years, if you think Denmark, Croatia, Greece and even Belgium have been better than England then you're shot away.
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