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  1. low key an all-British Champions League final in 2032
  2. Yeah, I was thinking about the "Looks for pass" one, too, though it seems it would actually be a better fit for his replacement now that I think about it again, as that guy really likes to shoot from bad angles. The player from the screenshot is also quite trigger-happy (averages as many shots as my centre-forward) but not as wild in terms of picking his opportunities. He often breaks on goal through the channels closer to the centre. As for the "rounds keeper", I may try to teach him that. Probably won't hurt regardless. Thanks.
  3. Hello. I have a wide player in my team, here is his stats. My question is, how can I improve his scoring rate? I'm thinking of teaching him a PPM like Shoots with Power/Places Shots/Likes to Lob Keeper but not sure which one would do. He constantly gets into shooting positions, and I need him to convert more of his chances. He is at his peak in terms of overall ability. His backup is similar but with a 10 in Composure, cannot seem to teach that one a Shoots with Power PPM. This is on FM 14 if that makes a difference.
  4. I have never before seen an AI team use an odd formation like this.
  5. In my several years of FMing, I've also noticed that good goalkeepers struggle to find new clubs if they leave their original club on a free (granted, it rarely happens, but still). In FM11-12-14, I used to edit the database and make Valdes and Casillas both leave their clubs after their contracts expired; neither was signed by anyone, both turned into coaches after a year or so. I also managed to sign ter Stegen (who left Gladbach) for my Milan side in FM11 in around 2018, no other club showed interest and he was a very good keeper there.
  6. The player being unchallenged in front of goal is another factor (maybe the most important one). I recently saw a pretty long shot counted as a CCC (though I would at best have counted it as a half-chance, and the player launched it into the stands, too). I also see a lot of narrow-angle attempts counted as CCCs.
  7. I know that managers in the game can have the tendency "Fits Players Into Preferred Tactics". This probably means that they'll retrain players to fit their preferred tactic (like retraining ST to AMR because you already have a great ST in your team). Might be a good idea to add another tendency, something like "Builds Tactics Around Available Players", which will give some managers freedom to (slightly) tweak their preferred formations to include all of their best lads. I mean, e.g. Carlo Ancelotti changes his system with almost every team he manages (he used 4-4-2, 3-5-2, 4-3-1-2, 4-3-2-1, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 on separate occasions, depending on his team and available players; but he can only have 2 favourite formations in FM).
  8. I'm managing Khimki in the Russian first division. In season 14-15 (I arrived in October 2014), after the winter transfer window (28 Jan - 28 Feb 2015), I could not register the players I'd bought - there was no message or anything to remind me about it, so I only noticed it after the spring part of the season had started. I've also noticed that all the other Russian clubs (including those in the Premier division) had the same problem: no new players were registered and able to play. I've also checked to see whether or not the players that arrived in Feb 2014 played their games in the previous season - they did. I've managed to fix it quite tediously using FMRTE, but still wondering if it's a known bug and what could've caused it to happen. I'm playing with the edited (players and clubs mostly) 14.0 database.
  9. Messi scored 52 league goals for AI-controlled Barca in my FM12 save. That's the most I've seen for AI-controlled teams.
  10. I have not played FM 15-16 so don't know if anything changed since the older games, but if you have Spanish leagues loaded as 'playable', set the detail level to 'all' for La Liga. In the past games it drastically changed the performances of Messi and Ronaldo, instead of scoring 15-25 a season they would go for 30-40 and sometimes more, like in RL, and their average ratings weren't always 8+.
  11. I'm pretty sure the match commentary has some lines like "it does look dubious!" or something which usually indicate that the referee's decision was a mistake.
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