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  1. Came back from 4-1 down to win 6-4 with the Western Sydney Wanderers against Suwon in the Asian Champions League
  2. there were bigger clubs interested at some point, can't remember who. So far only a Danish club (Mitjyland) and Empoli have bidded but its only 13th of June. Mitjyland's offer was only 2mil and they wouldn't go much higher.
  3. Advice wanted http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/370518-FM14-Carrying-the-hope-of-a-Nation.-Quest-for-World-Cup-Glory?p=9337359#post9337359
  4. 3d since FM13 unless I don't have access to a powerpoint
  5. Would anyone be interested in a Champions League type thing network game between people attempting or have completed Small club to big club challenges (e.g. Dafuge or Big Euro Challenge)
  6. I just started a 12 month stadium share with my arch rival
  7. On purpose. A number of SI employees are similar and turn up as regens on most games. Type faceinthegame into the search bar to see all the current ones in your game
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