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  1. Came back from 4-1 down to win 6-4 with the Western Sydney Wanderers against Suwon in the Asian Champions League
  2. 3d since FM13 unless I don't have access to a powerpoint
  3. Would anyone be interested in a Champions League type thing network game between people attempting or have completed Small club to big club challenges (e.g. Dafuge or Big Euro Challenge)
  4. I just started a 12 month stadium share with my arch rival
  5. On purpose. A number of SI employees are similar and turn up as regens on most games. Type faceinthegame into the search bar to see all the current ones in your game
  6. The 2 button thing happens for me too its a bug.
  7. No killer through balls isn't necessarily worse for example if the player was a poor passer then they would constantly be giving the ball away and you have to work hard to break a habit
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