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  1. Indeed it is. But we all saw what happended last year. The release version of the match engine was many steps down from the beta version.
  2. Are there any plans for a pre release ME patch? I know you are working hard to fix all the bugs. But i'm at a state where i can't Beta Test anymore. The ME is taking all the fun out of the game for me.
  3. It's down to the league rules, in the country you are playing in.
  4. Yes there has to be a beta, when you are making changes and a test fase etc etc. I understand that, i think we all are. A lot of people here just think the game(ME) was released in a very bad state and still is. If i feel like the current ME feels like an alpha build, then thats how i feel, does not make it incorret.
  5. But not in the mather of the Match Engine Some think it's good Some think it's bad none of the above is wrong.
  6. Every game has a beta, i understand that, but not 1 month after realease. My opinion cant be right or wrong, it's an opinion.
  7. Dont think you are really getting what people are saying/feeling. There shouldn't even be a beta, we are 1 month after full release and the Match Engine still feels like Alpha.
  8. in a support or attack role? Weel i'll head to the tactics forum then
  9. Anynone playing with a lone SC, do your SC also only get below 10 passes pr match, even though you dominate possession and the match in general???
  10. Introduce in the previous beta Update, dont know why they did not fix it for this one. There are already several threads about it.
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