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  1. Info Provided

    i'm getting the same, in every single new save game i start. it starts in season 2 and makes it almost impossible to sign staff.
  2. it's been reported in the bugs forum long ago, SI did nothing. There is no solution to it atm.
  3. You joined in 2008, so you should know this is the wrong forum for that sort of thing. here you go: http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/504-Database-and-Research-Issues
  4. just check all in the red box.
  5. Should be there by default, Subscriptions is reverted back to default each time you start a new game(annoyingly).
  6. A refund is higly unlikely, but it's between the seller and the buyer. So you need to contact the store/website etc you bought it from. I completly agree with you on the crossing issue, and makes me wonder if i ever should by a FM again.
  7. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/318847-Good-Player-amp-Team-Guide-Official-Forum-Rulebook-PLEASE-READ-BEFORE-POSTING
  8. Need More Info

    What is the status on this, it's almost impossible to hire staff with this lag, takes atleast 10 min pr staff i want to hire. I hope you dont come saying "we found a fix for this for future releases", this is a game breaker.
  9. i dont see a problem with the 2015/2016 deduction of 2.4M: 5M over 48 months is 104.000 each month, you are in August, so there is 10 months left before a new transfer budget is "released". 10*104.000(+1.5M)= 2.54M, so actually it should be 140.000 higher
  10. this happended to me to, you can actually click on the sub in the assistant manager message box, and he will be taken of, without a new one coming on(at least it work in training matches for me)
  11. Hey Julius Sorry i do not, but should be relative easy so reproduce, start a game with Tottenham or Southampton, and see if a message pops up before the training camp.
  12. 1) under training 2) 2. season
  13. I get this with most new games(start date 1/7-2015) (Tottenham, Southampton) I never get a message to pick players for the training camp and all of the sudden, the whole team is angry about being left out of the training camp Edit: I found out i can select them manually(although in danish i guess you can see from where). But there really should be a message in the inbox, you cant skip until enough players are selected.
  14. Have a read here. Wingers a suppose to act like inside forwards in SI's mind. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/441151-Wingers-acting-like-Inside-Forwards-in-final-third