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  1. Spent a little more than 100 hours on FM19, I'm very impressed with the MLS experience on FM2019 and have to give a big pat on the back to SI for getting this bang on. Training is a lot more fun now! Fantastic job with the new training module and how that has added a new layer of immersion into the sim. Love the addition of Training ratings. I also really like the new tactics module and getting the team to play the way you want seems easier. The UI seems more intuitive than previous versions and a far cry from the days of sliders. One slight negative for me is the number of team instructions they have on by default on each tactical style. I don't complicate things and use any style, but it seems to me like new users might be overwhelmed by all the TI's on by default. For the downside, The ME is not in the best shape. The fact that forward strata players (SC / AMLR / MLR) have the exact same movement regardless of their roles once they advance far enough is a real problem. The front line will basically stick themselves to the opposing defenders in the final phase of attacking play when the ball is being controlled by your midfield. So this takes the front line out of the equation, the midfielders will pass it amongst themselves and try to get it out wide. If they can't they're going to take a shot and hopefully win a corner. Just finished 5 games that were all extremely dull affairs decided either by a set piece or a ball over the top or a mistake. In one particular game, I was down to 9 men within 60 minutes. The AI still couldn't create a good chance, let alone score. I play with a very basic tactical set up but focus on getting players with the right attributes for my style of play. I like my players to have good Decisions & Teamwork regardless of position and basically let them make their choices on the pitch. In past years FM, I've had great joy and watched some wonderful football played out like this. But in FM19, because I'm not pressing the AI like crazy and leaving gaps, this ME feels like set piece simulator. I know this has been mentioned in the Bugs forum and the devs are hard at work trying to balance this issue as best they can. The change to Defensive Width in tactics this year could have had this knock on effect. I fear this might need too much re-working for an update. But I hope I'm wrong! These devs do have a habit of pleasantly surprising me when I least expect it. (Been a fanboy since CM days) To end on a positive note, I really do think the new training module is a fantastic and much needed addition to the sim.
  2. Having the same issue on a MacBook Pro. Played the Beta perfectly fine on Low Settings but the full game stutters on the same settings. Using 3D Sideline view.
  3. Noticed this as well. Playing with a Pressing Forward on Defend duty in a 442 Defensive Structured formation, the player will not drop into the hole. Instead he looks to push up against the centre backs along with the other striker who is on attack duty.
  4. I think you misunderstood my post. Have no issue with crosses being OP, I'm pleasantly surprised about that, scored most of my goals via passes and through balls even though playing 4-4-2. The problem is with the assist analysis chart that shows where the assists originated from.
  5. Loving the FM19 Beta till now. However there is one bug I have encountered which was in FM18 and seems to have carried over. Posted in the bugs forum but no reply. No matter, where the assist is generated from, the central area below the penalty box will stay 0. This happens to AI teams as well. I'm using Macbook Pro Early 2015. I tried this last year on a friend's macbook but had the same issue. Can someone using a Mac confirm that they do not have this issue because I think it might affect most Macs. Find screenshot below. Thanks for your help!
  6. Re-Posting this on here as I did not get any reply on that thread. Been having the same issue even after re-installing Steam and FM18 on my macbook pro. No matter how I score, the assist analysis chart will never show it to come from a central position outside the penalty box when in fact I have scored many like that. Even the opposition will never have an assist from there. Is it just me or this is a known issue? Any help will be extremely appreciated! Find attached another picture of same issue:
  7. Out of curiosity, does anyone having these problems have Bootcamp installed on their OS? Does playing FM 16 on Bootcamp make the gaming experience any better? I would have tried it but don't have Windows on my mac.
  8. Having read through the forums, it seems that this issue is happening mainly with the 2015 model of Retina Macbook Pros. I bought mine last month and am having the same problems with the heat and the fans. How many leagues are you running in what sized database for your effected save? Running 10 leagues in 5 Countries with a Small DB and 30,000 players What resolution is your Mac set to via the System Preferences? 13 inch, 1440x900 Are you running in Full Screen (if so, what Resolution), Windowed or Maximum Borderless Windowed Mode? Full screen, 1440x900 What graphics quality does it recommend your system to run at? Very high What graphics quality do you set your system to (High, Medium, Low etc)? Low (Anti-Aliasing Off) If you lower the graphics quality does it make any difference to the fans/performance? Not really How does 3D run in game - does it lag, skip etc or does it play without any performance issue? No lag but machine heats up and fan is loud. What temperature does your system run at when running matches? (You can use TGPro on a 3 day trial to see, but bear in mind this program is not made by or supported by Sports Interactive) - https://www.tunabellysoftware.com/tgpro/ CPU Core 1: 101 degrees C CPU Core 2: 105 degrees C CPU GFX Core: 97 degrees C CPU PECI: 103 degrees C CPU Proximity: 77 degrees C Fans during the 3D match run at about 5300 RPM Can you also please send your System report to forums@sigames.com and include your forum username? Email sent with title of 'Overheating FM16 - divij13'
  9. There's way too many shots on goal in this game. Having played FM for 10 years continuously I haven't encountered a match engine which is so unrealistic with the amount of shots and goals. I know that I do not have the faintest idea of the process of game development, let alone a game as complicated as FM but for a football sim that should be one of things at the forefront. I'm not swayed by the results of 'soak tests' because my experience is totally contrary. Also if it is my tactics then I should be punished by AI managers for my recklessness. But that isn't the case. If I can restrict the opponent to less than 3 shots in the game and score 8 while taking 50 shots, why shouldn't I? Heck, if my team can score 12 goals while taking 70 shots thats what I would tell them to do. The problem is that IRL no matter how I set my players up that would not be a possibility. I have faith in SI, they've managed to keep me hooked onto a game for longer than any other gaming company. I will not be playing FM15 till this issue is addressed and from what i gather on this forum it will not be. In that case I really hope FM16 finds a more realistic balance with scorelines. I wish SI well for development and in the mean time hope for a little more communication and a willingness to consider seriously other people's problems on a thread meant for feedback. High counts of shots and goals is a problem that has been brought up by many many users since the the early versions of FM15 and in my opinion should have been scrutinised further than it has been.
  10. Tried FMC. No real difference. Hope you guys can find the cause and fix this soon :-)
  11. Does that mean people who use macs can only download the vanilla demo? cause as far as i know steam and gameshadow are pc only
  12. divij13


    I read earlier on this topic thread that steam is only available for the PC. Since I use a Mac, I was wondering if we will also be able to download a digital version of the game on release day? I live in Asia and won't be able to purchase the boxed version for at least 3-4 weeks after the release, therefore was hoping a digital download for mac users would be available on release day. I know this was sort of asked before on this thread but it wasn't really answered, so any further light on this issue would be greatly appreciated.