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  1. I would use him as the AP (A) in your system. His exceptional dribbling and passing will be best utilised in that role in my opinion. He’s not the fastest, but his technique and passing should help him overcome that in difficult situations. His Traits (Come Deep for Ball + Get into Opposition Area) will allow him a range of vertical movement to evade any markers. Also he has great off the ball attributes to help him find pockets of space to be dangerous in. It would help if the other two midfielders in the team are solid defensively and can carry him in that regard. Fabregas (Maybe Ozil in his younger days) is an apt reference for someone like this. I would probably try to get him to learn to ‘pass instead of shoot’ as a PPM to offset his finishing which is nowhere near his passing.
  2. Try removing ‘Shorter Passing’ TI. If you still find that your wide players are hesitant to cross, try bumping the mentality up to Positive.
  3. This is absolutely fantastic! Looking forward to making a few custom schedules
  4. Thanks for all your threads and tactical advice. Hope to see you back on here soon!
  5. Agreed that quality of saves should decide the rating. But since that seems difficult, how about goalkeepers being rewarded the same as defenders for a clean sheet, if that is actually the case? I must admit, a lot of this stems from my OCD of trying to have all the players in the squad get an average rating of over 7 over the course of the season No matter how good of a season my GK has, I can barely ever get his Avg Rating to go above 7 which seems odd.
  6. Hmm, interesting point that I would like to offer a counter argument for. The GK is an integral part of the Defensive Unit even when not making saves. His communication with the defense / building play from the back deserve to be rewarded if the team is not conceding goals. Especially if the rest of the defense gets a boost in ratings for the Clean Sheet but not the GK. Because my team has most of the ball in the game, he normally does not need to make more than 6 saves in a game. But when he needs to, he'll make that crucial save to keep the Clean Sheet intact. IMO, I don't think he should be penalized for not having Saves to make. He's doing everything right when called upon.
  7. Rather than each save, how about a small boost in Rating for a clean sheet if the team manages to keep one? I maybe wrong, but don't the ratings for defenders go up with a clean sheet? Or does the rating only depend on tackles, interceptions, passes, headers etc.?
  8. Well, they are kind of. But the 4411 can very easily look like a 4231 using roles, duties and TIs. And vice-versa. Even in real life, I sometimes have trouble figuring out the difference between the two when watching games. A bit like the 41212 and the 4312. But hey, that's just me
  9. Not sure where to post this but I feel Goalkeeper Ratings aren't accurate. My GK has kept 25 clean sheets and conceded 13 in 35 league games yet only has an Avg rating of 6.93 Shouldn't Clean Sheets be rewarded when rating the GK? It seems that Goalkeepers get good ratings when they make 6 or more saves in a game but not a very good rating if they make 5 saves and keep a clean sheet.
  10. Just to clarify, I was only talking about the fact that you thought they played 4231 / 4411
  11. Agree with @Experienced Defender on the formation for the last match as well as the one Liverpool played against Wolves. It seems to me that they line up in a 4411 in games against teams that use a back 5. Klopp had switched to this against United when they were down and Lallana (Playing RM) got the equalizer with a tap in at the back post after a cross. If I were to try and replicate Liverpool in their last game on FM, for me it would be: SKa (Allison) CWBs (Trent) CD (Gomez) BPD (Van Dijk) WBs (Robertson) WMs (Milner) CAR (Henderson) MEZ (Wijnaldum) WMa (Mane) AMs (Firminho) AF (Salah)
  12. To add to everything that has been said, I feel that Decisions and Teamwork have a lot to do with it. Of the two, Solly seems to be a better judge of when that pass is on and when it isn’t.
  13. Have just started on FM20, the game does feel laggy on my early 2015 Macbook Pro, hope there is some optimization done for release. Enjoying what I'm seeing so far with the latest ME but have only played about 5 games or so. Things do look very promising though, really liking the little interplay b/w players on the ball now. Been reading about no through balls and 1v1s on this forum. Admittedly I haven't played much but this was nice
  14. Aah, okay then it probably is a tactical issue. I’ll leave it up to the more tactically adept folks on the forum to help you get to the bottom of this
  15. Are you playing on a Mac? There was a bug in the game where it didn’t record assists in the central areas. It’s a User Interface bug, so your team generates assists from that area of the pitch but it doesn’t get recorded as that. Here is a link to the thread in the Bugs forum: I think the latest Public Beta has fixed that issue though. Still testing it out but I think it’s fixed! A good way to check if it’s a UI issue or a tactical issue is to check if the AI manager’s assists are getting recorded from central areas or not. If they’re not, then you know it’s a UI issue. You can see these stats for Opposition teams in the Team Report if you scout Next Opposition. Or just ask one of your scouts to compile a team report on any other AI Team.
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