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  1. divij13

    ME1918 / Striker Movement

    Personally, I disagree with that. I was really happy with the addition of the Pressing Forward (Attack) in FM19. I feel that's a role that a lot of people would try to emulate in FM18 by using an Attack duty forward with closing down PI maxed out. I like that SI has now added a role in the attack duties that does this by default. Think, Jamie Vardy for Leicester during the their title winning campaign. Pressing the opposition and moving into channels but still making plenty of runs in behind for Mahrez to hit through balls. If you prefer to have your forwards positioned deeper, then of course the option of support or defend duty Pressing Forwards is there as well.
  2. divij13

    ME1918 / Striker Movement

    You're right about the movement of Target Men. I was confused about the movement of support duty target men, but on hindsight I feel you're correct in that even support duty target men should be higher up the pitch. They should be playing on the shoulder of the centre backs and look to bring others into play via flicks and knock ons from direct balls as opposed to dropping deep and passing. On the Ball: The Pressing Forward (Attack) should look to run the channels and stretch the defense by making runs in behind. Similar to how other Attack duty strikers play currently. Pressing Forward (Support) should drop down and link play. Though also, as @Mensell76 mentioned, he should be able to fashion chances for himself like the CF(s). So for me, he should make more runs forward than say a DLF(s) does. Pressing Forward (Defend) should look to play in the AMC zone and make very very late runs into the box if need be at all. Off the Ball: The way the Pressing Forward (Support) moves when the team does not have the ball is working well. Support Duty strikers are dropping much deeper when not in possession than they did in FM18 which is a good thing. The Pressing Forward (Attack) looks to press the oppositions centre backs and stays higher when the team doesn't have the ball and I think that's good. Pressing Forward (Defend) should start deeper than PF(s) and press players in the DMC / MC zone of the opposition.
  3. divij13

    ME1918 / Striker Movement

    More than happy to share my opinion on this: I feel that Support duty strikers like the DLF(s), F9(s) & the PF(s) should be in the AMC area to link play when the attack is in its infancy. Not making runs in behind the defense or moving into the channels like Zlatan in the picture I attached in the opening post. These players should be making late runs into the box when the move has advanced enough and the opposition defense has been pegged back. Ideally Anticipation and other physical / mental attributes of the player should be the decider here in terms of when they make their runs. CF(S) & TM(s) should also drop deep to link play but should be positioned higher than DLF(s), F9(s) & PF(s) when the team does not have the ball. Most strikers in FM19 have Attack duty variants that can be used to make early runs in behind the defence and stretch the defense if desired. I feel the addition of moving into channels for the DLF(s) has caused problems. It would be nice if that was not hard coded but left to the manager's discretion.
  4. divij13

    Assist Locations - Assists Missing

    @Christopher Lewis Sorry for the bother but is there any timeframe regarding this fix? Also, if it were possible to be fixed then will this be save game compatible? Thanks for the help!
  5. Does that include other Support duty strikers such as DLF(s) or only the F9?
  6. divij13

    Assist Locations - Assists Missing

    Hi, This has been happening to me on FM18 & FM19 on Mac. FM17 was the last FM where I didn't see this glitch. Find screenshot of the problem in FM19 below: It would be great if SI can have a look at fixing this, it's happening to all AI teams on my save as well. I have uploaded my save called (Jonny Bones.fm) on the cloud server. Playing the public beta ME1918. Thanks!
  7. divij13

    FM on a Macbook Pro.

    Using a MacBook Pro 13” early 2015 on low settings to watch 3D. Also have to turn off Retina Display. FM runs smooth then. I use TG Pro on Mac to control my fan speed to have the fan kick in earlier to control the temps. Sorry to go off topic, but I was wondering if other Mac users are suffering from a UI glitch I’m experiencing: No matter where the assist is generated, the assist chart analysis will not show it to have originated from the central area below the penalty box. So it’s either the penalty box or the wings. Anyone using a Mac experiencing this as well?
  8. divij13

    ME1918 / Striker Movement

    Ideally both the DLF(s) and the right sided WM(a) should be deeper to provide passing options in midfield in this phase of play.
  9. divij13

    ME1918 / Striker Movement

    I am the team in white. The other team has one player getting hidden by Zlatan so it's looking like they're a man down but its 11 v 11.
  10. divij13

    Lack of central through balls

    I seem to be experiencing something similar on my save. Playing on ME1918. Find images and PKMs below: LA Galaxy v Orlando City.pkm Phoenix v LA Galaxy.pkm Seattle v LA Galaxy.pkm
  11. Find below images from kick off after my team goes a goal down: Zlatan is playing as a DLF(s) and the other striker Ola is playing as PF(s). Zlatan has moved into the left side channel because he has Move Into Channels locked in by default. Ideally, he should be in the hole to link play at this moment. There is no support striker that drops into the hole to link play. The PF(s) is the only support striker that does not have Move Into Channels locked in. But Ola in the screenshot is looking to stretch the defence rather than link play. PF(d) seems to be the only option but it's nowhere near ideal due to the passing restrictions locked into that role. This is making 2 striker systems very hard to play as both strikers look to make runs in behind in the first phase of play rather than trying to link play. Also, the right sided WM(a) Ze Maria is also a bit too far advanced for this phase of play in my opinion. He's playing like a third striker when the space seems to be behind him. FC Dallas v LA Galaxy.pkm
  12. divij13

    ME 1918-No throughball from AMC

    To add to this, I feel like players in the AMC zone including DLF(s) are more prone to running with the ball and having a shot as opposed to passing or playing a through ball. Image 1: My right sided WM(a) Jamieson passes the ball to Zlatan who is DLF (s). Khedira CM(s) is making a fantastic run to overlap Zlatan. Image 2: Zlatan takes a shot rather than looking to play Khedira through for a much better goal scoring opportunity. Zlatan also has the Shoot Less Often PI selected. This isn't an isolated case of Zlatan getting greedy and having a shot. This seems to happen a lot when playing with AMCs as well. FC Dallas v LA Galaxy.pkm
  13. 82 mins: My team wins a corner. The text commentary says that GK is going to join the attack. He isn't supposed to and doesn't. This is a bug with the commentary. It seems to happen almost every game. Find images and PKM below: Thanks! FC Dallas v LA Galaxy.pkm
  14. Thanks for the correction. I've updated my post to reflect that.
  15. Something struck me today while looking at a few matches on ME1916. I might be completely wrong so do let me know what you think. I feel that the removal of Team Shape for FM19 is responsible for the odd behaviour I’m seeing on all FM19 match engines till date. Team Shape now referred to as Team Fluidity is controlled by Duties and the new Transition settings in Team Instructions: Counter is what it used to be like on the Fluid side of things on FM18 and Hold Shape veers towards the Structured side of things in FM18. Similarly with Counter Pressing (Fluid) as opposed to Regroup (Structured). It feels like the baseline team shape SI has started with for FM19 is Very Fluid. Could be the reason that I see doubling up unless I select the Regroup TI. It’s as if the baseline tactic in FM19 has the following TI’s selected in the FM18 ME: Much Lower D line Tight Marking Get Stuck In Very Fluid The new team instructions have been added to give us more control over Team Fluidity. But the problem is that it’s only working till a certain point on the pitch. I feel like in FM19 attacking players are moving like they did on Very Fluid in FM18 after they reach the final third. Even if my team fluidity on FM19 says Structured and I have Hold Position and Regroup TI’s selected. I suspect this is also happening when the team is defending in their own half. So we’re getting Very Fluid Defending vs. Very Fluid Attacking once the play is in its final phase at either end of the pitch no matter what Team Fluidity says. This causes attacking players to have similar movement regardless of roles. And why I’m seeing fewer chances created in FM19 than in FM18. It’s not that the definition of those chances has changed, but this kind of football (Very Fluid vs Very Fluid in the final third) doesn’t generate many chances. It’s near impossible to break teams down that defend deep on FM19 resulting in the ball being played out wide so much. In FM18 we could change to a Structured shape to draw the opposition out. FM19 seems to default to Very Fluid in the final third making this impossible. Unless there is a counter or a direct ball played in which case attacking movement is how you would expect because the defence hasn’t been able to get back into their block and there are gaps to exploit. In my opinion, it was a great move to remove Team Shape for FM19 and move towards a more intuitive tactical user interface. But I feel this odd team fluidity behaviour in the final phase of play needs to be looked at. Then we would have as much tactical freedom as in FM18 and a more intuitive tactical interface. We’re not quite there yet. As I said before, I'm no expert. Would like to know what other people think.