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  1. Have just started on FM20, the game does feel laggy on my early 2015 Macbook Pro, hope there is some optimization done for release. Enjoying what I'm seeing so far with the latest ME but have only played about 5 games or so. Things do look very promising though, really liking the little interplay b/w players on the ball now. Been reading about no through balls and 1v1s on this forum. Admittedly I haven't played much but this was nice
  2. Really strange. So I started up the Beta, created the manager, chose the team and went to edit preferences. I turned off Retina Mode, changed to Windowed Mode and Dark Skin. Since I need to restart to enable the Non-retina settings I did that. Now I can't click anywhere on the main screen. Can't load or go to preferences or anything. I can move the mouse pointer put can't click on anything. can only Quit via Apple + Q and then Enter. Tried restarting and even uninstalling game and installing again but the same thing happens when I turn off Retina Mode. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Aah, okay then it probably is a tactical issue. I’ll leave it up to the more tactically adept folks on the forum to help you get to the bottom of this
  4. Are you playing on a Mac? There was a bug in the game where it didn’t record assists in the central areas. It’s a User Interface bug, so your team generates assists from that area of the pitch but it doesn’t get recorded as that. Here is a link to the thread in the Bugs forum: I think the latest Public Beta has fixed that issue though. Still testing it out but I think it’s fixed! A good way to check if it’s a UI issue or a tactical issue is to check if the AI manager’s assists are getting recorded from central areas or not. If they’re not, then you know it’s a UI issue. You can see these stats for Opposition teams in the Team Report if you scout Next Opposition. Or just ask one of your scouts to compile a team report on any other AI Team.
  5. I had played for a week or so in the game, selected my team and then shut the lid of my laptop for about an hour or so. When I came back, opened the lid and pressed Space to continue to the match, the game crashed. This is the message I got: The same thing happened again a couple of hours later. Played a bit, shut the laptop lid for about an or so and when I came back the game crashed within one minute. Then it happened again but this time as I was switching desktops using the three finger gesture. Had no other programs running other than the ones that start on startup like Volta, TG Pro and Magnet. Hopefully this helps in finding the problem!
  6. Just suffered a crash whilst going into a match. I play in Full Screen Mode as well.
  7. I am reasonably sure that the crashes I have experienced have come from using the three finger gesture to multitask. Also another strange thing I’ve noticed is that the game runs better on my system after shutdown. If I relaunch the game without shutting down first, the 3D seems to lag more and the fans seem to be working harder. This does seem strange and is probably just my machine.
  8. I had more crashes as well. This is after clearing Cache & Preferences. Had a crash when processing. And then again when I tried to holiday for one week.
  9. Hi Neil, I cleared the preferences and cache a couple of days ago. Haven’t had a crash since. Have spent about an hour or so on the game after clearing cache. Will keep you posted if I experience another crash.
  10. It seems to be random. I’ve tried to replicate but haven’t been able to. A couple of times it crashed randomly when processing. Once it crashed when I was saving which corrupted the file. Luckily ‘last overwrite save’ saved the day
  11. I have been having crashes as well. Other than the crashes and the fans going bazooka when the match starts, the menus and everything else is good.
  12. Hey Neil, Just updated to the latest Public Beta. The menus and processing is MUCH better than earlier. However I notice the temps running hotter than before and so the fans on my MBP (13” early 2015) are now going crazy once the match starts. The game crashed for me after about 25-30 mins. In the version before this one, the menus lagged but the 3D on Low was very playable and the fans would come on intermittently. Thank you for your continued support to fix this issue
  13. Steam just downloaded another update on the Public Beta. Is it meant for this issue? For the record, I appreciate how hard you’re working to get this to where it needs to be on Mac
  14. Still Iaggy for me as well. Especially the menus and when I press continue. Even during the matches, the lag is noticeable especially when the camera / ball is in motion. I use 3D sideline view with low settings and crowd off. It’s like this weird strobing effect which is quite distracting. Using an early 2015 13” MBP on 10.14.4 with Retina resolution turned off in game.
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