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  1. I'm like you mate, got bored with the game when they decided not to fix all the ME problems and leave it till FM20 to do the fixes, right now I keep starting a new save using the editor just to have a bit of fun with different players and tactics.
  2. In game editor allows you to sack players by clicking on it, it gives the option to terminate contract.
  3. Unfortunately the 3D shows up the ME in a bad light as the graphics make any flaw in the ME look even worse. Players inability to stop and turn properly, the inability to cross a ball without hitting the player in front of them, the inability to beat a keeper 1 on 1 instead just running at him then blasting at the keeper from 2 yards away.
  4. I think the vast majority of people playing the game don't bother with forums concerning the game, they just buy and play. Hence why SI thinks most people are fairly happy with the game and how it plays, if only a small % come here to moan, they'll think nothing of it as it's not the majority.
  5. Yep, as soon as you talk to him he gets all huffy and tells you to basically mind your business as it's up to him, I just do what you do and let them either stay or go, plenty other staff out there.
  6. Is the start date for Scottish clubs going to be at the right date in FM20, all clubs went back on June 10th but in FM19 it has a start date of June 25th.
  7. Any chance of pushing FM20 forward 6 months, don't know if I can take any more months of very good players unable to cross a ball without hitting the playing in front of them, 1 on 1's almost never converted, work ball into the box...nah what we'll do is as soon as we get anywhere near the box, we're just going to shoot and shoot and shoot until we score 25 yd screamers. The endless pinball machine effect of all the shooting and AI teams defending en block with 11 men behind the ball, yes you win games that is not the problem, it's the ugly as sin ME and watching football that's nothing like the real thing, what the hell happened to the ME after the Beta release which was very decent.
  8. I just checked when it updated, stability stuff and something about Belgian Leagues, still the same horrendous ME and tedious game play.
  9. Exactly, SI have basically said they know the ME is knackered but are going to wait until FM20 to fix them, in other words screw the FM19 players you lot carry on playing a game with a garbage ME.
  10. I'm sorry but I have tried and tried to enjoy this game but the game play and ME is absolutely horrendous, what the hell did you do to take the very decent Beta version and turn it into this abomination. We have players with high vision, passing and game intelligence all totally incapable of making a through pas on the edge of the box, instead they just kick it against the nearest defender, the same goes for wide players, all with very good CA's total inept at either running past a defender of crossing without being able to get it past the defender. Goals come from either 30 yd bullet shots, long crosses from the by line to the back post for the IF to blast in, or after multiple blocked shots within the box and after the usual game of pinball as it hits multiple players legs, the ball finally goes in. Also a blocked shot in the box will somehow gain such energy from the legs of the defenders that is goes out for a throw in near the half way line. We have the throw in and corner glitch where there is no opposition player within 20yds of the ball. Then there's the defenders heading the ball to anywhere when there's no one near them, instead of just controlling the ball. Add into the mix players just standing transfixed for 3 seconds while the opposition just takes the ball away from them. Strikers unable to score 1on1's but score a 20yd volley. No matter if you have work ball into the box players will still shoot from every angle outside the box, with every shot as per usual being blocked. Yes you can win games but my word watching the game like this is very hard indeed, it's like no real football I've ever seen, no pretty passing or cutting teams apart, just keep on battering them with shots until you get a 30yd worldy or the wingback finally gets a cross in to the far post for the IF to score. Get this game sorted or you'll find thousands of regular players will refuse to buy the next version of this franchise, I've been playing for many a year and this is the 1st time I've even considered not buying the next version.
  11. Pretty simple and straightforward request for future editions, stop hard coring a training camp into the schedule. I play as Hibernian in the SPL and at the start of every new save I have a training camp pre season all readily set into the schedule, I think this should be left open for us players to decide when and where the camp takes place. In one save I have a camp in Bonnyrigg, a small town on the outskirts of Edinburgh, really ?? that would never happen, if anything we would generally go abroad to a training camp for a week, then back for some friendlies and training at our own top of the range training facilities at East Mains.
  12. Really not enjoying this game anymore, the game play is just not realistic and watching the matches are starting to hurt my eyes they are so bad. 1. AI teams just stick 11 men behind the ball no matter who you play and it's it takes ages to break them down. 2. All players with good composure/finishing/shooting/vision/technique/balance find it impossible to either shoot without kicking it directly into the oppositions, cannot go past their man, unable to dribble and unable to see when one of their own players is standing in open space for an easy goal. What you end up with is pass, shoot and rebound, collect the ball and pass shoot, rebound, then repeat about 40 times per game so your stats will look like 44 shots with 11 on target, it just bores the life out of me. 3. players run into their man instead of trying to go round him, they then lose the ball and just stand there like a tailors dummy for a few seconds then they realise what's happened and jump into life, this will happen almost every 2nd phase of the game until you get near the box where the never ending shot blocking happens. Occasionally 1 player makes a half decent run out on the wing and gets a cross in only for your top striker to kick it directly against the keeper at every opportunity. 4. Most goals come from either direct freekicks or from balls pinging around the box like a pinball machine until someone gets lucky and kicks it in, it's not pretty just pretty boring. The Beta was not half bad but after all the updates and tweaks you've managed to turn a good simulation game into a bore fest which looks and feels nothing like football, yes you win games but there is zero enjoyment in doing so, the heart has been ripped out of this game and replaced with an over elaborate UI and fancy skins leaving the ME to suffer for the past 2-3 years.
  13. - Unable to work out how to go round opponent, so just kick ball against his legs. - defender is able to head ball anywhere when easier to just control it. - receive a pass and watch opponent simply take ball away from him.
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