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  1. The ME has been pish for the last 3 years, too much time going into interface stuff while the ME gets worse.
  2. I am officially bored to death with this game now, I have little desire to fire it up and play for hours on end like I used to do. It takes at least an hour to set up a new game and when you do get into game time, the ME is just so boring and predictable. Overpowering wing and wingbacks, most goals coming from set pieces, small quick wingers scoring multiple headed goals from wingback crosses, very little centre midfield play( 2-3 passes then out to either winger or wingback to cross in ), forwards with little to no movement and very few through balls into them and one on ones still pretty poor. Don't get me wrong I can win games OK, doing well in the league and cups is not a problem, it's just watching back games is so boring and scripted that I can almost always tell you how every goal I score will come about, I see little variation in game play, the ME has been poor and like this for the past 3 years. SI seem intent on changing all the glitzy interaction stuff and they've forgotten about the ME and the graphics that go with it, time to spend some time on developing this instead of all the wee extras that we don't need.
  3. Fired up a new game with the new update, good to see I can now get rid of the raining camp in game, cheers for that. On another note, I see the assistant manager still disappears when you start a game, he's there pre editor but loses his job when the game starts, not really a problem but as it was noted months ago, I thought it would've been fixed.
  4. Thanks for this, if you cannot change them at least we can change the games within the camp, which in a way is a work around, cheers. Playing Barca, Valencia and Real Madrid pre season does nothing for team morale.
  5. I gave up after 8 attempts and stuck with one in Austria as it was against teams that were ok for pre season, this has been going on for the past 3 years now.
  6. Fancied a wee change so added a few players and changed the squad a bit with Hibs for a different challenge but once again it's nigh on impossible to get a start to the game where there isn't a pre set preseason training camp abroad with pre set games. So far today I've tried 7 times to start a game that doesn't have this pre set camp, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden and even bloody Australia with games against their top teams which I cannot change. Can someone please tell me why on earth these pre season camps are being hard coded into the game, why can we not organise a pre season camp ourselves instead of restarting the game multiple times just to get a game without one, get it sorted please.
  7. Started a new Hibs save and I have rumours of a takeover at the club? Em the club has just been taken over in the summer by Ron Gordon, there's no way he'd sell so soon, anyone else had this happen.
  8. I think the main thing I've noticed about the last 5 years or so is too much emphasis on new in game features, experiences, skins etc and not enough on fixing problems in the ME and graphics. Tactics are far too complicated with fancy names player roles, talking to players is still rubbish, never anything there that you want to say to them and when you choose the best option the go in the huff. This game needs a year off to fix so many things but it wont happen due to market forces and money needing to be made. I like many are fed up waiting for the inevitable patch, the game is not unplayable, it's just not great to play at times, boredom kicks in too easily.
  9. Got it fixed, I had to delete cache and preferences files in editor and game, working ok again, thank.
  10. That didn't work, I uninstalled both game and pre editor but when I re installed both, the files were still the same, I'd have thought if it was uninstalled it would clear all files. I have a file called Skins in my pre editor which keeps popping up, very annoying.
  11. As it says, I tried to start a new game with the pre editor edited but it didn't show as an option at the start, I could only play the game as normal with the pre edited files greyed out at the top corner of the start screen. I've deleted game and pre editor and re installing them, such a bloody hassle just to play a game. I've also noticed I've only played this version for 68hrs since I purchased it, says it all really about the game nowadays, talking to a few mates and they all say the time it takes to start a game is a joke, 3-4 hrs organising staff, training, who does what and where all before you play a game.
  12. Not played in a while and decided to start a new save as Hibs and my 1st game in Portugal I have blazing sunshine and continual rain, never noticed before.
  13. The point I'm making is not that they don't go abroad but it's the fact they're hard coded into the game, you fire up a new game and you have a pre season in Australia or maybe in Spain with 4 games against teams like Barcs, Espanyol etc, so before you get back to playing Betfred games your squad morale is low due to having 4 really hard friendlies. These camps should be an option, I'm getting fed up having to keep restarting the game until I get one that hasn't got a ore arranged training camp. Ross Co, 5 days in Holland with 1 game arranged, Killie 5-6 days in Spain with 2 friendlies due to early Europa games. Aberdeen had 1 friendly in Cork around 6 days with all others being played in Scotland. Motherwell had a 4 day camp in Belfast. Not really abroad is it, Holland maybe but in game it's pre arranged camps in Spain, Portugal, Australia, Germany all for around 10 days at a time, these should always be an option when you start a new game.
  14. Maybe it's psychological, team talks, player mentality. I do see a difference once the main season starts and it can be frustrating. It could also be tactical, once teams suss out your tactics, they change shape the next time you play them. It can be a very frustrating game at times but that's the joy of it, working out what you've done wrong and trying to fix it.
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