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  1. Another frustrating FM to add to others. Players unable to do a simple cross when they have the chance just dither until closed down, creating far too many corners. Players with high PA like IF or DLP averaging around 6.6 and squad/back up players in the same positions getting 7+ Crap offers for players and players wanting daft wage demands. Scouts bringing me players 30+ when we have a policy of younger players to coach and sell on.
  2. Are they not different rules for other parts of the world? TBH I'm just guessing. I did what you did with in game editor and added Scottish as a 2nd nationality.
  3. Simply use the in game game editor for any foreign players you want by adding a home nation as their 2nd nationality, job done.
  4. Didn't know where to post this but has anyone else had a few players having totally different hair to what they should have. I've got 3 players with dark brown/ black hair showing up as blonde, even looking bald, pre and in game editors have them as dark hair but it doesn't work when I change colour.
  5. I have my better players averaging around 7.5 but the keeper who had just 1 save to make in a game and nothing else to do got 6.5? and when he does make 3-4 good saves he'll end up at 6.7, rather strange.
  6. Is it just me but I notice that keepers have very low ratings again this year, I have a good Israeli internationalist keeper in Marciano who barely gets above 6.6, even though he's at the top of his game and one of the best keepers in the league.
  7. Well done SI for listening to it's punters, ME is so much better than FM20 better creativity, 1v1, passing, goal variations and players playing in the style I want them to play. Still get the odd gaff from a player but it looks more honest than a bug. Team talks and press are much better with more variety of answers and expressions, so all in all a bid thumbs up from me so far just please don't go spoiling all that hard work by tweaking the ME in future updates, I can enjoy the FM series again.
  8. Can't find the Tutoring option on the drop down in Development, am I missing something here?
  9. Had enough trying to get pre editor, restarted steam 4 times now, a bit annoying.
  10. You're not the only one Steve, I'm the same, it seems some can see it some can't, it's getting late and have work in the morning, I'll check it tomorrow, bit bloody annoying TBH, why release the game when features aren't fully available.
  11. Hibs Gray and McGregor have dropped down to backup level. Porteous has a wage of £2.5k, way to high for a young lad just starting out as a regular, take £1k off. Nisbet is the opposite, only has a wage of £1k, should double. Gullan stats are too low, starts of in Dev squad but he's been a regular 1st team squad player since January, also he plays off the left wing and should show that. P McGinn's stats should be a bit higher as he's overtaken Gray for RB role. Sadiki shouldn't be in the squad as he left in the summer. Bo
  12. Fraser is accomplished playing coming in off the left, he can play across the attacking midfield front, his stats haven't been changed for ages, he's also right footed, was left footed last 2-3 games.
  13. I uninstalled the game 4 weeks ago and I've not missed it one bit, the most frustrating boring FM in a long while. Winning no problem, enjoying the game nope.
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