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  1. More teams playing a higher line so the ball over the top is a decent tactic.
  2. Please re do all the interactions with players and the press as they just don't work and are illogical. Ageing club icon aged 35 and sitting his coaching badges moans about lack of game time, he's doing his badges so he can retire and become a coach ffs. Ability to tell a player he's playing crap and that's why you're dropping him, or the reason you're selling him. Press conferences repeating the same old crappy questions and only having the same crappy answers to them, yes there's the additional bit but you shouldn't need to use that all the time.
  3. Started a new save with Hibernian with 3-4 players changed for balance in the squad. My main tactic is Kashmir2323AFP104EC with the only tweak being I dropped CWB back to normal position and changed CM to AP and so far scoring for fun. My 2nd tactic is Echoes442SHP105EC, I wanted a 2nd tactic that was still a threat without being too defensive and I can drop one of the strikers down to AM if I need the extra man in midfield.
  4. Had a wee test with my Hibernian side with 3 of the tactics to see what was best, I forgot to to take screenshots but that won't matter. V&F 4132 P102 ECFA Pts 102 Goals for 121 Against 34 Beowulf 442WP106CCSalah Pts 106 GF 128 Against 39 Echoes 4231 MXP 106ECCC Pts 105 GF136 Against 21 So Echoes 4231 comes out best but TBH they all worked really well, the other 2 tactics expose you a wee bit at the back but you score enough so that doesn't make much difference.
  5. Don't get me wrong, it's great seeing the team playing in 3D match mode but the little ME bugs are highlighted even more which makes it frustrating at times. It's still great seeing a good passage of play and your striker chip the keeper to win the game.
  6. This game will never be true to life due to the ME and the graphics, you have to clear your mind of that and see it as a bit of fun, get yourself a tactic and enjoy the ups and downs of the game.
  7. IF's and IW's are pretty naff in this years game, better of playing wingers.
  8. Not said too much about this years game as it's generally a lot better than the last couple of years but there re still incredibly annoying things happening. Last 3-4 years we've had either WB's or wingers wait until they're closed down and then just kick it against the oppositions legs, we've all complained but still all these games down the line and it's still happening. Players randomly running towards the by line or goal line and instead of stopping they just carry on running with no pressure on them and run over the line. We still have the wonder keepers from lower level teams making saves that most in the Premier league can't make, especially during pre season games, just ridiculous afte all these years it's not been sorted. Overly defensive AI teams, no matter who you play they just load their box with players making it impossible to get shots away and the ball ricocheting about like a pinball machine. ME changes so now IF or IW players are ineffective, wingers seem fine but not IF's, if they don't score they barely get above 6.6 same goes for midfielder, unles they score or get an assist 6.6. The game is OK, not great just OK which is a shame,
  9. My 2 main strikers are now suddenly bang average since the update I have noticed more goals from midfield or AM positions also a lot of goals from CB's especially from corners. I tried getting 4231 working but IF/IW just don't work on this ME, so I'm trying a narrow 4231 and although scoring enough goals they're mainly from AM/CM players.
  10. The tactic bar never goes to it's fullest, obviously buying players for the positions helps also. I find I play around 7-8 pre season games helps but they're not fully familiar until about 4-5 games into the season.
  11. I think a week or so ago Man C had a front 3 of Foden, De Bruyne and Mahrez, all attacking mids, I've found the strikerless tactics represents Man C the closest but they only do this when they have injuries. Generally they have a front 3 like Liverpool with a left footer on the right and a righty on the left.
  12. Mixed, depends on the tactic Knap has posted both attack and support.
  13. Not a strikerless fan either but even in real life some teams do play with that system, Man City springs to minds, even Barca in their hayday. I think the fact that you mention 4231 narrow proves the point that IF and IW don't seem to work in this ME, which is a shame, I have noticed though that out and out wingers do work well. I've had best success with 4132/4312 tactics where 2 wingers are used and 2 solid midfielders.
  14. I agree, I've really struggled to get IF and IW working in any of the tactics you've done and when they don't work the striker is starved. The annoying thing about this game is it's many ME problems which make realistic positions and tactics a waste of time. This is proved by the strikerless tactics and extreme attacking tactics doing better overall.
  15. You can change mentality to cautious/counter etc, change 2-3 players from attack to support/defend.
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