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  1. - Unable to work out how to go round opponent, so just kick ball against his legs. - defender is able to head ball anywhere when easier to just control it. - receive a pass and watch opponent simply take ball away from him.
  2. I'm finding they go from top players all around 8 and then have one game where they have a mare and half the team are lucky to scrape a 6 yet we still win 4-3, you tell them off for a poor performance even though they win and half of them go in the huff. Get real it was a naff performance that they just held on for the win, they deserved to be put down afterwards.
  3. It would be but the last one isn't positive feedback, if it was positive then frustration of game would be 2/10
  4. I just played a match where my LB smashed the ball back to my Goalie from around 15 yds above head height, the keeper is near the edge of the box, he tries to reach the overly hit pass back but only parries it onto the oncoming forward who scores, thankfully we won the game 4-1 but WTF was my LB thinking of when he passed back with a thunderbolt pass back.
  5. Enjoyment of winning games = 10/10 Enjoyment of watching games = 3/10 Frustration of seeing the same ME problems every game = 9/10
  6. Another observation, team has a throw in almost level with the 18yd box and the taker has a player 4-5 yards away totally unmarked, every single opposition player is camped in their penalty box, this just would not happen, this also occurs when you take a short corner, no one attempts to close you down, they're happy enough for you to do this freely, obviously a bug which every knows about as I use Knapp's 4-2-4 custom tactic.
  7. I think he means scoring long shots and not conceding them.
  8. After half a season this is my thoughts. No matter who you play they just stick 9 men behind the ball and block everything that comes their way. Players still unable to cross a simple ball, just kick it against the defender 2 yards away, never ever attempting to go round the defender to get a better angle, nope lets just kick against his legs and hope for the best, really spoils it for me. Strikers are totally unable to score one on ones, nope lets just run through and kick it straight at the keeper, never go round the keeper or attempt to shoot it at an angle past the keeper, just kick it right at him. The only time they score is from a cross or penalty. Midfielders score 2 thirds of all goals mostly from 25 yard screamers or from free kicks and wingers/inside forwards dominate the scoring due to most crosses being hit too long. Yes you win games and cups but jeez it's just so boring doing so, the ME is miles away from the BETA version, god knows what happened between that and now.
  9. I'm past the point and have saved after it happened. It was 2 weeks into 1st season just before our 1st Europa game and it was a recommendation from my chief scout. I have asked for a back up right winger but this is more than a back up lol.
  10. I play as Hibernian and we have a wage structure where the top wage is around £4K pw,my chief scout has just recommended Christian Bassogog, Est wage £115-160K pw and a transfer of Est £34.5-70 M, we have a transfer budget of around £2.5 M, WTF. What kind of realistic scouting is this, even Celtic the biggest club in our league couldn't afford that.
  11. Still getting defenders and midfielders heading the ball aimlessly and players with high technique and ability stats unable to cross or pass a ball without kicking off straight of another players legs, just getting so monotonous.
  12. No problems winning games, it's just the build up play and goals themselves are boring as hell, even when playing a pretty decent team they park the bus and then it's impossible to play a nice passing game, balls over the top into space for runners becomes the norm. Players with very good technique and football intelligence suddenly become morons and are totally incapable of going round a defender and just blooter the ball off the defenders legs.
  13. Still seeing far to many balls being kicked against defenders legs and not enough players actually with game intelligence making space to get the ball into the box without needlessly kicking it against opposition legs. Also too much ping pong ball happening, shot comes in and then it bounces around the box like a ping pong macjine, just too unrealistic. Strikers kicking the ball against the keeper for it to rebound of him and still be able to put the ball into the net, again this is happening too much. Better striker movement and through balls but we still have AI teams putting everyone behind the ball making space in the box limited. Early days with the new patch but still feels like the original Beta was the best so far and whatever little tweaks that have been done has mucked it up.
  14. I tried to add Evans via the pre editor and he isn't even in that either, probably due to his last job with the Scottish Womens U19's Yes checked his job at Hibs and he's Head of Academy so U16's which won't be in the database, I thought his job was working with Eddie May but it isn't, ta for that.
  15. I mentioned weeks ago that Gareth Evans has returned to Hibs as head of youth academy but still hasn't been added, he cannot be added either in game or pre editor as he's not in the data base at all. Also reserve coach Chris Smith left Hibs many months ago. Also Jamie Gullan and Josh Campbell signed new long-term deals in January.
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