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  1. Similar to that you tell a young player on loan that he's progressing well and you're pleased , he then goes on a moan about being stuck in a lower league team with rubbish facilities, eh? You're 17 year old prospect learning your trade shut up and get on with it.
  2. I have yet to say it's unplayable or rubbish, you can win leagues, cups etc no problem, it's watching the games and the many bugs within it that's not enjoyable. Anagain has replied to every post that knocks the game like some kind of uber fan, we get he's a happy Clapper but it's too much now, if punters want to moan, they've paid their money, they're allowed. Have you ever thought that the guy that played 500hrs was happy winning leagues and cups but hated watching the game due to the ME, as I said winning is fine, watching is not, I had better enjoyment playing earlier versions, this is the least I've played since I started many years ago.
  3. You really do spout a load of nonsense on this thread. Really cant get my head round the fact you're having a go at anyone who doesn't like FM20, you realise not everyone that plays will like it. As has been mentioned by numerous people, winning is not a problem in the game, it's watching the horrendous ME highlights that kills the game for many. Players unable to cross, shooting from ridiculous angles, 1v1, defenders not doing basics, too many headed goals and too many long range goals, the ME is boring. Things we used to see are almost non existent, lobbing the keeper, overhead kicks, dribbling round the keeper and regular defence splitting passes.
  4. Who is "chucking" abuse, all I can see is disgruntled punters not happy with probably the main part of the game, the ME. There's no point whatsoever in doing everything possible to make your team the best and then watch an ME screw you over because of multiple bugs in it. The big problem with this years game is YES you can win, I and many more have no problem doing this but it's the manner of the wins, the ME is just so boring, same goals, same errors etc etc, it becomes just so boring to watch as every game just looks the same. Good example of the ME is I play as Hibernian and I'm playing Celtic who've won 8 titles in a row at the start of the game, Celtic come out and are playing ultra defensively and hitting me on the counter. This is the same Celtic who've beaten almost everyone for the past 8 seasons are suddenly scared of Hibs, why? This just doesn't happen in real life, the ME doesn't seem to acknowledge who is the stronger teams in game, it seems to see you as the the main player and the AI teams no matter who are set up the same, well that's how it looks, the same set up when I play Rangers also.
  5. When you transfer list a player who should be a top player for you but has been very poor for a while and averaging 6.45, your DOF the tells you he should come off the transfer list and has no reason to be on it, erm he's crap and needs moved on, I'll decide if he stays or not.
  6. Have you not read the feedback thread, hundreds of people giving multiple examples of bugs and problems and most are saying the same thing. Strikers still missing far too many 1v1, wingers/wingbacks/IF's all head for the byeline and shoot at ridiculous angles instead of cutting it back, far too many goals from corners/crosses and far too many from strikes from 25 yd +, players unable to control the ball without dribbling it over the line for a through in/byeline, small 5'6" midfileders outjumping 6'2" defenders, players just randomly standing in a daze while the game goes on around them, defenders unaware the ball has gone over their head until it's too late.
  7. Club vision is to buy young players between 19-23, develop and sell for big profits, while at the same time do well in cups and league, not a problem. Why then does my scout tell me a 28 year old midfielder is worth looking at due to his form and his report puts him as my 5th best midfielder if I signed him, added to that he wants wages that would make him the best paid at the club, erm no thanks scouts are a waste of time.
  8. At this moment in time, NO. FM20 has been the worst one so far for me since I started playing, no enjoyment and it's the least played version for me as I struggle to get into it due to it's many discussed issues re ME etc. I think I'll wait to see what happens with the ME before I decide.
  9. Two things that annoy me. 1. Pre season fixtures arranged and the 1st is against a team 4 leagues below, just to dust away the cobwebs and score a few goals for confidence, inevitably their keeper plays like De Gea and saves shot after shot, 38 shots at goal, 21 on target, score 0-3, yes 3 goals only because the keeper saved around 6 guaranteed goals due to being world class. 2. Ball played through the defence, winger/striker picks it up in the box wide of goal, drives towards the byline and does he cut it back for an open goal for his teammate, nope not a chance, he'll have a shot at goal from the stupidest of angles and chance wasted.
  10. Or your winger cuts in with the ball he's competent with his left foot but shoots with his right and misses the left hand post by around 5 yds
  11. I just pause the game, go to tactics and do it all there.
  12. Thought I'd fire up the game and give it another go, wish I hadn't. With no game saved I started a new career and arranged some pre season games starting off against lower league teams then building up to higher standard as you get near competitive games. 1st game I win 7-0 against Spartans, as expected I had loads of shots and huge possession, it's what I'm looking for to get my players used to the tactic. 2nd game against Drogheda and win 6-1, 2/3rds of the team play well others are average, 34 shots at goal with 19 on target, around 50% is not too bad. But I also had 4 headers hitting the crossbar, 2 shots hitting the post and a keeper from lower league Ireland playing like Alisson. Most goals come from inside forwards and attacking midfielders, plus a few from CH's via corners and free kicks, both central strikers are average ratings and zero goals. The Drogheda goal and their only shot on target was a header from my CH going to no one in midfield even when there was zero pressure on him and the Drogheda player scored from around 25yds? No matter what system I play this is always the case, I can create my own tactic or down load one from Knapp, the results and game play in the ME are the same, loads of possession and shots, 1 decent goal via a defence splitting pass, the rest either headers or shots from the edge of the box. Yes winning is not a problem, enjoying watching the ME is a problem, it has too many large flaws for it to be a pleasure playing and these are only a few of the errors in this ME, I could mention another dozen or so ME problems but they're already well known on here. Rant over.
  13. I understand the workings of SI and accept everyone who works there having various roles, I was simply pointing out that the major problem with this years game was the ME and that should be their main priority for FM21 as the vast majority of FM20 is actually fine, possibly just needed a few wee tweaks.
  14. I've had similar with younger players, one coach says that the positive effects of certain players have been a good influence on him and on the other hand another tells me the negative effect from certain players have been a bad influence, well which one is it?
  15. Jeez give me strength, at this moment in time I care not a jot about what staff does what, my point is a very straight forward one, the biggest problem with FM20 is the ME and that should be the priority for SI this year, everything else about the game seems fine and should IMHO be left alone. Don't reply back saying anymore about their staff and what they can or can't do or I'll just block your posts, you're already annoying the hell out of me.
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