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  1. Installing FM saves, graphics etc to d: drive

    Ok thanks hopefully the faces, kits etc will work if I install on the d:drive I guess I'll just find out
  2. Hi I've just purchased a new PC and wanted to know if it's possible to install/move the SI folders that contain things like saves game files skins etc to the d drive(2TB HDD) as the c:drive is a 120gb SSD used mainly for booting up the PC as well as storing small files such as word documents and it installs the mentioned SI Ffiles in documents which is on the C drive
  3. FM17: Arsenal

    2020-21 season
  4. FM17: Arsenal

    Just had Brexit kick from the 2021/22 seas on all non British players will have to apply for work permits with the other exception of eek players already on England/Britain(can't remember which)
  5. crashes same point in game

    If it's an overheating issue you can buy cool mats which can plug into a USB socket on the laptop if that's to expensive another option wouldn't a couple of pieces of wood or some thing similar(make sure there the same size so you laptop won't be slanted) and stick the laptop on top of them this should help the air flow around the laptop better helping with cooling
  6. FM17: Arsenal

    Sold Vald Dragomir to Man City for about £30-35m!!!!
  7. FM17: Arsenal

    Has anyone had any success with Chris Willock? IIRC correctly in the 2019/20 season of my Arsenal save he had an average rating of about 7.2 from 10-15 games. Akpom also got about 10 goals last season
  8. FM17: Arsenal

    Marcus Rashford's contract expire at the end of the current season 2020/21 and he's leaving on a free!!!
  9. FM17: Arsenal

    I'm going to have to loan out with Reine-Adelaide Or Chris Willock or sell/loan someone else as have room for them all, next season will see me make some important decisions on which players to keep as few will no longer be u-21 and my squad is already full. Was planning to Get Dybala as a replacement for Alexis but hes gone to Real
  10. FM17: Arsenal

    have to sell players or get player to agree to new lower contracts or loan players and have the loaning team pay a % of the wages. every 10k/week equals about 500-520k/year t
  11. FM17: Arsenal

    Just set a tactic recommended by my assistant manager which he used in games I've holidayed but there are no team instructions does mean he not given any instruction in the matches he's managed? The formation is as follows GK:GK-D , RB: WB-S. , L/RCB: CD-D. , LB: FB-D. , DMC: DM-D , MCR: AP-Su , MCL: CM-D. , AMC: AM-Su , STCR: DLF-Su. , STCL: AF-At any recommendations for team instructions and mentality & shape?
  12. FM17: Arsenal

    Haven't tried it yet
  13. FM 17 itunes problem

    Windows 7 I occasionally play other games but they have their own music in game sound effects are disabled
  14. hi if i try to run itunes and fm 17 at the same time it sometimes messes with itunes eg a i get fuzzzy noise(like feedback) or it stop for a few seconds or repats it self (like when a cd/record gets stuck) when i quit to the desktop its fine what could be causing this? I've tried exiting & restarting FM & Itunes but no luck. i have the latest version of Itunes (I'll also post on the itunes help forum)
  15. FM17: Arsenal

    I love China!! got £75m For Wilshere , £60m for Bazeor & £56m for Ramsey in early/mid Jan 2020 so my transfers have been IN Rafinha - Real Madrid - £47.5m , Mustapha Kamara(regen) - Swansea - £500k , Rayan Salhi(regen) - Sochaux-Montbéliard -£2m , Thiago Maia - Juventus - £23m , Richard Cooper - Blackburn - £400k , Rafael(regen) - Esporte Clube Bahia - 175k , Mauro Acosta(regen) - Racing Club de Avellaneda - £2.3m , Jesú María Vázquez - Athletic Club Bilbao - £2.5m , Mario Lemina - Juventus - £27m , Lewis Cook - Bournemouth - £14.25m Total: £ 129m Alex Iwobi - West Ham - £225.5m , (£32m) , Luis Olivera - Olmpique De Marseille , Sead Kolasinac/ Marco Van Ginkel - Association Sportive de Monaco - £11m(£12.75m)/ £26m , Mesus Özil - Bayern München , Maxwell Cornet - Paris Saint-Germain - £13m , Ezequiel Barco - Internationale Milano - £14m , Kelechi Nwakali - Crystal Palace - £675k(£850k) , Krystien Bielik - Associazione Sportiva Roma - £11m , Abdoulaye Sissako - Associazione Calcio Milan - £18m , Jack Wilshere - Jiangsu Gloxinie-Sainty - £75m , Riechedly Bazoer - Guangzhou Evergrande - £60m Total: £295m