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  1. hello i had a player ask for a new contract despite the fact I've already promised to give him one at the end of the season file name Arsenal.fm
  2. clubs in this game(at least the lesser ones) don't seem to value young players much I've just agreed pre-contracts with three youth players with massive potential all players pa is over 180, plus a further 2 with decent-good potential all for zero
  3. how on earth did I manage to win this game 6-0? only had 37% possession https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1676613328
  4. i don't think so unfortunately i deleted that save accidentally and he couldn't repeat his heroics from the backup save i had
  5. that's one Hec of a performance https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1675100633
  6. Saka hasn't received any P.A increase it's still but Cottrel has gone up from don't know about any others
  7. How’s it going on your save? I’ve used yours a quite a lot it’s worked pretty well though After the first few matches wasn’t getting as many goals and tbh honest those results were against the lower Bottom half teams don’t think I really trashed a big team with your tactic I’d have to check. Each save is different so I guess it’s a Number of reasons it seems like it hasn’t worked as well for me as it has for you
  8. just signed these two player for free pretty raw but lots of potential
  9. JDuly 2020 report Players Future: I plan to give Lacazette , Ramsey & Sokraits 1-2(maybe even 3 but unlikely) more seasons by which time I hope to replace them with Nketiah , Joao Felix & Corbo, I plan to loan or sell Kudus & Konate and will loan John-Jules & Amad Diallo Traore , & Alex Blesa as well as promising academy players Jonathan Umar , Danny Lake & Simon Kelly TRANSFERS IN: Dario Benedetto £9.5m , Mario Rui £10.5m , Juan Mata £11.5m , Alphonso Davies(P/Ex) OUT: Ainsley Maitland-Niles 32.5m , Mohammed Elneny 23.5m , Mesut Ozil £55m(P/EX)
  10. well Ozil want to leave for a new challenge so I'll be selling him
  11. Won the league with 6 game to spare shame i cant bring back my on loan young players would have been nice to give them experience playing together Not sure want to do with Ozil he been one of my best players this season - apps 27(6) , Gls 12 , Assts 15 Ave Rating 7.86 , PoM 5 however he's now 31 which means his value may start to go down i could keep him a few more years and hope my youth players develop enough to take over or sell him and get a replacement or take a gamble with the youth player/s from next season
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