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  1. Martinelli is on fire TWENTY goals & two assists in 12(4) apperences
  2. this feels a bit false as Spurs had LLoris & Gazznaniga out injured
  3. definity think Martineli deserves a higher PA forget whats Saka's is
  4. i don't have a loan manager and iirc at least one of the offers was from a team in the same league
  5. Yeah but In my save Martinelli has been to good as a Inverted Winger at LW to be dropped perhaps I use him as back up utility player between RW , LW and LWB
  6. I'm stuggling to decide what to do with Saka- Martinelli is excellent on the left and I'm reluctant to use hom as a striker to accmodate Saka as an LW & even though I've improved his tackling/marking I'm not sure he has enough to be a play as LWB conveting him to a CAM seems an ineffctive of his potential points Iwolud appreciate your opinions?
  7. is there a way fo me to see exactly what player expects from a certain agrred playingtime status other then when offering a contract alternatively if some one could provide the description for each one it'd be very helpful
  8. i Luis Suarez plays it to Luiz Suare,z Luis Suarez scores(assist by Luis Suarez)
  9. So i'm offering out a player for loan and despite being set to available for loan and when a transfer offers comes in being set to I'll respond to it myself it get rejected automatically to recreate offer Eddie Nketiah out for loan on the following terms end of season , important player , 85k used/unused monthly fee , playing/unused wage % zero now i've managed to find a work around by simply managing one of the clubs to make an offer an using the in game editor to move him on loan an setting his playing time to important file name is Ediie Nketiah
  10. is there anyway to arrange a testimonial? I'd like to arrange one for Cazorla at Arsenal(i re-signed him) who retiring at the end of the season
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