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  1. er why arse arsenal called Arsenal Londyn? first LONDON is misspelled second we're not called Arsenal London anyway
  2. just started the 2026/27 preseason on my fm15 save next season I'll have to sell up to 6 players as I have up to 10 who'll no longer qualify as under 21 and only 4 spaces available
  3. hello my FM in game editor has disappeared I've checked and the show in-game editor in menu bar(or whatever its called) option box is ticked I'm using a custom skin but I've always been able to see the in-game editor before
  4. how does this work exactly? say you have a 5'5 guy & a 6'5 guy. If the 5'5 guy can jump 2 foot in the air & the 6'5 guy can jump 1 foot in the air do they have the same jumping reach or does the 5'5 guy have double jumping reach of the 6'5 guy since he can jump twice as high off the ground
  5. also got about 33mill for giroud
  6. just got Man Utd to pay £27m plus Paddy Mcnair plus a possible extra £6m For Walcott
  7. hello I'm started a new game with transfer updated up to 20/06/16 can anyone recommend and good free agents? I've already signed Klose , Andrija Zivkovic & Seydou Keita on frees
  8. quick update on my 2025/26 season from my fm15 Arsenal save so far my season is going amazing though its still very early with the exception of a 3-1 defeat to Man Utd in the Community Shield where I played 6/7 reserves/youths I've scored at least 3 per game my wins so far are 5-1 , 5-1 , 4-0 , 6-1 , 4-0 , 4-2 , 4-0 , 3-0 , 3-0 , 5-1 , 5-1 include in these victories are 5-1 wins over both Dortmund in the Euro Super Cup and Man City in the League
  9. wow my board is miserly only gave me £1.05Bn transfer budget
  10. In July of 2025/26 season of of my fm15 save and need to sell a few players in each position except goal I might buy 1 or 2 players in for the senior squad but will mostly(possibly wholly) promote from within
  11. Granit Stone
  12. I really hope it is
  13. Looking for a similar player to Merts but quicker also must be about the same height p.s already signed Koulibaly
  14. what a player he's been for a little fun try to guess the how much I paid for him for?(this is on FM15) try not to post the answer in any reply's please
  15. Dele Alli is being overated one good season means little remember Andros Townsend l?sure he's got alot of potential and ability but can he improve or will he be a one season wonder?