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  1. As i understand it team shape was removed(its not in tactics screen anymore) but the A.I still seems to have it why is this?
  2. thanks just a few questions for the attack mentality by narrower one notch does that mean one notch from the middle(which is standard according to the game) or just narrower for default width /tempo i guess that means setting the bar to the middle? (fairly wide width for positive & slightly higher tempo for attacking)
  3. I remember playing with fierro he often got 40-50 goals a season for me
  4. I’ll post my my proper tactic ASAP Usually I have it on attacking mentality or positive if playing against better teams away i rotate a fair bit but that is pretty much my first team apart from 1/2 players the crossing isn’t to big an issue I was just wondering if there was a reason behind it
  5. Ok thanks I might tweek a few things like change ap to support duty (I thought it was on support maybe I changed it accidentally) It’s actually working very well I have played about 25-30 games so far and lost 1 and drawn 2 with some big wins (beating City 4-1 and Liverpool 5-1 were the best) tbh i took the wrong screenshot I rarely play on very attacking usually attacking or positive but if you have any suggestions on what to change (I’d prefer to keep an attacking/positive mentality) so it’s more balanced it would be appreciated
  6. Hi my players seems to be doing the opposite of how I instruct them to cross - I ask to cross low they cross high/floated here is my tactic I edit the mentality based on who I’m playing also I sometimes change the Inside Forward to a winger
  7. Reiss Nelson has been great for the past season & bit last season he got 20 goals and 13 assists in 25(9) appearances so far this season (late October) he's got 6 goals(joint second most) 6 assists(joint most) in 12(1) appearances p.s Spurs are still doing rubbish they're 19th after ten games with one win three draws and six loses
  8. hello i had a player ask for a new contract despite the fact I've already promised to give him one at the end of the season file name Arsenal.fm
  9. clubs in this game(at least the lesser ones) don't seem to value young players much I've just agreed pre-contracts with three youth players with massive potential all players pa is over 180, plus a further 2 with decent-good potential all for zero
  10. how on earth did I manage to win this game 6-0? only had 37% possession https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1676613328
  11. i don't think so unfortunately i deleted that save accidentally and he couldn't repeat his heroics from the backup save i had
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