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  1. How's Gabriel on fm21? playing fm 20 with an an update(waiting for fm21 to go on sale) and he has 2 stars and a CA of which seems to far to low
  2. Really not liking these changes No in game stats like match rating seemingly no rating for position/role/duty way match fitness/condition is displayed being changed I don’t think I’ll be buying fm21 as it’s not heading in a direction I think I’d enjoy i guess I’ll just use a data update & hope they return in FM22
  3. I've discovered the problem because ithe graphics where deleted beore i got fm20 i'm having to use the ones in my fm19 folder I put this in the launch option for fm20 --user_data_location="D:\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019" when i took it off it works fine when i put it back on it nothing appered on load last game it seems it this no longer works with the 20.4.2 update- it worked fine before that it also seems that quick saving no longer works with the new update and those lauch options edit ok so now pressing ctrl +s brings up the fm 20 save folder or
  4. so i cant 'quick load' the most recent save game I have to chose load game then the save i want to load
  5. I'm looking a player with whom has a 2 release clauses one is for domestic clubs in a higher division and is £30m the other is a relegation at £18.25m so i wanted to know when does a players relegation release clause activate and when does it expire?
  6. hello can i use an exported team from fm 19 and for versus in fm20?
  7. Next time you’re over a friends /family members house ask if you can use their pc for 10 minutes
  8. If you have a mobile or tablet maybe you could copy the link below to create an account https://store.steampowered.com/login/?redir=&redir_ssl=1 it will have create account to the right of login option
  9. first time i've got double figures in a game except when i've decide to have a bit of fun and named a tiny player in goal and a load of rubbish youths all out wide edit didn't Notice i put Nketiah at RM untill after i started the match
  10. my last nine league games particularly pleased with beating Stoke 9-0 away
  11. got quite a few players on loan whom will likly be ready for the senior squad but i have to decide which one of those to keep and which to sell or loan out
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