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  1. is ther any way to add a colum on sqaud view to show if a player is grown in the nation (HGN) or at club (HGC)
  2. i use different tactics and and will bring in different/tweaked tactics most seasons however I play him as a pressing forward on attack
  3. Erling Haland has 162 goals(32.4/season) in all competitions putting him forth behind Cliff Bastin we're in March of the 2023/24 season making him 23 so he has plenty of time to become our top goalscorer
  4. It takes a bit of patience but Nelson becomes superb(at least on this save)he has had over 15 goals & assists in the last 2 seasons and is on course to do it again with 15 goals & assists in early Feb Nketiah has also come good this season has 12 goals so far in about 15-20 apps almost put him up fo sale after he only got 1 goal in about 10 games last season Smith-Rowe has also been pretty good can’t Remember his stats off the top of my head
  5. trying to decide whether to start a new save with transfer updates now or wait untill the transfer window for the major european leagues has clsed a the end of the month
  6. nice what are your team instructions? caould you post a screenshot or upload the tactic and post a link
  7. whats the best way to whats the best way to do this do this?
  8. my top 5 (actually 6 since two players are 5th) player who have the greatest value are Joao Felix £73m , Reiss Nelson £71m , Erling Haland £67m , Mathijis De Ligt £65m , Andrija Zivkovic & Hector Bellerin £62m that a toal of £400m
  9. got some thinking to do for the 23/24 season was conidering selling Kik Pierie and replacing him with Joel Lopez who's got the better defensive attributes however he is unproven at premier league levl and Pierie despit only playing a handfull of games each season has performed well conistantly I'll proably sell Chambers & Torreira who want to leave for a new challenge Edit So far I have sold Torreira to Real Madrid for £72m plus another £13m in instalments and Hector Herrera for £5.75m also sold regen Feyzullah Henrion for £7.5m to Newcastle with a £20m buy back clause, Chambers Has gone on loan to West Brom with an option to buy for £29m , regens Luis Pereira , Harvey Beaney , Burak Kermioğlu , Wàgner , Dragen Grujic , Danny Lake , Emile Hulshoff , Josh Betteridge & Gorka Mateo
  10. wow for me Leno on 140k , Guen 125k , De Ligt 150k little advice offer players big bonuses that they are highly unlikly to receive ffor example offfer De Ligt a big top goalscorer bonus and a nice goal bonus sometimes they'll accept a lower basic wage also try incresing apparence bonus by certain ampunt depending on their squad status for example if they are often going to play twice weekly you can try and offer them an extra £1 app bonus for every £2 you reduce thier basic wage by so for example you reduce their basic wage by 30k increaase app bonus by 15k
  11. hello if i tick the interested players box on the player serach tab in scouting irt comes up woth no players even without filters I'm currently under a transfer embargo due to a possible takeover is this a bug or a part of the game?
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