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  1. June 2019 Transfer News Lucas Jaziri went to Lyon for £275k Makoto Nakamura may well be moving to Europe. Rubin have placed a bid of £2.3m, whilst PSG and and Monaco are also interested in him. Julien Skundric is wanted by several smaller French clubs on loan.
  2. The versus match feature, allowing us to save our current teams, is probably one of the better features to be added to the game in recent years. I would like to see this feature expanded to allow a manager to pick their favourite XI of players.
  3. Amazing work to get Walsall to the EPL!
  4. Things looked pretty good until the end of the month. Swindon are still close behind, but we're pulling away from the rest!
  5. March 2019 I have an older machine so I will have to use two screenshots How do you guys feel about moving to end of January and end of season updates? Not much is happening on a month-to-month basis.
  6. Going to take this over for ya! Probably won't be quite as elaborate with the updates but I'll make sure to keep the overview coming!
  7. I feel that Loki's got a point here. Sometimes I wonder if I'm buying FM each year just because my OCD prevents me from downloading a season update and having the years be wrong.
  8. 16-0 :o And the guy who scored 6 wasn't even MoM
  9. Going very nicely!
  10. A series of victories that were far closer than they look here - only in the Colchester game did we perform anything like the results suggest. A nice cushion over the chasing pack - but there's harder games coming soon!
  11. CL football shouldn't be difficult if you keep this form up!
  12. Has anyone fallen further than Wigan?
  13. Is your home pitch concrete? :o