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  1. Back to the Journey, man

    As expected, the bigger sides are just too good for us. We're starting to slip down the table.
  2. Back to the Journey, man

    Our long unbeaten league run is over, but we're still looking very good. Still no big teams (aside a floundering United). Expect to see a big downturn in form!
  3. Back to the Journey, man

    He was something like 3rd best in the list last year. The first two missed their first penalties - and Begovich has a 100% record!
  4. Doing really well! Let's see if those new kids help the national team! Without understanding the area, is there a reason so many regens are Andorran-Portugese?
  5. Back to the Journey, man

    A good win against Spurs, but we were lucky to get anything out of the Sunderland and United games. This isn't going to last - I've not played most of the bigger sides yet!
  6. Back to the Journey, man

    A nice easy start to our first season back in the big time. Can we just end the league now? Signings
  7. [FM17] Heart(s) of a Lion (Rampant)

    How many years since Hearts last won the league? Great job! Always nice to see someone break the Old Firm.
  8. Why don't you just attach to the forum?
  9. Back to the Journey, man

    West Ham United - 2021/22 Season Review - Championship League - We were predicted to top the table, but I didn't think it would be this simple! The previous managers were clearly doing something very wrong! FA Cup - A relatively easy time of it allowed to get to the semi-finals, where we didn't disgrace ourselves against eventual winners Arsenal League Cup - A mostly second string side pushed out Southampton, but Swansea were too good. Key Players Leigh Griffiths Craig Dawson Corey Jordan Manuel Lanzini Transfers | Best XI
  10. One less generic 'First Division' in game is always a good thing!
  11. Island teams

    Most of the island of Great Britain seem to ignore their local team in favour of Man U...:D
  12. Play up Pompey!

    Just play the French guy up top. Renouf is enough.
  13. Realistic Stadiums in 3d

    Do they have a licence to replicate Vicarage Road and wherever Wimbledon are playing?