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  1. September (PRM) Arsenal 4-0 Middlesborough (Giroud (3), Cazorla) Before the game I was considering dropping Giroud for his poor start to the season. He responded by knocking in a hat-trick, whilst Cazorla opened his account for the season from the penalty spot. (CL) Club Brugge 1-2 Arsenal (Giroud, Sánchez) The trip to Belgium was a little tougher than I hoped. The boys grabbed 2 goals in the first half, but seemed to relax almost as soon as the score went to 2-0. Brugge offered little in the way of attacking threat, but did spoil our clean sheet late on. A win is a win, but this kind of performance isn't good enough at Champions League level. (PRM) Arsenal 2-0 Crystal Palace (Sánchez, Berahino) A completely dominant performance against a very ordinary looking Palace side. The visitors had no answer for us going forward, but it took until the very end of the game to make sure of things as Berahino opened his account for Arsenal. (LC) Arsenal 3-0 Fulham (Iwobi, Bola, Coquelin) A full team of young Gunners easily turned over an incredibly lacklustre Fulham team. If the next generation can play like this, the future looks very bright! (PRM) Southampton 0-2 Arsenal (Giroud (2)) We looked toothless in the first half, so I turned on the hairdryers and it wasn't long before Giroud remembered where the goal was, with the help of yet another Oxlade-Chamberlain cross. The second goal came from a fairly softly conceded penalty. (CL) Arsenal 1-1 Roma (Peres og) Another one of those games where we were never comfortable. Unfortunately, Roma had the skill to make the most of this. Our goal was probably a little harsh on the Italians, although poor finishing is the real culprit here. October (PRM) Bournemouth 3-4 Arsenal (Giroud (3), Sánchez) We went down 1-0 and 2-1 thanks to some terrible defending, which reared its ugly head again after we managed to get 3-2 up. Giroud didn't give up for one second, slamming in his second hat trick of the season as well as setting up another goal. (PRM) Arsenal 4-0 Sunderland (Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Koscielny, Berahino) Cazorla's brilliant free-kick was the only highlight of the first half, and the second half was equally quiet until the 84th minute. Three goals in quick succession left the Black Cats with a perhaps undeserved thrashing, but I shan't complain! (CL) Arsenal 1-0 Barcelona (Mustafi) A strong defensive performance kept the biter and Neymar well away from our goal. Things were probably helped by the fact that Messi was injured, but I wasn't expecting the winning goal to come from one of my centre halves! (PRM) West Brom 1-1 Arsenal (Giroud) Incredibly poor defending allowed an incredibly offside looking goal to take the lead. A half-time bollocking did the trick to get the equaliser, but two points dropped here. (LC) Arsenal 1-0 Swansea (Reine-Adelaide) The second string came back in and saw the Welsh side off in an unconvincing performance. We were nothing special, but Swansea offered no threat whatsoever. (PRM) Arsenal 4-1 Hull (Oxlade-Chamberlain, Özil, Sánchez, Xhaka) The result was thoroughly deserved as we utterly swamped the opposition. Three of the goals were absolute screamers, especially Xhaka's which won goal of the month! Playing like this makes us look very, very good for the title. League Table 1st November 2016
  2. Ah, a dafuge! Let's hope you go one better than I did in FM16 - I only managed to win the EPL before losing interest!
  3. August 2016 (PRM) Arsenal 3-1 Man Utd (Özil, Debuchy, Sánchez) A horrible first match, but the team played well as a unit to give me my first win. (PRM) Watford 3-6 Arsenal (Lucas (2), Sánchez (2), Oxlade-Chamberlain, Özil) A complete goal fest against Miles' rather determined Watford side. Excellent going forward, but the defending was simply shocking at times! (PRM) Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal (Özil) We had the best of the play in the first half, but Klopp obviously spoke to the Scousers at half time as they came out a different team. Poor finishing and an error from Monreal on the left cost us the win here. Champions League Draw How on earth are the likes of Roma considered to be a fourth seed!? A little tougher than I'd have liked, but I'd definitely fancy us in the Europa League should we not make it into the top 2. New Signings One new attacker, and a defender and goalkeeper for the future.
  4. With the FM17 Beta out, I've decided that I will be going for what I hope will be a one-club save, having spent previous years doing Journeyman or dafuge challenges. For this first safe, I have decided that I will play as Arsenal, the team I once supported as a boy. I'm not going to waste too much time with this opening post. Manager Profile Leagues Loaded
  5. Getting rather tired of hiding behind 'legal issues' for things. How on earth can putting a running track in a stadium graphic be remotely wrong? Sounds like all that guff about needing a 'licence' to replicate real life results. What next? Randomised FA Cup winners because SI 'might get sued' by Wanderers FC?
  6. 2018/19 Pre-season moves Nir Makov joins Bayern Munich for £13.5m! It's a loan move for Georgio Bluefin as he heads to Brest for the season! Arron Balmira heads to the Portugese league, joining Sporting CP for an impressive £17.5m! But it's Rudraksh Kumar who is the talking point as he joins Paris St. Germain for £24.5m! Zachary Nwogwugwu will be heading down Mexico way in January, having joined América on a free!
  7. Can't find the regen thread due to all the FM17 spam, so... I think this guy's a bit lost. The south coast of England is nice, but nothing on San Andreas. Or is he escaping the Ballas?
  8. A physio called Thrush?
  9. Manager cam, anyone? I wouldn't use it myself but at least it would start to justify the manager avatar.
  10. I'm impressed that it took only 8 minutes for the denial lot to start blaming tactics..
  11. While we're on this topic, what happens if one of the U21 sides wins the Leichtenstein Cup? Do they get into Europe?
  12. "Half back, passes to the centre. Now to the wing, back to the centre. Centre holds it, holds it, holds it..."
  13. Nowhere near enough info, despite the bold claims of 20k media items, among other things. I need to see far more meat on the bone.
  14. Dorchester Town - 2025/26 - Barclays Premier League League - An unbeaten run in the middle of the season proved vital as we lost form at the end of the season. Our first (of hopefully many) league titles! FA Cup - Struggling even against lower league opposition, we limped rather than sailed to the semis and never looked like challenging City. Capital One Cup - 3rd round failure again for the second string. Champions League - As fourth seeds, I expected us to struggle. Instead we fought hard to reach the semi-finals, only to find City far too strong. Key Players Darko Cena - Probably now our best player, 'Donny' still has his best years ahead of him. Jan Jonk - Top scorer once again, Jan led the line but inconsistency is still an issue Sam Guillot - 'Guillot-ene' and his cutting passes provided needed strength through the middle. Reece Oxford - After being trusted with the captaincy, Reece was the standout in a strong defensive line. Transfers | Seasonal XI | Overall XI Season Division Position Avg. Attendance Leaderboard Points (Pos) Notes 16-17 VNS 2nd 902 7,101 (133,749th) Promoted via playoffs 17-18 VNL 5th 1,009 38,997 (227,347th) 18-19 VNL 1st 1,066 621,208 (146,517th) Promoted as Champions 19-20 Lg2 5th 1,774 666,905 (216,035th) Promoted via playoffs 20-21 Lg1 3rd 2,545 754,473 (258,442th) 21-22 Lg1 1st 2,550 1,466,749 (201,280th) Promoted as Champions 22-23 Ch 5th 2,000 1,581,142 (240,517th) Promoted via playoffs 23-24 PRM 6th 8,116 1,714,077 (266,578th) Europa League Qualification 24-25 PRM 2nd 10,948 2,610,598 (193,265th) FA Cup Winner 25-26 PRM 1st 13,944 2,951,890 (193,459th)