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  1. Despite their profile page saying they want a manager job I am finding unemployed staff would rather stay on the dole than work as U23 manager. I even offered one guy 18 grand a week and he complained because I wasn't offering him a DoF job. I don't think anyone's turning that kind of money down if they don't currently work.
  2. I'd agree with you if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. I've not even gone into AI players being allowed to start a run whilst 3 yards offside. I'd also like to know how my 'poor man management' excuses an AI player literally phasing through my defender.
  3. No, I'm just not prepared to accept it's always my tactics. It clearly isn't and it's incredibly disingenuous to imply otherwise. I've never stopped being amazed at some of the things that the SI apologists try to blame on 'tactics'.
  4. You're trying to be sarcastic. This doesn't work when what you're saying really is true.
  5. Yesterday in a network save I am playing I won every single match. Today I have done no better than draw, largely in part to my players making stupid, unrealistic mistakes. Sure there's no luck modifier?
  6. My players constantly make mistakes leading to AI goals. These mistakes are completely unrealistic, such as my midfielder turning around and passing backwards to a marked teammate, or my left back kicking across the pitch for no reason. The AI players never make mistakes leading to goals for me. The AI players constantly play well beyond what their attributes suggest. My players never do. The AI never misses a penalty. The AI players play well regardless of their morale. My players get hugely upset over a small thing then won't play properly. It is not my tactics. It
  7. When playing in a network save, certain views on the squad screen leaves me with a blank screen. On some others I cannot use the dropdown boxes to select players.
  8. I am attempting to adapt the 01/02 database to reflect the correct rules for the 01/02 season. The 01/02 Premier League did not have today's squad registration, so I've attempted to disable this in the advanced editor. However, when attempting to test the changes, the editor gives me this error: How do I fully disable squad registration?
  9. Is there a reason that the county FA Cups aren't in the database?
  10. April 2022 We finish the season with a series of poor games, but the performance against Concord gives me a little hope. We comfortably qualify for the playoffs, where our first opponents will be Oxford City.
  11. What on Earth is happening at Juventus that they're in the relegation zone?
  12. What on Earth possessed you to give him that shirt number? :O
  13. Youth Intake This was apparently a 'golden generation'. I am not convinced.
  14. March 2022 A poor run here as we get to the business end of the season. But we've probably done enough to secure a space in the playoffs.
  15. February 2022 I'll take 17 points from 21 in a hectic month where we veered between clinical and toothless. Dover are seemingly unstoppable at this point, however.
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