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  1. 2025-26 Season McMicheal is the first to break 200 top flight goals! Spurs take their first title since the distant days of 1961. Liverpool take their 6th European title, Man City took the FA Cup in what will probably be seen as the greatest FA Cup final of all time - they beat Man Utd 7-5! Chelsea take the League Cup.
  2. Special Transfer News David Ginsberg was signed by AC Milan after his contract expired. As before, I've moved him back to England with the editor - Tottenham were randomly selected.
  3. 2024-25 Season McMichael now leads the way! A new league winner for the first time in our game! Man City break the Chelsea stranglehold, also defeating them in the FA Cup final. They complete a treble with a Champions League win, whilst their rivals Man Utd take the League Cup.
  4. Transfer News - 31st January 2025 Heribert Crouch goes from one big club to another with a £22.5m transfer to Man Utd
  5. Transfer News - 31st July 2024 Jefferson Cleveland moves to Southampton on a free. Doigaldino joins West Ham on a free transfer.
  6. 2023-24 Season Chelsea with their 8th title win in a row, but things came down to the 38th game - Chelsea had to beat Man Utd! Liverpool win the FA Cup, whilst Man City take the League Cup. Southampton are shock Europa League winners after defeating Man Utd on penalties in the final.
  7. Special transfer news Melih Uysal left Spurs after his contract expired. He was picked up by AC Milan, so I've intervened. Using the editor, he has been moved back to England where he will play for Stoke - as selected randomly.
  8. 2022-23 Season Peke and McMichael lead the way with very little between them. Others are not too far behind - just one excellent season and they can catch up! Chelsea are truly the league Kings, but they couldn't retain the Champions League. Spurs emulated their North London rival's 1993 achievement with an FA and League Cup double, whilst Arsenal take the Europa League.
  9. Transfer news - 31st July 2022 Dhilan Patel moves to Man City for £115m
  10. 2021/22 Season Peke and McMichael both pass 100 league goals! Several others are also approaching that milestone! Yet another win for Chelsea, who also win the Champions League. West Ham win the FA Cup, whilst Man City make do with the League Cup. Spurs, who have 4 of our contenders (neatly numbered 11, 12, 13 and 14!) win the Europa League.
  11. £104m. I'm guessing Chelsea wanted him and he was still in contract.
  12. Transfer news - 16th August 2021 Chelsea continue to hoard our heroes. They've now signed David Ginsberg for £22,5m and Vijayraj Ajatshatru for £104m
  13. 2020-21 Season Peke still out in front, but others are starting to step up their game. 5 in a row for Chelsea, who also lose the FA Cup final to Man City. Liverpool win the League Cup.
  14. Transfer news - 1st February 2021 Heribert Crouch joins Chelsea for £3m. There are now four players at Chelsea!
  15. Transfer news - 31st July 2020 Duane Dibbley is snapped up by Tottenham for a bargain £2.2m - his contract at Swansea was nearly up. Larx Magnum moves to Chelsea for £3m