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  1. Manager cam, anyone? I wouldn't use it myself but at least it would start to justify the manager avatar.
  2. I'm impressed that it took only 8 minutes for the denial lot to start blaming tactics..
  3. While we're on this topic, what happens if one of the U21 sides wins the Leichtenstein Cup? Do they get into Europe?
  4. "Half back, passes to the centre. Now to the wing, back to the centre. Centre holds it, holds it, holds it..."
  5. Nowhere near enough info, despite the bold claims of 20k media items, among other things. I need to see far more meat on the bone.
  6. Dorchester Town - 2025/26 - Barclays Premier League League - An unbeaten run in the middle of the season proved vital as we lost form at the end of the season. Our first (of hopefully many) league titles! FA Cup - Struggling even against lower league opposition, we limped rather than sailed to the semis and never looked like challenging City. Capital One Cup - 3rd round failure again for the second string. Champions League - As fourth seeds, I expected us to struggle. Instead we fought hard to reach the semi-finals, only to find City far too strong. Key Players Darko Cena - Probably now our best player, 'Donny' still has his best years ahead of him. Jan Jonk - Top scorer once again, Jan led the line but inconsistency is still an issue Sam Guillot - 'Guillot-ene' and his cutting passes provided needed strength through the middle. Reece Oxford - After being trusted with the captaincy, Reece was the standout in a strong defensive line. Transfers | Seasonal XI | Overall XI Season Division Position Avg. Attendance Leaderboard Points (Pos) Notes 16-17 VNS 2nd 902 7,101 (133,749th) Promoted via playoffs 17-18 VNL 5th 1,009 38,997 (227,347th) 18-19 VNL 1st 1,066 621,208 (146,517th) Promoted as Champions 19-20 Lg2 5th 1,774 666,905 (216,035th) Promoted via playoffs 20-21 Lg1 3rd 2,545 754,473 (258,442th) 21-22 Lg1 1st 2,550 1,466,749 (201,280th) Promoted as Champions 22-23 Ch 5th 2,000 1,581,142 (240,517th) Promoted via playoffs 23-24 PRM 6th 8,116 1,714,077 (266,578th) Europa League Qualification 24-25 PRM 2nd 10,948 2,610,598 (193,265th) FA Cup Winner 25-26 PRM 1st 13,944 2,951,890 (193,459th)
  7. 2017/18 Mid-season transfers Kiawe Castro moves to Mexican club Santos Laguna on a free transfer Manchester City's Alfie D'Sane joins Stoke City on loan until the end of the season.
  8. I'm pretty sure Adler will get some sort of Blackadder-esque chant, even in 2028.
  9. Best medical team in the EPL. Six physios, all with 20 in physiotherapy. They're all girls too.
  10. In my FM16 game, I have one player out with blisters (this apparently takes 7 days to recover from), and another out with the terrible injury that is 'dead leg' (4 days). I've also had multiple players feel they need a week off when they stub a toe. When did players become made of glass? None of those injuries are remotely serious, yet it's apparently easier to play on a twisted ankle than it is a stubbed toe!
  11. I'd be more worried for the Everton players. Sub-6.5 rated players probably get bitten.
  12. What's happened to Ajax? They normally get enough decent regens to stay strong.
  13. Some goalkeepers have (rightly or wrongly) a reputation for being better at saving penalties. David Seaman is one example, Tim Krul was even brought on in the World Cup. Could something like this be added?
  14. There's teams earning £2.2m in sponsorship at Conference level? That sounds like a bug...