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  1. Can you not use the in-game editor to add homegrown status?
  2. Lenzar

    Shirt numbers

    Is there any way to add/remove shirt numbers that are retired, dedicated to fans, or for being notable for certain players? (Like United and 7 being associated with George Best)
  3. Lenzar

    Long Live the Kings

    3 seasons in the VNS. dafuge is losing his touch!
  4. Lenzar

    [FM19] Third Time Lucky

    October 2020 A string of good performances, but a lot more goals conceded than I would like. All it takes is a game or two where we fail to score... Starting to get a decent cushion over the chasing pack even at this early stage.
  5. I'm expecting quite a few people to get picked up in January...
  6. Lenzar

    Your Most Memorable Saves

    I had an epic save as Liverpool in FM08. Won the league every season, largely thanks to Carragher and the corner glitch. FM15 was also a fun save. Starting unemployed, I began at Colomiers in France. The club wasn't good enough for the French National and I ended up sacked after declaring interest in another job. I then took Chelmsford to the National League, before moving to Oxford, where I got promoted back to League One and was doing well when Reading came knocking. I got the boys from the MadStad back into the EPL and into the Champions League. I ended the save at a tycoon owned QPR, taking them to 3 EPL and Champions League wins.
  7. Lenzar

    [FM19] Third Time Lucky

    September 2020 Some tight wins against other front runners, The Bromley win is particularly pleasing as we spent the majority of the match down to 10 men. Top of the pile, but there's another 35 games left...
  8. In my game, parts of my team's stadium are under construction. However, there's no longer a building site displayed anywhere around the pitch. Was this removed?
  9. I not only try to do this, I also spend far too long making sure the rest of the squad have sensible numbers!
  10. As it's a Fergie tactic, do I need a mod to bribe the ref or is there a hidden team instruction?
  11. Lenzar

    [FM19] Third Time Lucky

    August 2019 We get off to a pretty good start. Making a lot of the early running, but the professional teams are going to be hard to keep up with.
  12. Lenzar

    FM19 Rags To Riches - Sign Up

    Player name: Ivor Llewellyn Date of birth: 5th October Position: LB Start in: England Nation: Wales
  13. Lenzar

    Long Live the Kings

    Ah, a dafuge by the man himself! Good luck!
  14. Let's hope 'Saint' Nick Marnell is as solid as he looks on paper!
  15. Nicholas Marnell is a big lad. He likes his steaks blue. He ain't no vegan.