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  1. Salah scored 89 goals when you scored 83 in the league? You counting friendlies?
  2. Were you playing in a playground game?
  3. Perhaps the game realises what a disgrace that team are to football.
  4. I'm finding that most players give a lot of lip in this version. Not just for tutoring - I've had the captain refuse to welcome players, senior squad members saying they won't talk to anyone about their unhappiness, and players playing a sub-6 rated game - then say they weren't bad.
  5. Meet Jessika Krankenhaus, the new manager of 1860 Munchen! She's fresh out of the army and ready to prove that women /can/ be football managers.
  6. I don't see the harm in this tbh...
  7. Playing as AFC Wimbledon, a home game against Shrewsbury was played with my team in their second kit - WTF?
  8. [Spain] (Official) Data Issues

    Real Madrid list Barcelona as a 'competitive' rival. Surely they're historical? Especially given other clubs, such as Osasuna, are listed as historical rivals.
  9. Black 'holes' in pitch

    I think the screenshot says it all...
  10. [FM13] Second Star to the Right...

    What do you think of FM18? Finally going to move with the times?
  11. Back to the Journey, man

    As expected, the bigger sides are just too good for us. We're starting to slip down the table.
  12. Back to the Journey, man

    Our long unbeaten league run is over, but we're still looking very good. Still no big teams (aside a floundering United). Expect to see a big downturn in form!
  13. Back to the Journey, man

    He was something like 3rd best in the list last year. The first two missed their first penalties - and Begovich has a 100% record!
  14. Doing really well! Let's see if those new kids help the national team! Without understanding the area, is there a reason so many regens are Andorran-Portugese?