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  1. December 2020 Way too many draws! I'm not at all disappointed to be out of the FA Trophy - I do not have the squad to challenge for it. All the draws are allowing Chesterfield to edge closer.
  2. You're building a new stadium....so the terrace wants to discuss its future!
  3. Going pretty well. 4th round in the Carabao's not to be sniffed at!
  4. Because Carlisle is in Cumberland, not Devon?
  5. Not played much FM since before Christmas, but the matches I played today started to get me back into it! We'll see if it lasts...
  6. November 2020 The unbeaten run continues. But Chesterfield keep the gap down to 7. We'll get destroyed, but the money will come in handy! Southampton are currently 16th in the EPL.
  7. Just wondering..Tiverton Town can be promoted into the VNS. If they get promoted, do they become part of this?
  8. Let's hope you stay in the Futuristic zone rather than the relegation zone!
  9. Since the 19.2 patch went live I've noticed players getting tired a lot more easily. :\
  10. Can you not use the in-game editor to add homegrown status?
  11. Is there any way to add/remove shirt numbers that are retired, dedicated to fans, or for being notable for certain players? (Like United and 7 being associated with George Best)
  12. 3 seasons in the VNS. dafuge is losing his touch!
  13. October 2020 A string of good performances, but a lot more goals conceded than I would like. All it takes is a game or two where we fail to score... Starting to get a decent cushion over the chasing pack even at this early stage.
  14. I'm expecting quite a few people to get picked up in January...
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