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  1. This probably doesn't bug many people, but the way shirt numbers are issued in matches that don't use squad numbers doesn't seem very logical. For example, I am managing a team in the second tier of Northern Ireland. I'm playing a 4-1-4-1 formation. The full backs are numbered 2 and 3, and my striker has 9, This is fine. However, my DM is assigned the 7 shirt! My two wingers have 10 and 11. The number 13 shirt is also skipped. What I would like to see is the ability to actually assign shirt numbers so that we can have our preferred numbering system. And to make skipping 13 optional. I believe I've seen that in Italy the number 13 shirt is not skipped.
  2. Youth Intake A few decent prospects, perhaps, but I'm not holding my breath - I'll probably have moved on by the time these lads are ready.
  3. March 2020 With large gaps between matches, the friendlies are essential to keep the squad from losing sharpness. I can't complain about the loss to Newry - they are a different class. The win against Loughall was hard work given they'd had 10 men since the 30th minute. Little change to our position.
  4. This is always so hard to do thanks to the huge sponsorship deals. Good job making the wage bill so high though!
  5. February 2020 Just 4 points from a possible 15, and we're also out of the cup. But we still look like we've been competitive.
  6. January 2020 Just the one league match, but we also progressed in the Cup. The win was enough to put in the top half and thus ensure we are safe thanks to the league split. We can now spend the rest of the year learning.
  7. 2022-23 Season Sheldon Cooper remains our highest scorer, but another 4 players remain within 10 goals of his total. Andy Beckworth won this year's Premier League golden boot. Another title for Liverpool, who have none of our players. There's good news for Sheldon Cooper, who picks up FA Cup and Champions League winners medals. Jensen Forsman's Wolves win the Carabao Cup.
  8. With a drastic shift in my RL situation I finally have time to work on this again. Expect update very soon.
  9. Benchmark A was 1:37.23 B was 12:18.00 (Will do C and add later)
  10. Somebody I know online was telling me that his goalkeeper picked up the ball near the edge of the box and ended up dragged out of the box. This is obviously a free kick..but VAR was consulted to check if it should be a free kick or pen...
  11. Just saw you're doing this again! I enjoyed the OG Blazing Saddlers career - let's hope you can emulate it! Will you end by going to Arsenal again, I wonder?
  12. How can I get the specs that you want for my computer? I can find what type of CPU I have, and how much RAM, but where do I get info such as RAM clockspeed?
  13. This post comes up every 3 pages or so of this thread. It's really no longer a surprise to anyone.
  14. December 2019 This is quite simply one of the worst months I've ever had in Championship Manager. But we're still quite the way clear from danger.
  15. November 2019 Just one loss in 5 games is a definite sign of progress. Mid-table is the best we can hope for without big changes.
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