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  1. I know that they try and balance the draw a little so the hosts have a chance, but Canada in the second round? :O Who was in their group?
  2. I never understand playing backups in the FA Cup. It's a good route into Europe for a club like yours, plus it's on Saturdays so it doesn't actually generate as much congestion as the Mickey Mouse cup.
  3. Oldham Athletic - 2019/20 Season Review - League Two League - We looked pretty good for most of the year and sealed a return back to League One with relative ease. FA Cup - Three fairly easy ties earned us a big payday against Man City. Other Cups - My disdain for these two competitions showed as backup players went out early in both. Key Players Jake Andrews Stuart Findlay George McEachran Ben Hall Transfers | Season Best XI | Overall Best XI
  4. It may be a fantasy world, but it pains me to hear that Franchise FC got to the top flight.
  5. It is. You can only do in the last part of a season - which makes sense, IMHO.
  6. In older versions, right up to 16, the whole team at least came onto the pitch. This has been one of the more bizarre changes SI have made - I'm almost hoping it's a bug.
  7. I think with Oldham that the AI was badly mismanaging things. They'd been relegated from League One in 17-18, and followed that up with 22nd place in League Two. The lack of a decent goalkeeper can't have helped, though. The first two seasons they were relying on a loanee! As for my tactics, they're nothing special:
  8. We confirm the title in the North-East thanks to two soft goals.
  9. We should have done better in both of these games, but we go 7 points clear with just 3 games left.
  10. Coventry didn't play like potential title winners with only their goalkeeper putting in a decent performance. Swindon destroyed Plymouth 4-0. We have a 7 point lead over Coventry and promotion is now guaranteed!
  11. You may be right, but surely that would also mean the existing records in game wouldn't be allowed either?
  12. The run-ins for the top three look like this: Oldham 4.4.20: Coventry (2nd) (A) 11.4.20: Crawley (12th) (H) 13.4.20: Eastleigh (23rd) (A) 18.4.20: Hartlepool (6th) (A) 2.5.20: Stevenage (19th) (H) 9.5.20: Cambridge (9th) (A) Coventry 4.4.20: Oldham (1st) (H) 11.4.20: Stevenage (19th) (A) 13.4.20: Cambridge (9th) (H) 18.4.20: Yeovil (5th) (A) 2.5.20: Blackpool (8th) (H) 9.5.20: Newport (21st) (A) Swindon 3.4.20: Plymouth (11th) (H) 11.4.20: Fleetwood (18th) (A) 13.4.20: Hartlepool (6th) (H) 18.4.20: Southend (18th) (H) 2.5.20: Northampton (17th) (A) 9.5.20: Accrington (14th) (H) Notts County still have an outside chance of catching us..but I'd like to hope that a 13 point gap and a superior goal difference is enough!
  13. A pretty good March, especially with those four clean sheets in a row. 4 points clear of 2nd place, 13 clear of 4th. It's still a little closer than I'd like...
  14. Simple one: Any chance of adding a full set of previous results from real life? It looks very strange at the start of a new game to see that Rangers and Celtic have got no previous meetings.