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  1. I mean, it's Kazakhstan. What kind of crap loses to Kazakhstan?
  2. With 4 games to go, things aren't certain, but Wrexham seem intent on throwing it away even as we stop scoring.
  3. March 2021 A very mixed March. At times we were brilliant going forward, and now that Pryce has found his scoring form we are actually putting a lot more chances away. The gap is down to 5, but had been as low as 3.
  4. February 2021 Two bore draws against promotion rivals, before getting 4 points from games we probably deserved to lose. And our good fortune gives us an 8 point cushion.
  5. January 2021 A very disappointing start to the new year, but Chesterfield's form has been equally poor. And in fact the gap has grown to 7 points, with Wrexham now our nearest challengers.
  6. I saw somebody have an issue on Twitch because they'd promised the player their number and then didn't let them have it, so it can happen.
  7. This. I arrange the squad numbers all neatly, then look a year later and find they've given the 3rd choice goalie the 1 shirt and the right winger's now wearing 12 instead of the 7 I gave him.
  8. The problem here is that would also allow Swansea, Cardiff and Wrexham to count for Wales....
  9. December 2020 Way too many draws! I'm not at all disappointed to be out of the FA Trophy - I do not have the squad to challenge for it. All the draws are allowing Chesterfield to edge closer.
  10. You're building a new stadium....so the terrace wants to discuss its future!
  11. Going pretty well. 4th round in the Carabao's not to be sniffed at!
  12. Because Carlisle is in Cumberland, not Devon?
  13. Not played much FM since before Christmas, but the matches I played today started to get me back into it! We'll see if it lasts...
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