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  1. Just pre-ordered on CDKeys, which is clearly selling the product as FM21 (EU) + beta. However, I get this when I click on 'add code'
  2. 2026-27 Season A dreadful season for Ellis Redding allows Andy Becworth to pass and become our top scorer! With perhaps another 6 years before dropping off, can anyone catch the all-time top 5? A host of medals for Sheldon Cooper, who wins the league, Champions League and League Cup with his club! Liverpool win the FA Cup, giving Will Rees a medal. Transfer Rumours Just the one this time: Mike Brexiteer is a target of Chelsea
  3. Quite a few from what I've gathered. Due to the fact that the AI loves 4-2-3-1, it's a given that it will try to repurpose players to fit into only have one up front.
  4. Summer 2026 transfers Ellis Redding moves to Tottenham for £87m! Jimmy Bracers was at relegated Bournemouth. With no interest from any teams, he was randomly transferred to Brighton.
  5. 2025-26 Season An absolutely insane season from Ellis Redding, who despite doubting that Stoke was a good move, managed to score 31 league goals, making him the first player to reach 100 career league goals! Suddenly the target doesn't seem so far away... None of our players are at league winners Arsenal, who also won both domestic cups. Stoke, with both Ellis Redding and Ben Black, scored an impressive 79 goals...and conceded 75. Transfer Rumours Our players are becoming popular! Ellis Redding is wanted by Man City Ben Black is being chase
  6. Summer 2025 Transfer Liverpool sign Will Rees for £91m.
  7. 2024-25 Season A fine season for Ellis Redding puts him top of the list. Our top scorers are now less than 300 goals behind Greaves...will anyone get close? No league title for any of our players - and nobody won any of the cups. Transfer Rumours Chelsea are interested in Mike Brexiteer Man Utd are interested in Goran Inschalistal, Brother Ben and Will Rees. Liverpool are said to want Will Rees.
  8. I'm a squad number OCD nerd, and I think FM needs to improve how the AI dishes out squad numbers. There is seemingly a system in place that does indeed give out numbers based on position, however it does not work very well. I've seen a player who is a natural striker, but able to play at CM, be given 6 when they never once actually play in the CM position. The AI should assign a number based on where they will play the player. I'd love to see a properly dynamic system based on things like a team's main tactic and even what country a team is in, but I gather it's not anyone else's int
  9. Summer 2024 transfers Ellis Redding moves to Stoke for £75m.
  10. Being from Somerset, I am compelled to angrily wave my pitchfork at you for such an insult.
  11. Interesting. Managing a team from the Westcountry that play in green...and it isn't Argyle.
  12. 2023-24 Season A poor season from Sheldon Cooper allows Andy Becworth to take the lead. Our top 5 are still quite a way behind, however. Transfer Rumours Arsenal are interested in Andy Becworth, Ellis Redding, Mike Brexiteer, Jensen Forsman and Brother Ben Stoke are said to want Ellis Redding, Mike Brexiteer and Brother Ben.
  13. 14th April 2024 Andy Becworth becomes the first of our players to score 50 league goals!
  14. Although FM21 is not far off, I'm going to do my best to finish this.
  15. Lenzar

    Shirt numbers

    This probably doesn't bug many people, but the way shirt numbers are issued in matches that don't use squad numbers doesn't seem very logical. For example, I am managing a team in the second tier of Northern Ireland. I'm playing a 4-1-4-1 formation. The full backs are numbered 2 and 3, and my striker has 9, This is fine. However, my DM is assigned the 7 shirt! My two wingers have 10 and 11. The number 13 shirt is also skipped. What I would like to see is the ability to actually assign shirt numbers so that we can have our preferred numbering system. And to make skipping 13
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