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  1. New Club - Everton With the season finished my move to Everton has been finalised. They have just finished 14th in the Premier League and are a long way off city rivals Liverpool. Squad A few decent players, but the squad's going to need some improvement over the summer if I am to manage the top half finish that the board want.
  2. 2020/21 Season - Ipswich Town - Championship League - At one point we looked like serious challengers for a second promotion, but our form in the second half of the season was simply not good enough. FA Cup - Harder work than I'd have liked against Mansfield, then a tie against Manchester City that proved we're nowhere near top flight level. EFL Cup - We really can't take penalties when it counts. Key Players Tyreece John-Jules - Brilliant, probably thanks to his insane pace, but faded when it mattered most. Antonio Marin - A model winger. Created plenty of chances, whilst putting the ball the net himself if he was in the right position.
  3. It wasn't to be. We bottled it on penalties - John-Jules even missed the goal entirely! I agree. Ipswich are at best a big local team, but Everton have a little more growth potential.
  4. And we did our bit - and Millwall held Stoke to ensure we snuck back into 6th on the last day of the season. We will play Brentford in the playoffs.
  5. April 2021 Just 6 points from 5 games. Bristol Rovers are going down so the only good performance was against Oxford - at times we didn't look any better than the teams at the bottom. And we will need a result against Blackburn to stand any chance of getting into the playoffs.
  6. The offer just looks too good to turn down. Ignoring what is a massive pay rise, they're a club with money whilst Ipswich aren't likely to have the funds to improve in the way I would like. I will at least get the chance to get Ipswich back into the EPL, though.
  7. Everton are certainly very interested! They're currently a mid-table team in the EPL. Obviously they're a huge chance (and I did have fun with them back in FM13), but I don't feel my work is finished at Ipswich. The decision's made a little harder with the Ipswich chairman starting to interfere in transfer business. For now I've delayed for a week.
  8. The clubs that want me are starting to grow in stature.
  9. I am finding the game's selection of kits to be increasingly bizarre. I am currently Ipswich Town, who play in blue. However, the team seem to play in their second kit far more often than they should. This is a classic example. Derby's white is not a clash with blue, and IRL Ipswich indeed play in blue against Derby. Green and white is also not a clash. And now we have the most bizarre... Obviously this is a clash as Bristol Rovers also use blue, but we're the HOME team.
  10. February 2021 What looked like another poor month was ended by an insane performance against Newcastle. And we're very much in the running for the playoffs.
  11. Youth Intake A poor crop who won't give the first team any trouble.
  12. Is that THE Michael Duff? The CM 01-02 legend?
  13. February 2021 February was looking truly dismal, but two games against sides in relegation and a spirited draw against a strong Bristol City team saved us from a complete slump. Still very much in the fight, but I think automatic promotion won't be happening.
  14. Summer 2022 Transfers Sheldon Cooper is snapped up by Manchester CIty for £80m. Ben Black stayed at Fulham and was randomly transferred to Stoke City.
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