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  1. Our Dozen, 27th June 2017 Alexander Baker Arron Balmira Georgio Bluefin Kiawe Castro Alfie D'Sane Jón Ellefsen Hans Steingrem Finsen (no idea why he has a pic) Cyprien Galmiche Owain Jones Rudraksh Kumar Nir Makov Zachary Nwogwugwu
  2. I don't get why people insist that England are OP. With the right manager, we'd be a force to be reckoned with. The debate is if that manager exists IRL.
  3. Do you even need to create a second manager? Can't you just take control through the staff screens?
  4. Where is World Cup '26?
  5. Strange draw to get the same teams in qualifying and the group stage...
  6. My wife doesn't understand why I play FM, as she's not remotely a football fan. Nor does she understand why I watch people play it on Youtube or Twitch. I don't get any aggro, though.
  7. What're you going to do if the stadium is named after Messi?
  8. Be glad that SI made it as easy as they did to add custom graphics.
  9. 16/17 season stats I'll allow a day or two for screenshot requests before pressing on.
  10. Is it not illegal due to image rights? Same reason they're not in the game.
  11. You're Tallinn me that you're doing well in Estonia?
  12. So after looking around. Very thorough job May well give this a go. How did you set transfer policy on a team? Some Yugoslav teams are set that they can't sign non-Yugoslav players.
  13. 2016/17 Mid-season transfers Rudraksh Kumar heads to Germany, joining Wolfsburg for £3.6m Georgio Bluefin will be joining PSG on his 18th birthday. The fee is around £1.3m
  14. Million. Typo. Yep. Just had a very busy weekend.