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  1. Both Glasgow teams in the CL groups..what's caused the uptick in Scottish football?
  2. Without wanting to be rude I'm surprised the Spanish giants are giving you interviews. You've simply not got enough reputation until you win something big. Doing very well though! Think Swansea can become a decent EPL side?
  3. I think it's going to be pretty close!
  4. March 2022 Just 2 points from a possible 9. The wheels are falling off. And Oldham's form has improved. Having looked at the previous in-game seasons, I feel I need another 10 points to guarantee promotion.
  5. You'd need bribery to be able to do the Fergie challenge properly.
  6. Doing very nicely this time! Shame you didn't hang around at Ipswich - surely you'd have done well after stomping League One.
  7. February 2022 Two bad results, and two good ones. Lots of points being dropped by the chasing pack, though!
  8. January 2022 We're out of the cups, but still doing nicely in the league. The draw with 23rd place Newport was simply awful, though - we created nothing. Only 2 points clear at the top. but 6 points clear of 4th.
  9. December 2021 Good, but without being brilliant. We were lucky to take the win against Crawley, and the home loss to Rochdale was simply unacceptable if we're going to be serious contenders. We actually dropped off the top of the table at one point, but we're holding on for now.
  10. November 2021 Back to good form. But we can't shake off Oldham.
  11. It didn't last.... October 2021 A much more mixed month. This feels like playoff form at best. But we remain top for now.
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