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  1. Having taken Oldham to two promotions, I felt that I was starting to become a hot property in football management. I declared interest in a number of jobs, including Celtic, who bizarrely ignored several prominent candidates and appointed one of their own coaches. However, a London club offered me a job. What's more, I agreed £11.25k a week wages. That'll cover the massive living costs in London! Club #4 - West Ham - Championship
  2. Oldham Athletic - 2020/21 Season Review - League One League - A strong start left us in a great position for the rest of the season. The chasing pack seemed to just implode towards the end, whilst we kept our heads and secured a second successive promotion FA Cup - Three easy ties set us up for a money spinner against Chelsea. The less said about the performance, the better Other Cups - I didn't expect anything from the League Cup after we drew Preston, but our second string did very well in the EFL Trophy Key Players Gerard Fitzpatrick Josh Windass - Dean's son! Anthony Stokes Jorge Transfers | Season Best XI
  3. You're a cricket fan too? (Looking at your team) You tried the Cricket Coach series. It's FM for cricket.
  4. I definitely think there should be more to squad numbers. There may only be a relatively small section of players who are bothered by such things, but it would be nice to see favoured numbers being important.
  5. Who are the big threats in this tournament? I'm going to guess Australia and South Korea?
  6. Interesting to see you with Iran. Will the Asian Cup be any good for HoF points?
  7. Jake Andrews decided that he would start scoring with his long range efforts! The team's really decided to kick on at the end of the season. The playoffs are confirmed, but I will be very disappointed if we fail to go up automatically. I also applied for the open Sheffield Wednesday job - but they gave it to Craig Bellamy.
  8. I think I should demand royalties for your thread title! Good luck with this! Do the lower American leagues have all the silly rules?
  9. Mid 22/23 Update Transfer Marius Lacatus leaves Liverpool for PSG. The fee was a huge £93m! Harry Renick joins Hull on loan.
  10. Aren't you going to try and match or better Sir Bobby (I live in Ipswich! People around here are obsessed with him!) with England and get to the semis of a World Cup?
  11. September 2022 transfer news As our players are now in their 20s, there's far less news! Lucas Jaziri joins Real Sociedad on loan. Fola Jack continues to scratch around in the Football League, this time at Bristol City
  12. Tiverton Town will be eligible? Interesting..I grew up in Wellington, just up the M5.
  13. Perhaps the smaller teams that are sneaking into the Europa are playing poorly?