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  1. In the view of management, every year is improving with no doubt. However, in these 3 years, they also have some different pros and cons for the ME. It depends on what you are looking for.
  2. fm 18 & fm19 : no 18 & fm 17, fm 16, even fm13: yes
  3. cross more often dribble more often shoot more often like to draw for a corner rather than pass backward
  4. It looks like you quote the wrong post or misunderstanding my word............ Please take a look which post i have replied and quoted. Thank you.
  5. They watch comprehensive highlight, even full match detail.... man
  6. Pointing out ME has problem does not mean he can not win the game. Some bug reporter has written a lot of deep analysis to point out the problem of ME. If they can write the analysis, dont you think they cant win the game easily?
  7. It depends on how you play the game. Most of the people just want to win in the game. They just download the tactics or just design a tactic in which they think is work. Putting all the best player in the pitch. pressing key highlight or even instant match result button and waiting for the win message. They don't read or watch the content of the match. So they dont know what has happened in the match.
  8. for me, i still find that there is lack of creative and penetration when the opposite team is parking the bus in the final third. Players are still too urgent to shoot, lack of patient to pass back reorganize the play. at this point, It is a backward from fm18 May be I need to have a little tweak on tactics to see.
  9. for me, i still find that there is lack of creative and penetration when the opposite team is parking the bus in the final third. Players are still too urgent to shoot, lack of patient to pass back reorganize the play. at this point, It is a backward from fm18 oh, i posted on wrong place. I mean the open beta version.
  10. Hi guys! due to holiday, I have time to write some analysis on current FM19 engine. I hope what I write can help to improve coming FM.Let's pick one of match from AI vs AI. All of the screens are captured by the comprehensive highlights. From the above screen, you can see TAA makes a great overlap. 2 defenders are defending him. Why he still tries to cross? It's clearly no chance. You can see that D. Costa is wide open. Why TAA dont pass back to D. Costa to make a better chance? After some of the blocking, the ball went to mid. You can see Sane from Man City ignores TAA....... I am not necessary to cap the screen. The play will be finished by the crossing from TAA....... Again, FB drops too deep. No one cares D.cost. Both team also has the same problem. It provides so much space on both flank. This is also one the reason why there is lack of central play. Actually I want to question why both CM stay so close each other..... They are totally defend by one defender..... You can imagine it will not go mid again. again....... You can imagine man city will repeat liverpool's situation. The ball went to the right flank. Crossing on the right, blocking, corner. So the similar situation repeat again and again. No one mark both flank. Winger/ FB tried to cross urgently . Cross are blocked. It may lead to counter attack by opposite or cross, again or corner for both team. 84 cross attempt for both team. When all the match happens similar situations. When you have watched over 100 matches with comprehensive highlight, what body language should you be in front of the monitor? composed? motivated? anxious? Ok, I will show another match which is one of the team is controlled by me. I only want to show one of the old issue from FM. The above screen is the tactics setup Please just look at where the red shirt striker is...................... He is Dlf (s). But he acts as a poacher, advance forward.... No striker drops deep to hold the ball, how can you setup a mid play? old issue. As you know, False nine 's description in the game is a joke......... I also upload PKM for reporting different issues in the previous FM,, although all of them are not solved. I dont expect above mentioned will be solved in next patch. But I hope it can be helped for future FM. AI vs AI match PKM attached . It will be posted on bug forums too. So do you still enjoy this ME, especially repeated crossing?, repeated blocking? In FM18, you still can see some of the mid play. But in FM19, all of them are mostly disappeared. You can still say this is the best match engine ever since FM10. Please provide constructive feedback and evidence to show the reason of being the best ME ever since FM10. for further discussion. But I can say this is the most not enjoyable ME ever since Fm10 as above mentioned repeated crossing, blocking and corner. If this is the best ME ever, I think this is not respect to old FM. Man City v Liverpool w.pkm
  11. What I mean is I dont understanding why you mentioned this is the best ME since FM10. May be you dont have mentioned any reason which makes me confused. I dont know how many match you have watched in comprehensive highlight? May be Just a few match? When you have watched a certain amount of match, when you watched similar situations happen again and again, I dont think you will say it is the best ever. This is What I want to mentioned. TBH, i dont understand why you feel I am angry. Deference!!Deference!!Deference!!
  12. I play on on comprehensive too. Wow, that means you are enjoying to watch over closely 100 crossing every game? Comprehensive highlight shows all the highlight of crossing, corner and shooting even all of them are blocked. When you are playing weak team, you will feel success you have set up a great defending. But when you have watched over a season, may be over 100 games, than you will feel boring. Similar blocking, similar long shoot exists again and again. But strictly speaking, success of feeling is just based on poor movement of attacker in final third phase. It may not necessary mainly related to your setup. Great Defending!
  13. I think you can come back in the mid of March next year for 1930 which is the final update of FM2019 But I will keep checking when there is an update. It just need 10mins to watch half match. It's not time consuming.
  14. I hope the movement of amr & aml can be applied to striker position too. The central midfielders are still too close each other.
  15. Yes, you can, but only in transition phase. But when they are in the final third, they will just stay in the penalty box waiting for the ball in current ME. lower team mentality, shorter the length of pass . lower tempo It only exits when the opposite striker drop extremely deep. You can add stay wider PI. But again when your team is in the opposite final third, your central players always stay too closed. Yes you can do it only in current ME. Complete wing back + 1 player in dmc position
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